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Chapters 4-7

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4-Yog Maayaa's Announcement

Shuk Dev Jee further said - "Hey Pareekshit, When Vasudev Jee had entered the prison, prison's all doors got locked as before and a cry of a new-born baby was heard. Guards woke up and went to Vrishni Vanshee Kans and informed him about the birth of the child. Kans rushed towards the prison immediately. [But this time it was not a son, it was a girl] Seeing Kans, Devakee said to him - "This girl is like your son's wife, she is a female so you should not kill her. You have killed all my sons, at least leave this girl to me." After saying thus Devakee started crying, but Kans showed no pity to her. He snatched the girl [from Davakee's hands] and hit her on a stone by holding her feet. But she did not die, she flew in the sky and showed her real form with eight hands, full of weapons - bow, Trishool (trident), arrow, Dhaal (shield), sword, Shankh, Chakra, and Gadaa. Siddh, Chaaran, Gandharv, Apsaraa etc were praying Her. She said to Kans - "O Fool,  What you will get after killing me? Thy enemy has already born."

Kans got very surprised to hear this and said to Vasudev and Devakee - "I am a sinner, I have killed your all children like a Raakshas. I am very sorry for that. You don't be sad for your sons, because they have got the result of their Karm." He repeatedly touched their feet and asked for pardon and freed them.

Kans came to his palace and told everything to his ministers. They said - "If it is so then we will kill all the children 10 days old or older than that in all the big cities and in other habitats. All Devtaa are afraid of you. Devtaa live where Vishnu is, and Vishnu lives where Sanaatan Dharm is and Sanaatan Dharm's roots are in Ved, cows, Braahman, Tapasyaa and the Yagya in which Dakshinaa is given. Therefore we will destroy all these things. Thus we will be able to kill Vishnu." Kans gave his approval to do this."

5-Celebration of Bhagavaan's Birth in Gokul

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Nand Baabaa was a very pious man. He was filled with enormous joy on the birth of a son. He took bath, put on good clothes and jewelry and called Braahman to do Jaat Karm Sanskaar of his son. He gave alms of clothes and 200,000 cows with jewelry to Braahman and gave seven heaps of sesame seeds (Til) covered with golden colored cloths. You may purify things with other things, but to purify the soul one needs the knowledge of soul.

All houses of Brij were cleaned and decorated. Cows and bullocks were also decorated. Gopee also put on their good clothes and jewelry. They took gifts and went to Nand Jee's house. There they blessed the new-born and sprinkled water mixed with turmeric powder on Him. Nand Jee gave many things to people according to their wish. Rohinee was also welcoming incoming people.

After some time Nand Jee had to go to Mathuraa to pay annual tax to Kans so he assigned the job of protection of Gokul to other Gop and he himself went to Mathuraa. When Vasudev Jee came to know that Nand Jee had come to Mathuraa, he went to see him. Vasudev Jee said - "This is a very happy news that in this old age you have got a child." Nand Jee said - "Kans has killed your and Devakee's several sons, even the last child, the girl, also died. It is all your bad luck." Vasudev Jee said - "You have finished your job here, so you should not stay here for longer time than necessary, because there is a lot of disturbance in Gokul. [You go back there quickly.]" So Nand Jee went back to Gokul soon on Vasudev's advice."

6-Killing of Pootanaa

Shuk Dev Jee said - "While going to Brij, Nand Jee thought on the way, "Vasudev Jee cannot tell lies. May God protect us." There was a Raakshasee named Pootanaa. She had only one job - killing children. By the order of Kans she used to roam around to kill children. [Since she was a Raakshasee] She could go by skyway, could change her form in anyway she liked, etc. One day she changed herself into a beautiful young woman. She entered Nand Jee's house and saw Shree Krishn sleeping on His bed. His eyes were closed. Pootanaa lifted Him looking here and there. Because she looked like a noble lady from a noble house, Yashodaa and Rohinee Jee saw her entering the house but didn't stop her from entering. Pootanaa started breastfeeding Him on which a very terrible poison was applied. Bhagavaan got very angry at her this action and started sucking her breast so hard that His anger started sucking out her soul out of her body instead of milk. Pootanaa started crying - "Leave me, now you leave me." but Shree Krishn did not leave her. Crying thus with pain she fell down on the ground and died in a few moments. While dying she could not hide herself and as she died her real form appeared there. When she fell, she crushed all trees up to six Kos (approximately 13 miles). All Gopee and Gwaal got frightened to see her body. As they recognized her, they became worried as what she was doing in Brij, but when they saw Shree Krishn playing on her chest, they understood everything, but got very surprised to see Him alive.

They immediately rushed towards Him and picked Him up. Then they wished for His protection in several ways. At the same time Nand Jee also arrived there. When he saw Pootanaa's body lying on the ground and his son alive, he said - "This is very surprising. Certainly some Rishi has taken birth in the form of Vasudev Jee. Same is happening here as he said to me." Gop burned Pootanaa's body. While burning her body, it was smelling like incense. Although she was a Raakshasee, but still she got the Gati of a mother of Bhagavaan. Nothing to say about those cows and Gwaal Baal's mothers who fed Krishn. (read its full description)

When Nand Jee got the smell, he asked about it, then the Gop told them all about Pootanaa. Hearing this Nand Jee picked his son and kissed Him many times.

7-Killing of Shakat Bhanjan and Trinaavart

Pareekshit said - "Hey Bhagavan, I love Krishn'a childhood Leelaa. Please tell me more about them." Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, Once [in His 3rd month], all Brij people were celebrating the occasion of His "changing sides". His birth Nakshatra was also on the same day. Braahman did special worship on that day. He was given a nice bath. Yashodaa saw that He wanted to sleep after the bath, so she laid Him on the bed. But He got awake soon and started moving His hands and feet. There was a huge carriage nearby in which many Matakee (mud pitchers) full of milk and yogurt and other pots were kept. So because of the movements of His hands and feet, that carriage was turned over and all pots which were in the carriage, were broken. But nobody could know how did that happen. Yashodaa thought that it was the effect of some bad planet, so she asked Braahman to do some special worship to pacify it. Gop again assembled the carriage and kept everything like before. One day Krishn became so heavy that Yashodaa could not tolerate His weight and she put Him on the floor.

There was a Daitya named Trinaavart. He was a personal servant of Kans. By the order of Kans he came to Gokul in the form of a storm. It took Krishn in the sky and covered the whole Gokul with dust. Nobody was able to see anything. It stayed there only for two Ghadee (about 50 minutes). Yashodaa could not see her son because He was not there. She cried and fainted. Krishn became so heavy for Trinaavart that he could not bear His weight. His speed was decreased. Krishn held his neck so tightly, that he could not free himself, rather he became just powerless and fell on a stone dead. Krishn also fell down with him. Some women started crying when they saw a Daitya falling from the sky on a stone. Each part of his body was broken and fell here and there. The baby Krishn was on his chest unhurt, so they picked Him up and brought Him home. Everybody got very happy to see the child safe. Seeing all these events, Nand Jee always remembered Vasudev Jee's words.

One day Yashodaa was feeding Him. When He had finished his eating, she kissed His face, at the same time Krishn yawned and Yashodaa saw sky, sea, Dweep (islands), mountains, rivers and all living beings in His mouth. Seeing this Yashodaa Jee closed her eyes.



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