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Chapter 14

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14-Gun-Traya Vibhaag Yog

1. Krishn said - "Hey Arjun, I will tell you again that highest knowledge among all the knowledge, by obtaining which all Muni, freed from this world, have attained Param Siddhi (my Lok).

2. After obtaining this knowledge people attain my form and neither are born in the beginning of the creation, nor die in Pralaya time.

3. Hey Arjun, My Great Brahm Prakriti (Tri-Gunee Maayaa) is the source of origin of all Bhoot. I sow the seed of consciousness in there, so everything is born through the joint efforts of that unconscious (Prakriti) and consciousness (Paramaatmaa).

4. Hey Arjun, Whatever bodies are born in various species (Yoni), they all reside in the womb of Great Brahm Prakriti (Maayaa) (thus she is their mother); and I am the father who sows the seed.

5. Hey Arjun, That is why the Prakriti-born three Gun (Sat, Raj, and Tam) bind the immortal Jeev Aatmaa to this body.

6. Hey Nish-Paap (sinless), Among those three Gun, pure Sato Gun binds the Jeev with the desire of comfort and knowledge because of being clean and clear;

7. And Hey Kaunteya, Since Rajo Gun is born from wishful desires and attachments, it binds him with the attachment of Karm and their fruits.

8. And Hey Bhaarat, Tamo Gun which deludes the people who are proud of their body, has its origin from ignorance and it binds the Jeev with laziness (Aalasya), sleep (Nidraa) and craziness (Pramaad).

9. Because Hey Arjun, Sato Gun inspires the Jeev in comfort, Rajo Gun inspires him to do Karm, and Tamo Gun covers the knowledge and inspires him to do useless things (Pramaad).

10. Hey Arjun, If you suppress Rajo Gun and Tamo Gun, Sato Gun increases, and by suppressing Rajo Gun and Sato Gun, Tamo Gun increases, in the same way, if Tamo Gun and sato Gun are suppressed, Rajo Gun is increased.

11. Therefore, at whichever point of time, consciousness and knowledge spring up in this body, heart or Indriyaan, one should consider the quantity of Sato Gun more than the others.

12. And Hey Bhaarat, Whenever Rajo Gun is at increase, at that time greed, Pravritti, starting all Karm with selfish desires, discontentment, unstable mind, and an urge to enjoy for worldly pleasures etc arise.

13. And Hey Kuru-Nandan, When Tamo Gun increases, A-Gyaan (ignorance), desire for not to do one's duties, Moh and Pramaad etc arise in heart and Indriyaan.

14. When this Jeev-Aatmaa dies in the state of increase of Sato Gun, he attains the places for the doers of good Karm and Divine Lok - Swarg etc.

15, And when this Jeev-Aatmaa dies in in the state of increase of Rajo Gun, he is born among the people who have attachment with Karm; and when this Jeev-Aatmaa dies in the state of increase of Tamo Gun, he is born in lower species (Tiryak Yoni), such as insects, worms, animals, birds etc.

16. Because the fruits of Saatwik Karm are said to be Saatwik - comfort, knowledge, Vairaagya etc; the fruits of Raajas Karm are sorrows and the fruits of Taamas Karm are just total ignorance.

17. Sat Gun produces Gyaan (knowledge), Rajo Gun produces greed, and Tamo Gun produces Moh, A-Gyaan and Pramaad.

18. Whoever people are Sato Gunee, they go to high Lok - Swarg etc; whoever are Rajo Gunee, they go to the middle Lok, i.e. Prithvi or Manushya Lok; and Tamo Gunee people go to the lowest species world because they are always indulged in laziness, sleep, Pramaad etc.

19. And Hey Arjun, In whichever period, a person doesn't behave like these three Gun, he knows me - beyond the three Gun, and attains me. --------------------

20. This person attains the ultimate happiness by abandoning the cause of this Sthool Shareer (physical body) - the three Gun and becomes free from birth,, death and old age sorrows.
Five Gyaan Indriyaan, five Karm Indriyaan, five Bhoot, five subjects of Indriyaan, Buddhi, Ahankaar and mind - these 23 Tattwa (elements) jointly are called the body. The body, because of being born from Prakriti, is the function of the Prakriti, that is why the three Gun are called the cause of its origin.

21. Hearing such words, Arjun said - "What are characteristics of the Gunaateet person (who has abandoned these three Gun), and how does he behave? And Hey Prabhu, How does he abandon these three Gun?"

22. Krishn said - "Hey Paandav, Whoever neither considers their (Sato Gun's Gyaan, Rajo Gun's Pravritti, and Tamo Gun's Moh) existence bad; nor he longs for them when they are not there; whoever has united with Paramaatmaa and has separated from this Tri-Gunee Maayaa world, he is called Gunaateet person. It makes no difference to him if Gyaan, Pravritti and Moh appear or no appear in his heart and Indriyaan. This is the main characteristic of that "beyond Gun" person.

23. When there is no laziness and Moh in heart and Indriyaan, that state is called Gyaan; when there is sleep and laziness in excess and the consciousness of heart and Indriyaan disappears, that state is called Moh; and whoever stays indifferent like a witness and cannot be moved by Gun...

24. ...and who treats sorrows and pleasures alike, treats dust and gold alike, is patient, and considers likes and dislikes same, and treats his appreciation and defame alike...

25. ...and who considers honor and insult alike, neither favors friend nor disfavors enemy, and who takes no pride in the beginning of any work, the same should be considered Gunaateet person.

26. And whoever always worships Me with Bhakti Yog, he also becomes like Gunaateet and worthy to be united with Brahm.

27. Hey Arjun, I am the Aashraya of that immortal Brahm, Amrit, eternal Dharm, and unbroken joy. They all live in Me."

End of Chapter 14 - Gun-Traya Vibhaag Yog

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