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Story No 15-Durgaadaas

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This is an incident of the life of an unknown faithful guardian of a young Prince who respected everybody, even his enemies.

Aurangzeb, son of Shaahjahaan and the last most powerful Mugal King, tried to subjugate the Kingdom of Jodhpur but could not because the Prince of Jodhpur Ajit Singh was under the security of Durgaadaas. Durgaadaas was an able warrior of the Mahaaraajaa of Jodhpur Raja Jaswant Singh and could not be easily defeated in war.

Aurangjeb sent his son to defeat him but instead of fighting with Durgaadaas, the Shaahzaadaa asked him for the hand of his friendship. Durgaadaas Jee understood this to be a ploy and a tactic of Aurangzeb and refused to extend his hand as a friend towards Aurangzeb. Hearing this Aurangzeb got very angry and sent his army to defeat his own son.

Hearing this Shaahjaadaa flee from Jodhpur and went to Iran leaving his son and daughter in safe keeping of Durgaadaas.
Aurangzeb came to know about this, so he sent an emissary to bring the children back to Delhi, but Durgaadaas sent a message back to him - "I myself will bring the children safely back to Delhi but on the condition that you accept the Prince Ajit Singh as "Jodhpur Naresh" (King of Jodhpur). Baadshaah Aurangzeb had no choice so he accepted this condition.

Durgaadaas knew no hanky panky but there was a great Raajpoot who knew that Aurangzeb could not be trusted so he asked Durgaadaas to just take only his granddaughter with him to Delhi leaving his grandson behind in Jodhpur in case Aurangzeb decided to play some dirty trick with him. In this way, he would have to think twice before doing so.

When Durgaadaas arrived in Delhi, Aurangzeb was not in Delhi, he was in Brahm Puree. As soon as his granddaughter met him and paid him her respects, Aurangzeb said to her - "Dear Daughter, Now you are 16 years of age, you still do not know about our religion. You have stayed in a Kaafir's house for so long. Now its time for you to read the Quraan regularly."

The Shaahzaadee (Princess) replied - "Baabaajaan (grandfather), I have read the Quraan. Chaachaa Durgaadaas Jee had appointed a Muslim woman for me to teach it. If you want you can ask me anything from it. I remember all the Aayat (verses) of the Quraan". Aurangzeb was astonished to hear this and said - "Oh these Hindu have so many good things about them that only Farishta's could match them."

At the same time Durgaadaas Jee entered the room and said to the King - "It was our duty Jahaanpanaah to bring up a Muslim child in Muslim way." and he offered his respects to Aurangzeb. "In our religion we have no hatred towards other religions. We lift the sword for the protection of our King, and our enmity is with King Aurangzeb, but not with any religion or children of any religion."

Aurangzeb replied - "Durgaadaas. You are a Farishtaa (angel)." He made the Rathor Kesaree sit respectfully, and set the Farmaan (order) that from day on, Prince Ajit Singh Jee be known as the Mahaaraajaa of Jodhpur.

[Khudee Ko Kar Buland Itanaa ki Khudaa Bande se Khud Poochhe, Bataa Teree Razaa Kyaa hai]



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