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Story No 2-Dhruv-1

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It was long ago that a Raajaa named Uttaanpaad used to rule this earth. He had two queens - Suneeti and Suruchi. Suneeti was elder and Suruchi was younger. Both had one son each. Suneeti's son's name was Dhruv; and Suruchi's son's name was Uttam Kumaar.

Suruchi was very beautiful and lovely so Raajaa used to love her more than Suneeti, and so her son Uttam too. Both boys were of about the same age - 5 years old. Raajaa used to neglect Dhruv, but he always wanted to be with his father. Since Raajaa used to love Suruchi more, he used to live in her palace more and Dhruv often used to go there to see his father. Suruchi did not like this; and Raajaa also did not love Dhruv.

One day when Dhruv went to see his father in Suruchi's palace, he saw Uttam sitting in his lap. Dhruv also wanted to sit in his father's lap, so he rushed towards his father and sat in his lap. Suruchi was standing nearby. She didn't like it, she pulled him out of Raajaa's lap and said - "This lap is for Uttam, not for you. If you have to sit in this lap, you have to be born to me." Dhruv got frightened hearing this but still said - "But he is my father too." Suruchi said - "You are not so fortunate like Uttam that you can sit in your father's lap. Go away from here and pray that you can born to me in your next life to sit in your father's lap."

Dhruv looked at his father with tearful eyes in the expectation that he would say something, buy his father didn't say anything. He thought that his father also didn't love him so sobbing and weeping he ran to his mother. Suneeti saw him from a distance coming towards her. She lifted him in her lap, wiped his tears and asked what happened. Did anybody say anything to him?

Dhruv's grief increased as his mother consoled him. He started crying loudly and told her everything that happened in Suruchi's palace. Then he asked - "Mother, Why my father doesn't love me? Other children's fathers love them, then why my father is like that?" Suneeti said wiping her tears - "My son, Your younger mother said rightly that "you are unfortunate because you are born to me. Because of me you are neglected. I don't know how to help you."

Dhruv was thinking that his mother could set the things right but he felt that she was more miserable than he himself. So he rose to his feet and said - "How can I get my father's love, Mother, Is there any way to get it?" Suneeti did not know what to say to that young child of 5 years of age, still she spoke - "Dear son, The highest lap is of that Father who is the Father of all - Naaraayan. You should try for that lap. Then nobody will be able to scold you any more."

Dhruv understood something. He asked - "Mother, Where can I get Him? Will He listen to me? Will He love me?" Suneeti said - "He will always love you and he will surely listen to you." Dhruv made up his mind and asked her permission to go in search of Naaraayan.

Suneeti got very sad hearing Dhruv's intention because even the great Rishi could not seek Naaraayan, how this young child will seek Him? She could never allow him to go to forest to do such a hard Tap. But Dhruv did not move from his intentions. Then Suneeti had to allow him to go. She said - "You leave the kingdom, sit under a tree, chant Hari's name with all your mind. Forget everything else and remember only Him. He loves them who love Him. Then He will appear before you and fulfill your all wishes. May God always protect you." She embraced him and bade him farewell. Dhruv left the kingdom and set out to forest.

All servants, people were sad when he left the kingdom for forest. All were abusing Raajaa Uttaanpaad and Raanee Suruchi.

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