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Chapters 12-13

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12-Importance of Satsang, Karm and the Method of Leaving Karm

Krishn said - "Whatever desires are there in the world, Satsang can destroy everyone of them. This is the reason that as much Satsang attracts Me, nothing else like Yog, Saankhya, following Dharm or self-study attracts Me. Even Tapasyaa, leaving something (sacrificing or Tyaag of anything), Dakshinaa, Vrat, Yagya, Ved, Teerth and Yam-Niyam are not capable to attract me. And this is not true for any one Yug, it is true for all Yug. Daitya, Raakshas, animals, birds, Gandharv Apsaraa, Naag, Siddh, Vidyaadhar all have attained Me only through Satsang. Among human beings, Vaishya, Shoodra, women etc many Rajo Gunee and Tamo Gunee Jeev have attained My Parampad through Satsang. Vritraasur, Prahlaad, Vrishparvaa, Bali, Baanaasur, Maya Daanav, Vibheeshan, Sugreev, Hanumaan, Jaambvaan, Gajendra, Jataayu, Tulaadhaar Vaishya, Dharm Vyaadh (who kills animals and birds), Kubjaa, Brij Gopee, Yagya wives, etc all could attain Me only through Satsang. These people neither studied Ved, nor they did any Vrat or Tapasyaa.

Gopee, cows, Yamalaarjun trees, deer of Brij, Kaaliya Naag, they were all unconsciousness but they attained Me only by their Bhakti in Me. When Akroor Jee brought Me to Mathuraa with Balaraam Jee, at that time Gopee were all in love with Me and no other than Myself was there to console them. As great Rishi Muni lose their name and form in Samaadhi and great rivers by joining the ocean, in the same way Gopee had lost themselves in Me and they forgot everybody else other than Me. Among them, many didn't know my real Roop. They considered me only their lover. All of those women who did not have any other means to attain me, attained me only because of Satsang. Therefore you leave everything and just remember me."

Uddhav Jee said - "Prabhu, Although I am listening to what you are saying, but still my mind's doubts are not cleared up. Should I follow my own Dharm, or leave everything and go to you? Kindly explain me everything clearly." Krishn Jee said - "Whatever Paramaatmaa is described as unseen, He is seen in person, because only He provides strength and life to unconscious things. Because the same first One enters the Moolaadhaar Chakra in the form of Anahat Naad (sound) with Paraa-Vaanee named Praan. After that He takes minute form of Pashyantee Vaanee in Manipoorak Chakra (in navel area). Later He manifests Himself in the form of Madhyamaa Vaanee in Vishuddh Chakra located at the neck area. Then He comes in mouth in various forms of Swar as Vaikharee Vaanee. As Agni lives in Aakaash in hidden form of heat and thunder; and when two wooden pieces are rubbed forcefully, then it appears in the form of a tiny spark, and then takes a larger form on giving the Aahuti; in the same way I also appear in the form of Paraa, Pashyantee, Madhyamaa and Vaikharee Vanee sequentially, through Shabd Brahm Swaroop (this is the sound which can be heard even after blocking ear holes). In the same way all actions - speaking, working with hands, walking with feet, smelling, tasting, touching, thinking, all doers, all causes, and all actions are My manifestations only.

This Aadi-Purush first was one and hidden but with the help of Kaal and Maayaa, He appeared in many forms through the division of His powers. As the existence of cloth is not there without thread, but the thread can exist without cloth, in the same way, He can exist even if the Universe is not there, but this Universe cannot exist without Him. This Universe tree, flow-wise, has no beginning and immortal. Its form is the tradition of Karm and its flowers and fruits are Moksh and Bhog (pleasures). It has two seeds - Paap and Punya. Its roots are numerous desires and trunks are three Gun. Five Bhoot (Panch Bhoot) are its five main branches. Sound, smell, taste, hearing and seeing five pleasures are its Ras (life blood). Eleven Indriyaan are its branches and Jeev and Eeshwar are two birds who live on this tree in their nest of heart. Vaat, Pitta, Kaph are three types of bark. Happiness and sorrows are of its two types of fruits. This huge tree is reaching up to Soorya Mandal. Who cross this Soorya Mandal (Solar System), do not come back on this tree. Who are enjoying Shabd, Roop, Ras etc pleasures, they have to eat fruits of sorrows because they are stuck in dong various Karm [Karm is essential to enjoy pleasures]. In reality, I am only one. My various forms are just because of my Maayaa. Who understands this secret only he knows the gist of all Ved."

