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One Kaalnemi Daitya was Hiranyakashyap's brother. Kaalnemi Had six sons who were Vishnu Bhakt because of the teachings of Prahlaad, so Hiranyakashyap cursed them - "You will be killed by your father." Vishnu killed this Kaalnemi at the time of Saagar Manthan. He was incarnated as Kans in Dwaapar Yug. At that time also Vishnu killed him in the form of Krishn. His six sons were born as Devakee's six sons whom Kans killed in the suspicion of his killer. It was because Hiranyakashyap's curse - these six sons were the sons of Kaalnemi, and since Kans was the incarnation of Kaalnemi, he killed his own sons.

These children's another story comes in Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u22. Krishn said to him (Raajaa Bali) - "In Swaayambhuv Manvantar, Prajaapati Mareechi's wife Oornaa gave birth to six sons. They all were Devtaa. They laughed at seeing Brahmaa Jee ready for physical relationship with His daughter. Because of this Brahmaa Jee cursed them, and they were born as Hiranyakashyap's sons. Then Yog Maayaa kept them in Devakee's womb and Kans killed them as they were born. O Daityraaj, Mother Devakee is very sad thinking about them and wants to see them, and they are with you, so we will take them to our mother to please her. After that they will be free from Shaap and will go to their Lok. Their names are Smar, Ugdeeya, Parishwang, Patang, Kshudramrit and Ghrini. They will get good Gati with my grace."

We never heard that Hiranyakashyap had a brother named Kaalnemi, nor we heard that Hiranyakashyap had 6 sons.

Kaalnemi had a daughter named Tulasee who was married to Jalandhar names Raakshas.

In Tulasee's Raamaayan

This Kaalnemi's story comes in Tulasee's Maanas. He was Raavan's maternal uncle. When Meghnaad used Veerghaatinee Shakti on Lakshman and Lakshman got unconscious; Hanumaan brought Sushen Vaidya from Lankaa and he asked to bring Sanjeevanee herb from Drone Parvat before morning. Only Hanumaan could do this, so he started to bring the herb.

When Raavan heard this, he went to his uncle Kaalnemi and asked him to kill Hanumaan. Kaalnemi warned him that "which monkey came alone to your Lankaa, destroyed your lovely Ashok Vaatikaa, killed many warriors and your son, burned your Lankaa, you are thinking to kill him? Go to Raam, return His wife and ask for His forgiveness." Raavan threatened him to kill him, so he thought it is better to be killed by the messenger of Raam instead of this Raakshas. So he went from there with his plan.

On the way to Drone Parvat, he created a beautiful place and assumed a Sanyaasee's form. When Hanumaan saw that place he thought to refresh himself, so he got down and asked the Sanyaasee to get some water. Kaalnemi gave him some water to drink from his Kamandal, but Hanumaan was not satisfied with that, he wanted more, so Kaalnemi sent him to a nearby pond. Hanumaan went to that pond and entered it to drink water that a fish caught his leg and got transformed into an Apsaraa. She warned Hanumaan that Kaalnemi was a Raakshas not a Sanyaasee. So as Hanumaan came out of the pond, he killed Kaalnemi and went to Drone Parvat to bring the herb.


This is really surprising that both these statements are given in the same blog, because they both belong to two different times

(1) One Kaalnemi has been mentioned in Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/4 in its 10th chapter. It gives the list of many important Asur including Kaalnemi, and says that all those Asur participated in Saagar Manthan but they did not get Amrit, so Dev and Asur Sangraam started and in that war Krishn killed Kaalnemi.

“When the demon Kaalnemi, riding a lion, saw that Krishn, carried by Garud, was on the battlefield, the demon immediately took his trident, whirled it and discharged it at Garud’s head. Hari immediately caught the trident, and with the very same weapon He killed the enemy Kaalnemi, along with his carrier, the lion.” [8.10.56]
Raavan's uncle Kaalnemi was promised half of his nephew's kingdom in return of deceiving Hanumaan going to bring Sanjeevanee herb, because Raavan thought if Lakshman had died, Raam would lose His battle and lose...

