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Chapter 2-1

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2-Saankhya Yog-1

1. Sanjaya said - "Then Bhagavaan Madhusoodan said thus to the sad and tearful eyed Arjun.

2. Krishn said - "Hey Arjun, How did you get this A-Gyaan in this place, because neither it is approved by the best people, nor it gives Swarg (Heaven) and nor it spreads the glory.

3. Therefore Hey Arjun, Don't be a eunuch, this type of behavior doesn't suit you. Hey Parantap, Stand up for war leaving this small weakness of your heart."

4. Arjun said - "Hey Madhusoodan, How I will fight with Bheeshm Pitaamaha and Dronaachaarya with my arrows in the battlefield, because Hey Arisoodan, both are respectable for me?

 5. Therefore instead of killing them, I will prefer to eat begged food in this Lok, because otherwise also I will enjoy only blood-smeared wealth and pleasures in this Lok (on this Prithvi) after killing my elders.

6. We even don't know that what is better for us - war or no war, We don't know whether we will win them, or they will win us, and after killing whom we don't even want to live, the same Dhritraashtra's sons are standing before us.

7. Therefore, confused by cowardice and deluded about my Dharm I ask you to tell me the same whatever is definitely good for me, because I am your disciple and I am in your shelter. Please guide me.

8. Because I don't see any way which can end my sorrow even after getting the uninterrupted wealthy kingdom on Earth and the lordship over Devtaa."

9. Sanjaya said - "Hey Raajan, After saying clearly this to Krishn that "I will not fight", sleep winner Arjun got silent.

10. After that Hey Bharat Vanshee Dhritraashtra, Krishn said to that sorrowful Arjun standing in the middle of both armies smiling."

11. Krishn said - "Hey Arjun, You grieve for those who are not worthy to be grieved for, and [still] talks like intelligent people. But intelligent people do not grieve for those who have either already died and even for those who have not died yet.

12. [Because Aatmaa (soul) is immortal, that is why to be sorry for it is unjustified, in fact] Neither it is like that I was not there or you were not there in any point of time, or even these kings were not there; nor it is like that we will not be there in future also...

13. ...but as in the body of this Jeevaatmaa (soul), there are childhood, youth and old age, in the same way there is getting another body also, and this doesn't delude a Dheer man (who is Dheer man? see     Shlok)

14. Hey Kuntee-Putra, Opportunities to give pleasures and sorrows, heat and cold to this body are very short-lived and mortal, therefore Hey Bhaarat, You tolerate them.

15. Because Hey good man, To whoever Dheer Purush, who takes pleasures and sorrows alike, these objects of Indriya's pleasures do not move; he is worthy for Moksh (salvation).

16. And Hey Arjun, A-Sat (a lie) doesn't exist, and Sat (truth) is not scarce, thus Gyaanee (learned) people should know about them.

17. [With this idea] You should know indestructible (immortal) to that only, by who this universe exists, nobody is able to destroy this immortal.

18. All these bodies of that immortal are said to be mortal, therefore Hey Bhaarat (born in Bharat's family), You fight.

19. Whoever considers this Aatmaa (soul) a killer, and whoever considers this Aatmaa as dead; they both do not know (are ignorant), because this Aatmaa, in fact, neither kills [anybody], nor is killed [by anybody].

20. This Aatmaa neither takes birth in any time period, nor it dies, nor it takes birth and rebirths. Because it is unborn, Sanaatan (eternal) and immortal. In spite of the destruction of the body, it [itself] doesn't get destroyed.

21. Hey Paarth, Whoever knows this Aatmaa as indestructible, unborn, and immortal; how can he make somebody kill, or how can he be killed by anybody.

22. [And if you say that "I lament for the separation of these bodies", then this is also not correct, because] As a man takes off his old clothes and puts on new clothes; in the same way this Jeevaatmaa also leaves old bodies and takes up new bodies.

23. And Hey Arjun, Weapons cannot cut this Aatmaa (soul), fire cannot burn it, water cannot make it wet, and air cannot dry it...

24. Because this Aatmaa cannot be pierced, cannot be burnt, cannot be wetted, and cannot be dried. Undoubtedly this Aatmaa is omnipresent, immovable and Sanaatan (everlasting).

25. And this Aatmaa is invisible, unthinkable and it is pure [without any mixture or Vikaar, thus it is unchanged]. Knowing that Aatmaa thus, as above said, you should not lament for it.

26. And if you consider it as taking rebirth and dying all the time, then also, Hey Arjun, you should not be sorry for it.

27. Because [if it is so] then it proves that whoever has taken birth will have to die, whoever has died will have to born again. That is why you should not be sorry for this uncontrollable act.

28. [All these bodies are mortal because of being "with Maayaa", that is why it is not good to be sorry for them, because] Hey Arjun, All living beings were invisible (without body) before taking birth, and will be invisible (without body) after dying. It is only between these two events that they seem to have bodies, then why to worry in this situation?

29. Hey Arjun, [This soul element is very deep.] Only one sees it with astonishment, another tells it with astonishment, another hears in astonishment, and another one doesn't get it even after hearing it.

30. Thus Hey Arjun, this Aatmaa is always indestructible in this body, therefore you should not be sorry for any of all the living beings.

31. Otherwise also, looking at your Dharm, you should not fear from this, because there is no better duty than Dharm war for a Kshatriya.

32. Hey Paarth, Only fortunate Kshatriya get this kind of war which opens the doors automatically for Swarg (Heaven).

33. And if you will not fight this Dharm war then you will lose your Dharm and glory and will be a sinner.

34. All people will tell the tales of your defame for long time; and that defame is worse than dying for a respectable person.

35. And for who you were highly regarded before, and now you will be regarded as fallen, they will consider you a runaway [soldier] from this war because of fear.

36. And your enemies will insult you saying many various bad words, then what will be the greater sorrow than that for you?

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