13-Sermon Delivered to Sanakaadi by Hans (Swan)

Krishn said - "Hey Uddhav, Sat Gun, Raj Gun and Tam Gun, these three Gun are the Gun of Buddhi (Prakriti), not of soul. Raj Gun and Tam Gun should be controlled through Sat Gun. Later Sat Gun should also be suppressed through its calming nature. When Sat Gun increases, then only Jeev can attain my Bhakti. To increase Sat Gun one should eat Sat Gunee things. Whatever Dharm helps to increase Sat Gun, should be followed and that is better, because it destroys the Rajo and Tamo Gun and Adharm too. Shaastra, Jal (water), people, Desh (place), time, Karm, Janm (birth), Dhyaan (meditation), Mantra and Sanskaar, if these 10 things are Saatwik, then Sat Gun; if they are Raajsik then Rajo Gun; and if they are Taamsik then Tamo Gun is on increase. Among them which are admired by Shaastra are Saatwik; which are prohibited are Taamsik and which are to be avoided are Raajsik. As fire is produced by the rubbing of bamboo trees together, and pacifies itself by burning the whole forest, in the same way Gyaan appears by churning the thoughts and pacifies itself after burning all bodies and Gun.

Uddhav Jee said - "Bhagavan, Normally all people know about this, still they bear the sorrows like animals. What is the reason for it?" Krishn said - "When Jeev gets pride in its bodies under the influence of ignorance, then his mind which is mainly of Sato Gun inclines towards Rajo Gun and Tamo Gun. So as the Rajo Gun starts increasing, Sankalp (intentions) and Vikalp (alternatives) start entering the mind and he starts thinking about pleasures. And once he starts enjoying them, then there is no end to them. Although an intelligent person may also think about pleasures but because of being Gyaanee he can decide which pleasures are good for him and which ones are not good for him, so he will always try to avoid those ones which are not good or him, therefore he does not get indulged in them. My dear disciples Sanakaadi Muni have told this Swaroop of Yog - that the person should meditate upon Me, not even upon Viraat Swaroop."

Uddhav Jee said - "When you told Yog to Sanakaadi Muni, in which form you delivered it, I want to know that." Krishn said - "Sanakaadi Muni are Maanas Putra (born out of intentions or will power only) of Brahmaa Jee. They once questioned their father about the very last boundary line of Yog. They asked - "Hey Pitaa, This mind always thinks about pleasures (Gun) and these Gun also want to enter mind, means both are attracted to each other. In this situation, who wants to cross this world sea to attain Mukti? What he should do to keep them off from each other?" Although Brahmaa Jee is the father of everybody and everything, still he could not reply their question, because at that time his Buddhi was busy in Karm. So he meditated upon me and I appeared before him in the form of a swan. When they saw me, all of them came to me and asked me - "Who are you?" So at that time what I said, now you listen to it attentively.

"All bodies, be it Devtaa, human, animal, bird are made up of Panch Bhoot so all are alike. In this situation "Who are you?", your this question is only because of the nature of speech, it is not logical, so it is useless. First you should know this principle by studying the elements. Whatever you take from mind, speech, sight, and other Indriyaan, everything is me. There is nothing different from Me. O Sons, This mind becomes full of pleasures thinking about pleasures and those pleasures enter the mind. This is true, still both, mind and pleasures, are My Swaroop. It means that the soul has no relationship with the mind and pleasures. (read Pleasures to know about Jeev). Therefore whatever mind is indulged in pleasures through enjoying them continuously, and the pleasures which have also entered the mind, leave both of them after seeing me. Conscious, subconscious and unconscious, all these states are according to Sat, Raj and Tam Gun and they are the nature of Buddhi (the intellect), not of Me [it has been said before also that they are the nature of intellect, not of soul or Jeev, since soul is the part of Me]. Because the Jeev is the witness of these nature that is why it is different. And because of this, Buddhi nature gives you the three Gunee nature; therefore you should stabilize yourself in Me - the ultimate Tattwa (element) and get free from the bondage of Buddhi nature. Ahankaar creates this bondage and this bondage hides the ultimate truth of soul, undivided knowledge and my Swaroop.

Until the person ignores those pleasures through logic, an A-Gyaanee (ignorant) is although awake, still seems sleepy. So the three Gun are there in my part Jeev; but are untruth in Aatmaa (soul).

As a drunk man does not know whether his cloth is on his body or has fallen from his body, in the same way when a Siddh Purush has seen his real Swaroop, his own body, under the control of fate, is standing or sitting or has gone somewhere, he does not pay any attention to these things. This body, along with Praan and Indriyaan, is under the control of fate, therefore it waits till its Karm, which have given him life, are finished. But who has seen himself does not accept that body as his own body. Hey Muni, Whatever I have told you is the secret of both Saankhya and Yog. I myself am Bhagavaan and have come to deliver this knowledge, you should understand that. I am without Gun (means attributeless) and don't need anything, still all Gun reside in Me, because I wish welfare of everybody and I am the soul of everything. Thus I replied their question and disappeared from there and came back to My Dhaam."



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