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Story of Uttank

Ved had a disciple named Uttank. When he finished his education he asked his Guru to ask for Guru Dakshinaa. His Guru told him that he did not want anything as he was very happy with him, but he might ask from his Guru Maa if she needed anything. Uttank went to his Guru Maa and said to her - "Maa, My education is finished, I will be going now, please, tell me if you need anything before I leave this place," Guru Maa said - "Son, I have long wished to have that King Paushya's Queen's earrings, if you can bring them for me. I wish to wear them on the fourth day from today." "Sure, Maa."

Uttank went away from there and came to King Paushya and told him that he wanted the Queen's earrings for his Guru Maa to give her as his Guru Dakshinaa. In those days people did not refuse to a disciple for anything if he wanted it to give it to his Guru as Guru Dakshinaa, so the King also did not refuse for it. He sent him to the Queen and ask for them from her assuring him that she would surely give them to him. When he reached the Queen's palace and asked her for her earrings, she happily gave them to him but warned that he should take them carefully because Takshak was also looking for them. He might steal them, so be careful." Uttank said - "I will."

On the way he saw a beggar who was appearing an disappearing constantly. Uttank was thirsty so he kept the earrings on the ground and came to a spring to drink water. In the mean time that beggar took the earrings and ran away. Uttank followed him and he immediately changed into Takshak and entered into a hole in the ground. Uttank tried to dig the hole with a stick but he could not make progress faster, so Indra sent his Vajra to do this job. Vajra entered Uttank's stick and did his job faster. Uttank entered the hole and came to Naag Lok and requested Naag to give those earrings to him, but he could not get them.

He looked around and found two women weaving cloth on a loom with black and white threads (day and nights). He saw a wheel of 12 spokes (year) turned by six boys (six seasons), and a handsome man on a horse. He prayed them with Mantra. The man with horse said to him - "I am pleased with your prayer, tell me what can I do for you?" Uttank said - Let all these snakes be under my control." He said - "Blow into this horse." Uttank blew into the horse and a fire with smoke came out of his every pore and started burning the Naag Lok. Takshak immediately came out with earrings and handed over them to him.

After taking earrings from Takshak, Uttank thought, "Oh, This is the fourth day for my Guru Maa, how can I reach there being so far from that place?" That man guessed it and offered his horse to go to his destination. It took him to his Guru's house instantly. Guru's wife welcomed him and said - "Since you are innocent, I will not give you Shaap. All your wishes should come true." Uttank waited for his Guru. When his Guru came he greeted him and said - "When I was bringing earrings, Takshak took them to his Lok, so I had to follow him to his Lok, there I saw two women weaving a cloth with black and white threads. And I saw a wheel with 12 spokes turning by 6 boys. I saw a man also with horse. Who were those and what were they doing? Besides when I was going I saw a man and a bull of extraordinary size. He asked me to eat bull's dung saying that "Your master has also eaten it before." Who were those people?"

Guru Jee said - "The two women were Dhaataa and Vidhaataa, the black and white threads were day and night. The wheel with 12 spokes driven by 6 boys was year with 12 months and six seasons The man was Parajanya (the Deity of rain) and the horse was Agni. The bull was Airaavat, and the man with the bull was Indra and the dung you ate was Amrit, that is why you did not die in Naag Lok. Now you may go."

On one side Uttank was happy that he drank Amrit, but on the other side he was very angry with Takshak. In this anger he made a plan to kill all the Naag. He went the King Janamejaya (King Pareekshit's son) and said - "You have been doing some unnecessary jobs but have forgotten the most important job." Janamejaya said surprisingly - "What Muni?" Uttank said - "You know that your father died by Takshak's bite. Even he stopped Kashyap (the Vaidya) who was going to save him, on the way to reach to your father why don't you kill Takshak?" King Janamejaya understood and he ordered for Sarp Yagya.

[From Mahaabhaarat, Aadi Parv-4. This is the example of great obedience towards one's Guru or teacher or elder.]



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