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Chapter 10

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10-Vibhooti Yog
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1. Krishn said - "Hey Mahaabaaho, Still you listen to my great secret and impressive words which I will tell you for your good [because] you love me very much.

2. Neither Devtaa know abut my birth (appearance by Leelaa), nor know Maharshi, because I am the cause of their birth.

3. Who know me as "unborn", without beginning, Lord of all Lok, that knowledgeable man among human beings gets free from all sins.

4-5. Power of intention, true knowledge, detachment, forgiveness, truth, control on Indriyaan, control on mind, being indifferent in dualities, pleasures and sorrows, creation and Pralaya, fear and fearless, non-violence, equality, contentment, Tap, charity, fame and defame, all kinds of feelings in people come from me only.

6. Seven Maharshi (Saparshi - Great Bear), and four Sanakaadi, Swaayambhuv etc 14 Manu - born even before them, all have appeared from my Sankalp only. Their people are spread in the world.

7. Who knows my this Divine Vibhooti (manifestation) and Yog power by Tattwa*, he develops unshakable Bhakti Yog, there is no doubt about it.

* Whatever we see is His Maayaa only, and only that One Vaasudev is spread among all of them; knowing this is called "to know by Tattwa".

8. I, Vaasudev, am the cause of the whole universe, and because of me the whole Universe works. Knowing like this all intelligent devotee worship me only.

9. Whose mind is towards me only, who have offered their life to me only, who are satisfied with talking about my Bhakti and impressions, and take pleasure in me only..

10. I deliver my those devotees  (above mentioned) - meditating on me, worshipping me, Tattwa Gyaan Yog by which they get me only.

11. Hey Paarth, To oblige them, I myself, establishing in their hearts, destroy the darkness sprung from ignorance by Tattwa Gyaan lamp light."

12-13. Arjun said - "You are Param Brahm, you are Param Dhaam (Lok), and you are the holiest; because all Rishi call you Aadi Dev (the first Devtaa) among all Devtaa, unborn, and omnipresent. And so say Devarshi Naarad, Asit, Deval and Vyaas Jee; and you also tell this to me.

14. Hey Keshav, Whatever you say to me, I take it as true. Neither Daanav know your Leelaa Swaroop (see 4/6 for details), nor Devtaa know it.

15. Hey creator of all beings, Hey Eeshwar of all beings, Hey Devtaa of all Devtaa, Hey Lord of the whole Universe, Hey Purushottam, you yourself know yourself..

16. ..that is why only you can describe your those Divine Vibhooti fully by which you are omnipresent.

17. Hey Yogeshwar, How should I meditate on you to know you; and Hey Bhagavan, In which Vibhooti I should meditate on you?

18. Hey Janaardan, Still you tell me your Yog power in detail; because I am not satisfied listening to your nectar like words."

19. Bhagavaan said - "Hey Kurushreshth, Now I tell you about my main Divine Vibhooti (Roop or forms) because there is no end of my extension.

20. Hey Gudaakesh, I am the soul living in the hearts of all beings; and I am the beginning, middle and end of all beings.

21. I am the Vishnu among Aditi's 12 sons; Soorya with rays in lights; Tej in 49 Marut Gan; and Chandramaa in constellations.

22. I am Saam Ved in Ved; Indra in Devtaa; Mind in Indriyaan; consciousness life power) in all beings.

23. I am Shankar in 11 Rudra; Kuber, the Lord of wealth, in Yaksh and Raakshas; Agni in eight Vasu; and Sumeru Parvat in mountains which have peaks.

24. Hey Paarth, Know me as chief Purohit Brihaspati in Purohit; I am Skand in army chiefs; and sea in water bodies.

25. I am Bhrigu in Maharshi; Aum in words; Jap Yagya in all kinds of Yagya; and Himaalaya in stable mountains.

26. I am Peepal tree in all kinds of trees; Naarad in Devarshi; Chitrarath in Gandharv; and Kapil Muni in Siddh.

27. I am Uchchshraivaa horse which appeared with Amrit (Ambrosia) among horses; Airaavat elephant in best elephants; and King in human beings.

28. I am Vajra in weapons; Kaamdhenu in cows; Kaam Dev, the cause of producing children according to Shaastra; and king of serpents Vaasuki in all serpents.

29. I am Shesh Naag in Naag; Varun Devtaa, the King of water creatures; Aryamaa named Pitar in Pitar; and Yam Raaj in rulers.

30. I am Prahlaad in Daitya; Samaya (time) in counters; lion in animals; and Garud in birds.

31. I am Vaayu (air) in purifiers; Raam in warriors who keep weapons; crocodile in fishes; and Jaahnavee (Gangaa) in rivers.

32. Hey Arjun, I am the beginning, middle and end of the Universe. I am Adhyaatm Vidyaa  (Brahm Vidyaa) in all kinds of knowledge; and [I am] that discussion which is done to decide about Tattwa.

33. I am Akaar (A) in letters; Dwandwa Samaas in Samaas; indestructible Kaal, Viraat Swaroop which has mouths all around and I maintain and nourish everybody.

34. I am Mrityu (death), destructor of everything; and the cause of creating everything; Keerti, Shree, Vaak, Smriti, Medhaa, Dhriti and Kshamaa among women*.
* All these seven women are Devtaa women; and are the names of feminine attributes also.

35. In worth singing words I am Brihat Saam; Gaayatree Chhand in Chhand; Maargsheersh month in months; and Vasant (Spring) season in seasons.

36. I am gambling in cheaters; influence of influential men; victory of winners; intention of intenders; and Saatwik nature of good people.

37. I am Vaasudev in Vrishni Vansh (means I myself); Dhananjaya in Paandav (means you in Paandav); Ved Vyaas in Muni; and Shukraachaarya among poets.

38. I am the punishment power of judges; [I am] the policy of wishers of winning; [I am] the silence who want to keep secrets; Tattwa Gyaan of knowledgeable people.

39. And Hey Arjun, I am the cause of the creation of all beings, because there is no movable or immovable thing which is without me.

40. Hey Parantap, There is no end of my Divine Vibhooti. I have told you this only in brief.

41. Whatever thing is with its specialty, that specialty is me, for example - power in mighty people, beauty in beautiful things etc.  

42. Otherwise also what will you do to know many things? I am stable holding this whole Universe only by a part of my Yog power.

End of Chapter 10 - Vibhooti Yog

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