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Chapters 24-26

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24-Indra Yagya

Shuk Dev Jee said - "One day Krishn saw that all Gop were preparing to do Indra Yagya. Although He knew everything, still He went to Nand Baabaa and asked - "Baabaa, What are you doing? And what will be the result of this? Who do this and why do you do this, and how it is done. Please tell me everything." Nand Jee said - "Dear son, Bhagavaan Indra is the Swaamee of clouds. These clouds are his Roop only. He makes rains which gives life to everybody. Other people and we worship him through Yagya. Whatever materials we use to do Yagya that are also produced by his rains only. This is our tradition and who breaks this tradition it is not good for him"

Hey Pareekshit, The "Ruler of Brahmaa, Shankar etc" Shree Keshav said to Nand Jee with the intentions of making him angry - "Father, Living being takes birth according to his own Karm. And he gets joys or sorrows, fear or happiness according to his own Karm only. And if we do not consider our Karm everything, and we consider only Bhagavaan to give the results of our Karm, then also He can reward or punish us only for our Karm, but if we do not do any Karm, then He has no control over us. And when we all are bearing results of our Karm, then why do we need Indra? When he cannot change the results of our previous Karm then why do we need Him? Human being depends only on his nature (previous Sanskaar). He follows them only. Even Devtaa, Asur etc everybody depends on his nature only. Human being takes all kinds of Yoni according to his Karm. Because of that only he "this is my enemy" or "this is my friend" or "this is indifferent" behaves like this. Karm is Guru, Karm is Eeshwar. Therefore the man should respect his good Karm and his previous Karm, and he should do Karm according to Varn and Aashram.

In whatever way a man's life goes on smoothly, that is his Ishtdev. As a married woman never gets peace with another man leaving her own husband; in the same way whosoever worships other deity leaving his own Devtaa who makes his living, does not get happiness. Braahman should make their living from Ved study and teaching; Kshatriya from ruling the earth; Vaishya from Vaartaa (see  Vritti); and Shoodra from serving others. Among all the four jobs [assigned for Vaishya] we have been doing cow keeping. The cause of Existence, Origin and the End of this world is Sat Gun, Rajo Gun and Tamo Gun respectively. This whole world of various types is created by the relationship of man and woman through Rajo Gun. Because of Rajo Gun clouds make rains and people and other living beings stay alive. What Indra does in this process? What he can do to us?

Father, We do not have any kingdom, or village or houses. We live in forests, thus forests and mountains are our houses. Therefore we should worship cows, Braahman and Giri Raaj (Govardhan Parvat). Whatever materials we have collected for Indra's Yagya, let them be used for Govardhan's worship only. Various types of dishes should be prepared - Kheer, Halawaa, Moong Daal etc, then they should be offered to cows, Braahman and Giri Raaj. This is my opinion, if you like it."

Nand Jee and Gop etc all agreed with Him. various types of dishes were prepared, Yagya was done, and Giri Raaj was worshipped. When they were circling the mountain, then Krishn appeared over the mountain with a huge body saying "I am Giri Raaj" and started collecting all the materials offered to him. Krishn also greeted Him with others and said - "See the wonder that Giri Raaj is accepting our offerings in person." After worshipping Giri Raaj Jee they went back to Brij."

25-Lifting of Govardhan Parvat

Shuk Dev Jee said - "When Indra came to know that my worship has been stopped in Brij, he became very angry and he ordered his Saamvartak Gan of clouds to attack Brij and said - "You go ahead and kill their animals and I also follow you with Marut Gan to destroy Brij. So he sent clouds and they started raining in Brij. It became very cold. Krishn understood that this was all done by Indra. Because we did not do Indra's Yagya that is why he is raining without season. He is a fool to consider himself as Lokpaal. I will destroy his pride. Devtaa are Sato Gunee, they should not be proud of their wealth and status. This whole Brij depends on me. I have approved it and only I am its protector, therefore I will protect it."

So He dug out the mountain, lifted it up and said to the people, "come now and sit here in this empty space. And don't be afraid that this mountain will fall from my hand." All people came under that mountain with their cows and sat in that empty space. The rain continued to pour for seven days and seven nights continuously, so Krishn kept it lifted up to seven days continuously without caring for His hunger, thirst and rest etc. Indra got very surprised to see the power of His Yog Maayaa. His all pride was gone and He stopped clouds to make rains. Sun came out, then Shree Krishn said to people - "Now you can come out" and after they had come out He put the mountain back at the same place. All got very happy and blessed Him."

This festival, Indra Dhwaj Utsav, is celebrated to appease Indra to cause rains. In this festival, a flag is raised, some rituals are performed, then it is thrown on the ground. It seems that this Utsav has been celebrated since Raam's times. A reference for it is found  in Vaalmeeki Raamaayan, when Vaalmeeki Jee describes Baali's fall by Raam'a arrow with a simile of this Indra Dhwaj. ( Valmiki Ramayan, 4/16/37)

26-Conversation Between Nand Jee and Gop About Krishn

"Pareekshit, Brij people were amazed to see this. They did not know Bhagavaan's powers, so they talked about it among themselves - "These actions of this child are amazing and Divine. It is not justified for Him to be in our society. He lifted Giri Raaj Jee so easily and kept it lifted for seven days continuously. It is not possible for any ordinary human being, while He is only a little child. When He was only an infant, He killed Pootanaa; when He was only three months old, He turned the carriage down. He was only one year old when that Daitya took Him in the sky and He killed him too. And everybody knows that incident when Yashodaa Maa tied Him with Ookhal and He rooted out those two old Arjun trees by just crawling between them. He tore out the beak of crane Raakshas (Bakaasur). Besides Nand Jee, we also love Him very much. Could you tell us the reason for this? Nothing to say about a 7-year child and lifting up such a high Giri Raaj Jee for seven days. That is amazing, Nand Jee, why we doubt about your son."

Nand Jee said - "Listen attentively. There is a Maharshi Garg who told me this about Him that "Your this child takes birth in every Yug. In various Yug He takes white, red and yellow complexions, but this time He has taken Shyaam complexion. This boy was born once in Vasudev Jee's house too, so whoever knows this secret will call Him as Vaasudev also. Your son has many names according to His many qualities and Karm. I know those names but ordinary people of world do not know them. He will do all good to you and your village. Whosoever will love your Shyaam Varn (dark complexioned) child, they will be blessed. As Devtaa live under the protection of Vishnu, are invincible, the people who will love Him will not be won by their enemy. He is like Naaraayan, therefore don't be surprised to see His divine works." Since then I consider Him an Ansh Avataar of Bhagavaan Naaraayan." All Gop satisfied hearing this."



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