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Chapter 16

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16 - Devaasur Sampatti Vibhaag Yog

 1. [Krishn Bhagavaan further said] Hey Arjun, Now I am going to tell you the characteristics of the people who have got Divine wealth and who have got Aasuree wealth separately. Complete lack of fear, purification of heart, continuous Dhyaan Yog for Tattwa Gyaan and Saatwik Daan (Geetaa, 17/20), controlling of Indriyaan, Yagya, reading and teaching of Ved, Keertan (singing) of names of qualities of Bhagavaan, Tap (to tolerate atrocities to follow one's Dharm), simplicity of heart along with body and Indriyaan;...

 2. ...not hurting anybody by heart, speech and action, speaking truth and sweet (whatever one has felt though his heart and Indriyaan, speaking the same in sweet words is called "speaking the truth"), not being angry with anybody, not feeling egoism in any action, not abusing anybody, to be kind to everybody, not being attached to any pleasure, not making any useless efforts by any Indriya...

 3. ...Tej, forgiveness, Shauch (cleanliness, Geetaa, 13/7), no enmity with anyone, not to be proud of oneself with one's elders - Hey Arjun, All these characteristics are of a person who has got Divine wealth.

 4. And Hey Paarth, Paakhand, pride, egoism, anger, harsh speech, ignorance etc are the characteristics of the person who has Aasuree wealth.

 5. Hey Paandav, Between these two wealth, the Divine wealth is for Mukti, and Aasuree wealth is to bind one to worldly pleasures, therefore, you do not grieve, because you have Divine wealth.

 6. Hey Arjun, Even nature of the people of this Lok has been considered of two types - Devtaa like and Asur like. Between them only Devtaa nature has been described in detail, so now you listen to Asur nature too in detail.

 7. Asur natured people do not know when they are involved in their duties and when they are no doing duties, that is why neither they are clean from outside nor from inside, nor they behave well, nor they speak truth.

 8. Those Asur natured people say that this world is without its base, completely false, and has sprung up not by Eeshwar but by unification of man and woman; that is why it is only to enjoy pleasures. There is nothing else besides this.

 9. Thus with this false knowledge, whose nature has been bad and whose Buddhi has become slow, such cruel people wish bad for all people and are born only to destroy the world.

10. They, with egoism and pride, wish for such desires which are never fulfilled. Because of their ignorance they adopt false theories and principles and behave against Shaastra in this world.

11. They are always surrounded by all kinds of worries till they die and enjoy worldly pleasures thinking that this is the only pleasure in the world.

12. They have lots of hopes, they always remain the slave of Kaam and anger, and they are always busy in collecting many various things to enjoy pleasures.

13. They think in this direction, that "today I have got this, tomorrow I will get that" or "at present I have so much money, it will be that much in future", or...

14. "today I have killed this enemy, tomorrow I will my other enemy too". "I enjoy all kinds of pleasures, I have all Siddhi, I am powerful, I am happy"...

15. "I am wealthy, I have lots of relatives in my family, who is like me?, I will do Yagya, I will donate, I will become happy". They are deluded by such A-Gyaan.

16. That is why those A-Gyaanee people, deluded by various ideas and attached in various worldly pleasures, fall in dirty Narak.

17. Those proud people considering themselves the best and always proud of their wealth and honor do Yagya and Bhajan without following Shaastra method tom do them with Paakhand.

18. They, dependent upon their Ahankaar, might, pride, anger and wishes, and abusers to others are jealous with me, omnipresent Paramaatmaa, living in other bodies.

19. I send such mean people, who are jealous, commit sins, and cruel, to Aasuree Yoni (species) repetitively in the world.

20. Hey Arjun, Those fools take birth repetitively in Aasuree Yoni and by not attaining me fall in Narak.

21. Hey Arjun, Kaam, anger and greed - these three are the doors of Narak and destroy the Aatmaa. (These three are the root of all kinds of ill-wills that is why they are known as the doors of Narak.)

22. Hey Kaunteya, Freed from these three ill-wills, when a person behaves for his good, only he attains Param Gati or me. (Following only Bhaagvat Dharm is to behave for one's good.)

23. Whoever behaves according to his own wish, abandoning Shaastra method, he neither attains any Siddhi, nor he attains the joy of Param Gati.
[One does not have to read the scriptural text. . .  One does not have to learn the scriptural texts. . .  One does not have to know what is said in the scriptures. . .  Yet if one goes astray from what is said in it . . .  one is lost surely. "Yah Shaastra-vidhim-uthsrjya Vartate Kaam-kaarathaha, Na Sa Siddhim-avaapnoeti Na Sukham Na Paraam Gatim".  Whoever gives up what is prescribed in the scriptures and lives according to his own desires . . . he does not achieve the destination . . . does not achieve happiness . . . and does not reach the eternal truth.]

24. Therefore, Shaastra is the standard for you deciding about your this duty also. [Because Shaastra decide one's duties]. So knowing thus you should follow Shaastra only and decide your duty.

End of Chapter 16 - Devaasur Sampatti Vibhaag Yog

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