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Chapter 15

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15-Purushottam Yog

 1. Krishn said - "Whose root is Aadi Purush Parameshwar Roop and whose main branch is Brahmaa, and whose leaves are known as Ved, such Peepal tree is known as immortal. Whoever knows such World Tree by Tattwa with root, the same knows the meaning of Ved very well.

 2. This world tree is watered and grown by three Gun; pleasures and enjoyments are its new leaves;  its branches are spread up and down in the form of Devtaa, human beings and lower species; and its roots which bind a person according to his Karm, in the form of pride, attachment and lustful desires  are also spread up and down in all Lok.

 3. But whatever form of this world has been described, it is not found in reality, because it has neither any beginning nor any end, not it exists properly, that is why you cut this deep rooted world Peepal tree, which is in the form of pride, attachment and lustful desires, with Vairaagya (detachment) weapon.

 4. After that one should search for that Param Brahm where once gone, people do not come back; and from which Parameshwar this very very old Universe has sprung up. "I am in the shelter of the same Naaraayan", intending like thus he should meditate on Him everyday.

 5. Whose pride and Moh (attachment) have been destroyed; who are established in Paramaatmaa all the time; whose desires have been destroyed completely; who have been free from sorrows and happiness like duals, only those Gyaanee people attain that immortal Parampad.

 6. After attaining which Parampad, people do not come back [in this world], neither Sun can give light to it, nor Moon can give light to it, nor fire can give light to it. The same is my Paramdhaam. (to see the meaning of Paramdhaam see Geetaa 8/21).

 7. The Jeevaatmaa that is in this body, is my immortal part only*; and the same attracts the mind and five Indriyaan dwelling in Prakriti.
* As the reflection of the Sun can be seen in many water-filled pitchers, but still the Sun is only one, in the same way He is in all, still He is only one.

 8. As wind takes the smell from the place of the smell, in the same way when Jeevaatmaa leaves whichever body, it takes away the Indriyaan along with mind from there to the new body it takes.

 9. This Jeevaatmaa enjoys all subjects through five Gyaan Indriyaan along with mind only.

10. While leaving the body, or living in the body, or enjoying the pleasures A-Gyaanee people do not know this three Gunee Jeevaatmaa; only Gyaanee people know it through their logical knowledge.

11. Yogee also know this Aatmaa by its Tattwa through their efforts, but who have not cleaned their heart, such A-Gyaanee people cannot know it even by efforts.

12. Know Soorya's light that gives light to whole world, Chandramaa's light and fire's light as my light only.

13. And I only keep all beings [on me] by my power by entering Prithvi; and nourishes all herbs and trees etc through Chandramaa's essence.

14. I am the Praan who lives in everybody's body; and as Vaishwaanar Agni along with Apaan Vaayu digest four types of food

15. I am the one who lives in everybody's heart as omnipresent; memory, Gyaan and thinking all are because of me only; Ved also describe me only; I am the author of Vedaant and I am the knower of the Ved.

16. There are two types of people in this world - mortal and immortal (Kshar and A-Kshar). Among them all beings' bodies are mortal and Jeevaatmaa is called immortal.

17. But greater is He who feeds everybody in all the Tri-Lok. He is told as immortal Parameshwar and Paramaatmaa.

18. Because I am completely separate from unconscious Kshetra, and higher than Jeevaatmaa, that is why I am known as Purushottam in Lok and Ved.

19. Hey Bhaarat, Whoever Gyaanee person knows me as Purshottam from Tattwa, that knower of all meditates on me continuously from all sides.

20. Hey sinless Arjun, Thus this secret Shaastra was told by me, after knowing it by Tattwa, a person becomes Gyaanee.

End of Chapter 15 - Purushottam Yog

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