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Hanumaan's Stories-1

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Hanumaan's Stories-1

1. Birth of Hanumaan
2. Hanumaan Burnt Lankaa
3. Hanumaan helps Raam in Raam-Raavan War

Birth of Hanumaan
Hanumaan was the son of Kesaree and Anajanee Devee. Anjanee was an Apsaraa, Punjikaasthalee, who was cursed by Rishi to be born as female Vaanar (monkey) and was to be freed from that curse after giving birth to incarnation of Shiv. So she started doing Tap to please Shiv Jee. Pleased by her Tap, Shiv Jee granted her the boon, and thus Hanumaan was born to her.

According to another version, once Anjanee was wandering that Pavan Dev got attracted to her. He started playing with her clothes and asked for her company. After a long persuasion Anjanee got ready for it and thus Hanumaan was born to her, that is why he is called Pavan-Putra (son of Pavan Dev) Hanumaan.

Yet according to another version, when Anjanee was doing Tap to get a son, at the same time Dasharath was also doing Putreshti Yagya to get a son. So when Agni Dev gave him Divine Charu to distribute to his wives, Pavan Dev carried a tiny part of that Charu and dropped in Anjanee's hands, which she ate considering it as Prasaad. And thus Hanumaan was born to her.

When Hanumaan Ate the Sun

Once when he was only 5 years old, and his mother Anjanee was away for some work, he felt hungry. It was morning time so the Sun was rising. As it was red in color he thought that it was a nice thing to eat, so he started to fly and reached near the Sun to eat him. As he reached near him he put it in his mouth. Now the whole world was in dark. Three days passed, there was no sunrise or sunset in the world. The whole world was dark and all people, including Devtaa, were worried.

Then Devtaa went to Indra Dev to do something about it. Indra Dev came riding on his Airaavat elephant. He saw that a monkey had the Sun in his mouth. Indra got very angry at this and asked him to release the Sun but Hanumaan wouldn't listen to him. Indra got very angry at this and he hit his Vajra at him. The Vajra hit him at his chin and he fell down unconscious.

Vaayu Dev was flowing over the Earth. He sensed that his son was in danger. He rushed to the spot where his son was lying unconscious. Seeing him unconscious he got very sad. He picked him up and sat in a mountain cave keeping his body in his lap and eyes closed. As the wind was the life of the Earth creatures, and he shut himself in a cave, the wind stopped flowing all around. Once again the creature of the Earth got restless because there was no wind on the Earth.

Vaayu Dev was thinking "Who has done this to my son. I will not flow on the earth until my son breathes again." When Indra saw the condition of the creatures on Earth, he got extremely sad. He asked Vaayu to flow again on Earth for the good of the creatures there, but Vaayu Dev said - "Not until my son breathes." Indra was very angry. Then Brahmaa Jee came and said to Indra - "This boy is not an ordinary boy. He has a purpose of his life, so you must forgive him and grant him life." 

At this Indra gave his life back and Hanumaan got up. Brahmaa Jee asked him to release the Sun for the sake of the world. He released the Sun. The world got the Sun. Vaayu started flowing on Earth and the creatures started breathing again. Everybody was relieved and happy. "What happened to us", they asked each other but they couldn't remember anything.

Then Brahmaa Jee considering Hanumaan as the agent to do many jobs in future, bestowed him with the Var that he wouldn't have any fear from his Astra (Brahm Astra). He asked then other Devtaa also to bestow him with other Var. Then Varun, Kuber, etc Devtaa bestowed him with their own Var also, that he will have no fear with their Astra. Indra said - "Lightening and thunder will never harm him." The Sun said - "Fire will never touch him." etc etc.

Hanumaan grew up as the bravest monkey lived ever, so the people started worshipping him. BUT Hanumaan got very proud of his powers. He started troubling Rishi, Muni and saints. Once they gave him Shaap (curse) that he would forget all about his powers and he wouldn't remember them until somebody reminded him. And after that he became an ordinary monkey.

What happened next.......?????

[This is the example of becoming powerful, but then losing that power because of pride and troubling others with that power. So when people are powerful, they must not be proud of it and must not trouble others, rather they should serve others with the help of that power. ]



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