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Mathematical Games
Enjoy mathematical games among your friends in parties, at picnics or camping, or just surprise your elders with them.
Riddles are good for young children. They are brain push-ups. They compel children to think in a different way than usual.
It is good to know about the lives of great people, great literary people, great scientists who have changed our lives or
the people you should know about them

Raamaayan is the most popular religious book of Hindu religion. Read it as " Raam Gaan" in poetry form especially written for children. Tulasee Raam Charit Maanas and Vaalmeeki Raamaayan are given else where. You may find out about Hindu Festivals also.
Stories of Birbal
You must have heard the name of Birbal. He was one of the nine Ratn (gems) of Emperor Akbar's court. He was very witty. Read his wits here.
Science is as difficult as interesting. Read here some interesting facts about

World of numbers is unique in itself. How many things you can assign to number 3 or 7? Gain here some knowledge about numbers.
Gapp is a Hindi word for a narration which is interesting to hear but far from reality. Many hours can be passed sitting with such people who are good in telling Gapp. Read here some Gapp. You will certainly enjoy them.
Without thoughts human life is like an animal life. Here are some thoughts about life. Read them, judge them, adopt them, implement them and continuously try to improve your life with them

Stories are a part of life, a part of our cultural heritage, a part of teaching, a part of learning, a part of developing habits, whether good or bad. Here are some stories for children which are meant to cultivate good habits, good conduct and good nature in them. Parents and elders are requested to encourage children to read them, believe them and follow them.

Stories-General Mythological Stories
Animal Stories Asur Stories
Children Stories Gods Stories
Educational Stories Mahaabhaarat Stories
Folktales in Hindi Rishi Stories
Historical Stories Mythological Stories
Humor Stories  
Religious Stories  
Sheikh Chillee Stories  
Great Indians Akbar Birbal Stories
Great People Arabian Nights Stories
Indian Reformers Sinhaasan Batteesee Stories
  Vikram Vaitaal Stories


Do You Know
Some miscellaneous General Knowledge (GK)

English Language
English language is a wonderful language, read some of its wonders here

These are some interesting facts to know about many things

Here are some quiz for children which will increase their  knowledge

Websites for Children
Here are some websites which might interest to many children, just click on them and enjoy

Websites for Children's Items
Here are some websites related to children's items

Touch Read
A Charitable organization to supply free Hindi and English books in Braille language
See its Page in Hindi too

Folktales! Folktales! Folktales! in Hindi
More than 500 folktales from many countries have been collected and translated in Hindi
for our Hindi speaking children and social researchers.



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