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Shiv Shankar

Baal Shiv

Shiv Jee is one of the three important deities in Hindu Religion - Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Shree Raam's Leelaa are described in Shree Raam Charit Manas, Shree Krishn Leelaa are described are in Shree Mad-Bhaagvat Jee and Mahaabhaarat. The third important Devtaa is Shiv Jee. He is said to be the easiest god to please, and Maa Paarvatee is famous for her kindness to everybody. There is a Puraan in his name - Shiv Puraan. It is all about him and his activities. It consists of seven Sanhitaa. Its one Sanhitaa, Rudra Sanhitaa, is given in Hindi language poetry.

Why Shiv should be visualized? -
Since Shiv has the power to absorb even the poison, anyone who is suffering from deep grief or pain in life can visualize him.

About Rudra

Know Your Shiv
Websites About Shiv - Find some websites about Shiv

Shiv Temples
Jyotirling Temples - Shiv's 12 Jyotirling Temples description
Shiv's Temples - Shiv's many temples are very famous for various reasons, description of some of them are given here.
Shiv Worship - Shiv Poojaa, Shiv Deep, Anna Abhishek, Shiv Hom, Shiv Mantra etc etc
Golden Shiv - This is the picture of golden Shiv Ling

About Shiv
Legends - Shiv means 'who does good for others'. There are eight legends narrating Shiv's role in destroying evil.
Miscellaneous - This section has many miscellaneous informative articles about Shiv.
Stories - There are many famous stories about him and as Shiv-Paarvatee (his consort) dialog also. Some of them are given here.
Som Vaar Vrat (Monday fasting) Stories
Shiv Raatri Vrat Kathaa

In Other Folders
Sapt Vidang Kshetra - 7 places related to Shiv
Shiv and Shani Dev
Shiv's Dice Games
Tripur Rahasya - a short explanation
Tripur Rahasya - a book written by Haritaayan

Shiv Puraan

Shiv Raatri and Shiv Worship - Read all the 4 pages
Pradosh Vrat

Baan Ling,
Rudraaksh - Read all the 6 pages
Rudram Chamakam
Types of Ling - Read this to know more about Shiv Ling

There are two main Mantra of Shiv -
(1) Panchaaksharee Mantra - "Om Namah Shivaaya"

(2) Mahaa Mrityunjaya Mantra -
"Om Tryambakam Yajaamahe, Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Urvaa Rukmiv Bandhanaan mrityor Muksheeya Maamritaat"



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