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See also  Birth of Hiranyakashyap
[This story is given Bhaagvat Puraan, 7/2;   Maanas, 1/7;  Vishnu Puraan]

Hiranyaaksh (Hiranya means gold, and Aksh means eyes; so Hiranyaaksh means "with golden eyes") was the son of Maharshi Kashyap and Diti and thus the elder brother of Hiranykashyap. Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/3 says that he was married to Danu's son Vaishwaanar's daughter Upadaanavee. Bhaagvat Puraan, 7/2] says that his wife's name was Rushaabhaanu

Hiranyaaksh's Children
(1) Andhakaasur
For long time Hiranyaaksh did not have a child, so he performed a lots of Tapasyaa for Shiv. Pleased with his Tapasyaa Shiv Jee appeared before him and asked him what did he want. He said - "Prabhu, I don't have any child, I need a son." Shiv said - "You don't have son in your destiny, so I give you my son." At that time Shiv had a son from his sweat, Andhakaasur. He was born blind because he was born from Shiv's sweat when his eyes were closed. So he gave him to Hiranyaaksh. Hiranyaaksh got very happy to get him. He brought him home and started bringing him up with affection.

(2) Utkach
Hiranyaaksh had a son named Utkach in Chaakshush Manvantar. He was bodyless. One day he felled many trees in Lomsh Muni's Aashram by the touch of his body. So Lomash Muni cursed him - "You are very proud of your body, so be bodyless." That is why he became bodyless. When he asked Muni's forgiveness, the Muni said - "My curse cannot be a lie, but when Bhagvaan will incarnate in the 28th Dwaapar of Vaivaswat Manvantar, then you will be free from this curse by the touch of His feet." It seems that he was present in Kans's times (Dwaapar Yug) too, as Kans sent him to kill Krishn.

Vishnu Puraan, 1/13] says that he had (1) Utkur, (2) Shakuni, (3) Bhootsantaapan, (4) Mahaanaabh, (5) Kaalnaabh, (6) Mahaabaahu, etc sons
Padm Puraan, 1/7 says that Hiranyaaksh had 4 sons - Ulook, Shakuni, Bhootsantaapan and Mahaabheem. Then these four sons  had 270 million (27 Crore) sons and grandsons.
Bhaagvat Puraan, 7/2 lists his 9 sons as (1) Shakuni, (2) Shambar, (3) Dhrisht, (4)  Bhootsantaapan, (5) Vrik, (6) Kaalnaabh,  (7) Mahaanaabh, (8) Harishmashru, and (9) Utkach.
Agni Puraan, 7 says that he had 5 sons - (1) Shambar, (2) Shakuni, (3) Dwimoordhaa, (4) Shanku and (5) Aarya.
Vishnu Puraan, 1/13 says that Hiranyaaksh had (1) Utkur, (2) Shakuni, (3) Bhootsantaapan, (4) Mahaanaabh, (5) Mahaabaahu, (6) Kaalnaabh etc sons.

Hiranyaaksh is Killed
Hiranyaaksh was very mighty. He always looked for Vishnu to fight with. When he could not find Vishnu anywhere he took the Prithvi in the bottom of the ocean with the idea that at least now Vishnu would come to find it. At the same time Vishnu asked Brahmaa to create the world. At this Brahmaa Jee asked Vishnu that where his creation would live, because Hiranyaaksh had taken Prithvi in the sea.

So Vishnu took the form of a Varaah, went inside the sea, and brought the Prithvi out of the Sea. Luckily when he was bringing the Prithvi out of the sea He met Hiranyaaksh on the way. He fought with him. The battle lasted for 1,000 years. At last He killed him and brought the Prithvi out and established on the water. Then only Brahmaa Jee could start his creation.



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