Kaalnemi's name comes with Taarak's army when he went to fight with Kaarttikeya. (Padm Puraan, 1/24)

Adapted from from

According to the story in Harivansh, Hiranyakashyap had another son called Kaalnemi. Kaalnemi appears in different demon forms in each Yug and gets killed by Lord. If all the links are joined, the story of Kaalnemi is build up something like this, because not much information is found here and there.

In Sat Yug, Kaalnemi was born as Hiranyakashyap's son. At that time he had 6 sons. These grandsons of Hiranyakashipu did not accept Hiranykashipu as their God.and refused to chant chanted " Hiranyaaya Nama " as instructed. Instead they did severe. penance to please Brahma Devan. Brahmadevan was pleased and appeared before them and gave the boon they asked for. They did not want to get killed by any Devtaa, Gandharv, Yaksh or Naag. After receiving the boons, they stayed under water and enjoyed full freedom there. Hiranyakshyap knew this and was very upset about their paying respect to Brahmaa Jee instead of him, so he cursed them that they would be killed by their own father in their next birth.

In Tretaa Yug a Kaalnemi was born as Raavan's maternal uncle (Maamaa) who preferred to be killed by Raam's servant Hanumaan instead of Raavan.

In Dwaapar Yug Kaalnemi took birth as King Ugrasen's son Kans. Kans killed his sister Devakee's 8 sons. In fact these 6 sons were his own sons when he was born in Sat Yug as Hiranyakashyap's son, and Hiranyakashyap had cursed them to be killed by their own father in their next life. So these 6 sons were born as Devakee's sons  as Krishn's elder brothers and Kans killed them.

In turn these 6 sons of Kaalnemi (of Sat Yug) were the 6 sons of sage Mareechi in their previous birth. They were born as Kaalnemi's sons because of a curse from Sage Deval. They were called Shad-garbhaa when they were born as Mareechi's sons. As Kaalnemi's sons their names were Hans, Suvikram, Krahta, Daman, Ripumardan and Krodhahantaa.

Every time Kaalnemi appears, he is vanquished by Krishn. He was the uncle of Raavan, the King Lankaa. He was the son of Hiranyakashyap, who cursed him to kill his own children. The curse came true when Kaalnemi incarnated as Kans, the horrible King of Bhoj, and killed the children of his sister Devakee. Unwittingly, each child he cruelly murdered was his own son from his previous birth.

We have never heard that Kaalnemi was the son of Hiranyakashyap. Any idea?
And as it is mentioned that Kaalnemi was the Uncle (Maamaa) of Raavan, if we take the brothers and sisters of his mother Kaikasee, we don't find his name there. Kaikasee's family people are like this (taken from Vaalmeeki Raamaayan) =

Sukesh had three sons - Maalee, Sumaalee and Maalyavaan
(1) Maalee was married to Vasudhaa - had 4 sons - Anal, Anil, Har and Sampaati
(2) Sumaalee was married to Ketumatee - had 10 sons - (1) Prahast, (2) Akampan, (3) Vikat, (4) Kalikaamukh, (5) Dhoomraaksh, (6) Dand, (7) Supaarshwa, (8) Sanhaadi, (9) Praghas and (10) Bhaasakarn, and 4 daughters - Raakaa, Pushpotkataa, Kaikasee (Raavan's mother), Kumbheenasee
(3) Maalyavaan was married to Sundaree - had 7 sons - (1) Vajramushti, (2) Virupaaksh, (3) Durmukh, (4) Suptaghn, (5) Yagyakop, (6) Matt and (7) Unmatt, and 1 daughter - Analaa

I don't see Kaalnemi's name as one of the sons of these three brothers.
Where did Kaalnemi come from?



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