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Story No 20-Prahlaad

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20-Bhakt Prahlaad

Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a Daitya king named Hiranyakashyap. Although these Daitya were the step brothers of Devtaa, still they were always at war. Normally Devtaa ruled the three worlds - Heaven, Earth and the Nether worlds; but occasionally Daitya overthrew them gaining control over the Tri-Lok. So this was the time when this Daitya was ruling. Hiranyakashyap had five sons including Prahlaad.

Once Hiranyakashyap went to do Tap, and his mother Kayaadhu was pregnant with Prahlaad; that Devtaa seeing the Daitya without their king, attacked them and arrested many of them. They wanted to take Kayaadhu also to kill her, but Naarad Jee stopped them saying - "Do not kill her, she is carrying a great devotee of Bhagavaan Vishnu. He will spread the name of Daitya family." At Naarad's request Indra left her and Naarad Jee took to his Lok. There he told her many good stories throughout the period she lived there. Then when Hiranyakashyap had come back Naarad Jee handed over her to him. This child was Prahlaad.

he had inborn ideas of worship and about the God. Hiranyakashyap who considered himself God, could not tolerate this so he handed over him to good priest - Daitya Guru Shukraachaarya. But the Guru could not change him. When he was teaching him alphabet, he said G for Gopaal, K for Krishn etc, so all his efforts failed. Hiranyakashyap was very angry at this. He asked the Guru to improve upon him but there was no use.

At last he decided to kill his own son, because he remained like this, he would be going to defame the Daitya family. He asked his people to throw him to the bottom of the ocean, but he rose upon the surface. He tried many other ways to kill him, but every time he failed and Prahlaad came back alive and well. Prahlaad was crushed under the feet of elephants, thrown from the top of the hill, burnt in fire, bitten by snakes etc etc. Every time he came back alive Hiranyakashyap asked him - "Who saved you?" he would reply "Bhagavaan".

One day he got tired, he asked Prahlaad - "Were is He?" "He is everywhere." "Is HE in this pillar also?" "Yes" Hiranykashyap thought that he should finish the matter once for all, so he hit the pillar angrily with his Gadaa (mace) saying - "Where are you? If you are there come out, let me see how do you look like?" The pillar broke with a great noise and a half lion and half human form came out from that pillar. Both had a great fight, and at last Narasinh Bhagavaan sat in the door, kept his body on his knees, and tore his stomach with his long nails at Sandhyaa time. Thus He killed him.

Prahlaad prayed Narasinh Bhagavaan and had a Var from Him that Bhagvaan will not kill anybody in his family.



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