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4-Shiv Puraan

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4-Shiv Puraan-Index

Shiv Puraan is the 4th Puraan in the row of 18 Puraan. Here all the material of Shiv Puraan has been taken from the Shiv Puaan published by Gita Press Gorakhpur, UP. It is divided in seven Sanhitaa and contains more than 24,000 Shlok. (see below for its other versions). It contains detailed description of Shiv, his Avataar (incarnations), his glory, Leelaa (activities), method to worship him, and some other interesting stories about Shiv. This Puraan relates about Shiv Jee's form, secrets, importance and method worship. He is not only Pauraanik Dev, but he is also the chief of the five Siddh Eeshwar.

Ved has described him eternal; cause of all; creator, caretaker and destroyer of the universe. "Shiv" means "Kalyaan", and Kalyaan means to do good to others. Even he is the Isht Dev (Bhagavaan) of both Raam and Krishn.

Shiv Temples
Shiv Jyotirling
Kailaash Maansarovar Yaatraa (Pilgrimage)
Stories - This section gives some stories from other versions of Shiv Puraan.

(1) Vidyeshwar Sanhitaa
It is about, how Shiv Ling should be established, where it should be established, and how Shiv should be worshipped, etc.

(2) Rudra Sanhitaa in Hindi Language
This Sanhitaa " Rudra Sanhitaa"  is given here in Hindi language poetry. It is sent to us by Bhagwan Das Lahoti. Thanks to him. It is divided in five Khand (parts) - (1) Srishti (Creation) Khand, (2) Satee Khand, (3) Paarvatee Khand, (4) Kumaar Khand, and (5) Yuddh Khand. Here Rudra Sanhitaa is given in Hindi language poetry, Dohaa and Chaupaaee style, in which Tulasee has written his Raam Charit Maanas, for our general readers. We hope that our readers will benefit from it. 

(3) Shat Rudra Sanhitaa (one hundred - 100)

(4) Koti Rudra Sanhitaa (one Crore - 10,000,000)

(5) Umaa Sanhitaa

(6) Kailaash Sanhitaa

(7) Vaayaveeya Sanhitaa


Other Versions of Shiv Puraan

One published version of the Shiv Puraan [Vangavasi Press Edition] contains six Sanhitaa (books) :
(1) Gyaan Sanhitaa (78 chapters)
(2) Vidyeshwar Sanhitaa (16 chapters)
(3) Kailaash Sanhitaa (12 chapters)
(4) Sanatkumaar Sanhitaa (59 chapters)
(5) Vaayaveeya Sanhitaa (30 chapters)
(6) Dharm Sanhitaa (65 chapters)
Total chapters   78+16+12+59+30+65 = 260

This version of the Shiv Puraan is recited by Ved Vyaas' disci[ple Romharshan (Lomharshan) and is divided into 260 chapters and contains roughly 12,000 verses, and was published based on manuscripts found in eastern India.

The other published version of the Shiv Puraan [Venkatesvara and Pandit Pustakalaya Editions] contains not six, but seven Sanhitaa :

(1) Vidyeshwar Sanihtaa
(2) Rudra Sanhitaa
(3) Shat Rudra Sanhitaa
(4) Koti Rudra Sanhitaa
(5) Umaa Sanhitaa
(6) Kailaash Sanhitaa
(7) Vaayaveeya Sanhitaa

This version of the Shiv Puraan is divided into 451 chapters and contains roughly 24,000 verses, and was published based on manuscripts found in northern and southern India.

Clearly the first version is much shorter than the second one. And perhaps more importantly, not even the lists of Sanhitaa from the two versions coincide with one another. Why is this? Some say that the answer to this riddle is in the Shiv Puraan itself. Within the text of the Vidyeshwar and the Vaayaveeya Sanhitaa, both of which are common to both versions, it is explained that the original Shiv Puraan contained 12 Sanhitaa totaling 100,000 verses. Furthermore, the Vidyeshwar Sanhitaa (II : 49-56) and Vaayaveeya Sanhitaa list the names of 12 Sanhitaa and the original number of verses in each thus :

(1) Vidyeshwar Sanhitaa (10,000)
(2) Rudra Sanhitaa (8,000)
(3) Vinaayak Sanhitaa (8,000) --- lost
(4) Umaa Sanhitaa (8,000)
(5) Maatri Sanhitaa (8,000) --- lost
(6) Rudra Ekaadash Sanhitaa (13,000) --- lost
(7) Kailaash Sanhitaa (6,000)
(8) Shata Rudra Sanhitaa (3,000)
(9) Sahastra Koti Rudra Sanhitaa (11,000) --- lost
(10) Koti Rudra Sanhitaa (9,000)
(11) Vaayaveeya Sanhitaa (4,000)
(12) Dharm Sanhitaa (12,000)

Glancing back at the list of Sanhitaa in the currently available published versions, we find that all but the Vinaayak, Maatri, Rudra Ekaadash and Sahastra Koti Rudra Sanhitaa are available in one version or the another. So, presumably these aforementioned Sanhitaa have been lost with time.



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