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Chapter 17

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17-Shraddhaa-Traya Vibhaag Yog

1. [Hearing this Arjun said] - "Hey Krishn, Whoever worship Devtaa abandoning the Shaastra prescribed methods, but only with Shraddhaa; what is their position - Saatwik, Raajasik, or Taamasik?"

2. Krishn said - "Hey Arjun, People's such activities, without Shaastra prescribed methods and only with Shraddhaa, can be of all the three types - Saatwik, Raajasik or Taamasik. You listen to that also.

3. Hey Bhaarat, All people's Shraddhaa is according to the feelings of their heart, that is why whenever a person has whatever kind of feeling in his heart, his worship is also of that Shraddhaa type only, and he is also of that type.

4. Saatwik people worship Devtaa, Raajasik people worship Yaksh and Raakshas, and Taamasik people worship Bhoot (ghosts) and Pret.

5. Whoever do Tap according to their own ideas and are proud of their desires, attachment and power and are egoistic. 

6. Whoever Krish (make their body lean and thin) Bhoot (five Bhoot) existed in body form, and me existed in their hearts, you should know those A-Gyaanee as Aasuree natured people.

7. Hey Arjun, As Shraddhaa is of three types, in the same way food is also of three types, and every person likes a certain kind of food according to his nature, and in the same way Yagya, Tap, and Daan are also three types. You listen to their types from me -

8. Whichever food items increase life, Buddhi, power, health, comfort and love; which are tasty, fatty and digested in more time; and which are tasty by nature are liked by Saatwik people.

9. The food items which are bitter, sour, savory, very hot, dry and burning (which produces burning sensation in stomach); and develop worries are liked by Raajas people.

10. Half-cooked, tasteless, foul smelling, remaining, spoiled, and unclean food items are liked by Taamasik people.

11. Whichever Yagya have been prescribed by Shaasta, and which must be done by a person, such Yagya, if done with stable mind and without desiring any fruit, are called Saatwik Yagya.

12. And Hey Arjun, Whichever Yagya is done just for pride, or with the desire of fruit, you should know that Yagya as Raajas.

13. And whichever Yagya is not done according to Shaastra method, is without the donation of grains (or food), without Mantra, without Dakshinaa, and without Shraddhaa, that Yagya is called Taamas.

14. Worshipping of Devtaa, Braahman, Guru and learned people; and following cleanliness, simplicity, Brahmcharya and Ahinsaa are called body-related Tap.

15. Whoever doesn't instigate other's emotions, speaks sweet, truth and good; reads Ved and Shaastra; does Jap of Parameshwar, he does speech-related Tap.

16. [When one feels] joy of heart, [lives] peacefully, [practices] meditating upon Bhagavaan, controls one's mind, and [maintains] cleanliness of heart is called heart-related Tap.

17. But Hey Arjun, All the three types of Yagya done by Nish-Kaam Yogee, who have no desire of fruits, are jointly called Saatwik Tap.

18. And whatever Tap are done to honor and worship, or with the aim of Paakhand, or give indefinite or momentary fruits, such Tap are called Raajas Tap.

19. And whichever Tap is done foolishly, or with afflicting mind, speech and body, or to harm others, that Tap is called Taamasik Tap.

20. Hey Arjun, "Giving donations is a duty", whoever gives donations with this feeling, and whichever donations are given according to place, time, and the person [to whom the donation is given] without expecting any fruit, it is called Saatwik Daan.
--In whichever country, whichever thing is scarce, the same thing is considered worth giving to serve the people.
--Hungry, sick, handicapped, beggar etc are satisfied with food, clothes, medicine or money; whoever doesn't have whatever, he should be served with that thing; and Braahman whose behavior is good, are considered worthy for all kinds of things.

21. And whatever donation is given with pain*, or in return of some good done to him, or to expect some fruit**, those donations are called Raajas.
* To fulfill some worldly desire or considering as a forced one
** With the desire of getting honor, praise, status, long life; or to cure some disease

22. And whatever donations are given without respect, or insulting, or in unworthy place and time, or to unworthy person*, those donations are called Taamas donations.
* Who takes liquor, meat, etc uneatable things, or who is a thief etc, who does some lowly work.

23. Aum, Tat, Sat - These are called Parameshwar's names. Ved and Yagya were created from these words only in the beginning of the Universe.

24. Therefore all processes of Ved, decided by learned people and prescribed by Shaastra method - like Yagya, Daan, etc, start from AUM.

25. Tat (this all belongs to Paramaatmaa who is known as Tat), by not desiring for Tat, various types of Yagya, Tap, Daan etc actins are done by those people who desire of doing good. -------

26. And Sat - this is used as Paramaatmaa's name with the idea of Truth and doing good to others; and Hey Paarth, it is used in auspicious Karm also.

27. Whoever exists in Yagya, Tap and Daan, that is also Sat, it is said like this, and the Karm which has been offered to that Paramaatmaa, that is also definitely Sat, it is said like this.

28. Hey Arjun, All done by without Shraddhaa - a Havan, or a donation, or a Tap, or any other Karm done without Shraddhaa is all A-Sat. That is useful neither here in this Lok, or in Par-Lok (after death)."

End of Chapter 17 - Shraddhaa-Traya Vibhaag Yog

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