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Chapter 11-1

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11-1 - Vishwaroop Darshan Yog

1. Arjun said - "Whatever spiritual secret you have told me, it has destroyed my A-Gyaan.

2. Because, Hey Lotus-eyed, I have heard the creation of beings and Pralaya (deluge) from you in detail.

3. Hey Parameshwar, As you tell about yourself, you are like that, but Hey Purushottam, I wish to see your that form from my own eyes.

4. Hey Prabho, If you think that that I can see your that form then Hey Yogeshwar, let me have the Darshan of that form.

5. Krishn said - "Hey Paarth, Now you see my that form that has hundreds and thousands of various Divine types, colors and forms.

6. Hey Bhaarat, You see Aaditya, Vasu, Rudra, Ashwinee Kumaar, and Marud Gan and those wonderful forms also which you have not seen before.

7. Hey Gudaakesh, Now you see the whole Universe along with all movable and immovable beings located at one place, and whatever else you wish to see you may see that also.

8. But you certainly cannot see me with your worldly eyes, that is why I give you Divine eyes, by those eyes you will be able to see my Divine Yog power.

9. Sanjaya said - "Hey Raajan, After saying this Mahaayogeshwar and the destroyer of all sins then showed His great Divine form to Paarth.

10-11. Then Arjun saw that wonderful Divine Viraat form of Lord of all Devtaa with many mouths and eyes, adorned with Divine jewelry, carrying many Divine weapons in hands, wearing Divine necklace and clothes, [His body] smeared with Divine fragrance, with all kinds of wonders, with no limits, facing all sides.

12. O Mahaatmaa, Whatever light appears by rising thousands of Soorya, that [light] is dim in comparison to that.

13. At that time Paandav saw all the worlds in Lord of all Devtaa's body located at one place.

14. Dhananjaya got surprised to see that, he said to Paramaatmaa folding his hands with devotion -

15. [Arjun said -] "Hey Dev, I see all Devtaa, various beings, Brahmaa sitting on lotus flower, Mahaadev, all Rishi and Divine snakes in your body.

16. Hey Vishweshwar, I see your endless form with many arms, stomachs, mouths, and eyes. Hey Vishwaroop, I see neither your beginning, nor your middle, nor the end.

17. I see your difficult to see and limitless form with crown, Gadaa, Chakra (Divine disc), full of light from all sides like blazed fire and Soorya.

18. You are the only worth knowing the ultimate A-Kshar [means Param Brahm], you are the ultimate dwelling place of this Universe, you are the protector of Dharm which has no beginning, you are the immortal earliest Purush, this is what I think.

19. I see you, without the beginning, middle and end; with limitless power; with innumerable arms; with eyes like Soorya and Chandra; with the mouth like blazing fire; and tahaatmanerrifying this Universe with your light.

20. Hey Mahaatman, Only you have filled all the space [between Prithvi and Swarg] and all directions, and all three Lok are getting terrified seeing your Divine and horrible Roop (form).

21. Some groups of Devtaa enter you and some [Devtaa] are standing terrified folding their hands and are singing your names and qualities. Maharshi and Siddh community pray you by the best Stotra saying "All be good to you".

22. All 11 Rudra, 12 Aaditya, 8 Vasu, Saadhya Gan, Vishwedev, Ashwinee Kumaar, Marut Gan, Pitar community, Gandharv, Yaksh, Raakshas and Siddh see you with surprise.

23. All people are getting terrified to see your great terrible Roop with many mouths, eyes, arms, thighs, feet, stomachs and teeth.

24. Because Hey Vishno, I, with frightful heart, am not at peace and patience seeing your this sky touching, bright, multicolored, open mouth lighted huge eyes.

25. Because seeing your huge teeth, mouths blazed like Pralaya time fire I do not know the directions, nor I feel comfortable, therefore Hey Jagannivaas, be pleased with me.

26-27. All sons of Dhritraashtra, along with kings community, are entering you; and all including Bheeshm, Drone, Soot-Putra [Karn] and chief warriors of our side, are entering your horrible mouth running speedily; and I am seeing several stuck to your teeth like the ground ones.

28. As the waters of many rivers runs towards sea naturally, in the same way these brave people of Prithvi are entering your blazed mouths.

29. As small worms (Patangaa) enter the blazed fire speedily to burn themselves, in the same way these people also are also entering your mouths for their destruction.

30. You are licking all those Lok eating them repeatedly by your blazed mouths. Your this terrible light is burning the whole Universe.

31. Tell me, who are you with this terrible form? Hey the highest of all Dev, I greet you. Be pleased with me. Hey Aadi (the first) Purush, I wish to know you especially, because I do not know your nature."

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