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Chapter 1

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1-Arjun Vishaad Yog

1. [Dhritraashtra asked Sanjay] "Hey Sanjay, What did Paandu's and my sons do gathered in Dharm land Kurukshetra with the desire of war?"

2. [Sanjay said] "At that time Raajaa Duryodhan went to Drone and looking at Paandav's organized army and said this.

3. "Hey Aachaarya, Look at Paandu's sons' well-organized huge army organized by your intelligent disciple Drupad's son Dhrishtdyumn (Draupadee's brother).

4.  There are many soldiers with huge bows in this army brave like Bheem and Arjun like Saatyaki, Viraat and Drupad (Draupadee's father)...

 5. ...Dhrishtkaetu, Chekitaan and Kaashee king mighty Purujit (Kuntee's father), Kuntibhoj (Kuntee's another father), and the jewel among human beings Shaibya...

 6. ...and brave Yudhaamanyu, mighty Uttamaujaa, Subhadraa's son Abhimanyu, and Draupadee's five sons, all are brave and mighty.

 7. Hey good Braahman, Now you listen to those names also who are important in our army and are worth to know for you.

 8. One is you yourself, Pitaamaha Bheeshm, winner in war Karn, Kripaa, similar Ashwatthaamaa, Vikarn, and Somdatt's son Bhoorishravaa...

 9. ...and there are many other brave people who are greatly skilled in warfare. They have many different kinds of weapons and are ready to give up their life for me.

10. Our this army which is organized by Bheeshm Pitaamaha is invincible in all ways and those people's army which is protected by Bheem is easy to win.

11. Therefore, you all should protect Bheeshm Pitaamaha undoubtedly from all sides positioned at your own places.

12. [Hearing Duryodhan's words] Bheeshm Pitaamah blew his conch whose lion's roar like sound made Duryodhan's heart happy.

13. After that many conchs were blown and many kinds of drums were beaten together. Their sound was very terrible.

14. After that Shree Krishn and Arjun, who were sitting in the best chariot with white horses, also blew their Divine conchs.

15. Krishn blew His Paanchjanya conch, Arjun blew his Devadatt conch, and Bheem blew his Paundra named conch.

16. Kuntee-Putra Raajaa Yudhishthir blew his Anant Vijaya conch; and Nakul and Sahadev blew Sughosh and Manipushpak named conchs respectively.

17. Kaashee Raaj (king of Kaashee), brave Shikhandee, Dhrishtdyumn, King Viraat and invincible Saatyaki...

18. ...Raajaa Drupad, the five sons of Draupadee, and long armed Subhadraa-Putra Abhimanyu, Hey Raajan, all blew their conchs separately.

19. That terrible sound tore Dhritraashtra's sons' hearts echoing earth and sky.

20-21. Hey Raajan, after that at the time of starting of war, looking at Dhritraashtra's sons, Arjun, on whose chariot had monkey marked flag, picked up his bow and said to Krishn - "Hey Achyut, Take my chariot in the middle of the two armies,...

22. that I can see those people who have the desire to fight and with whom it is all right to fight...

23. ...and all those kings of that army, who are here wishing for Duryodhan's good, I wish to see them."

24-25. [Sanjaya further spoke] - "Hey Dhritraashtra, Hearing Arjun's words Shree Krishn parked his chariot in the middle of the two armies in front of Bheeshm and Drone and all other kings and said to him - "Hey Paarth, Look at these Kaurav gathered here."

26-29. Arjun looked all around and found his father's brothers, Pitaamaha (grandfathers), Aachaarya (Guru), Maamaa (mother's brothers), brothers, sons, grandsons, friends, fathers-in-law and well-wishers standing there. Thus seeing all standing there, he got very sad and said - "Hey Krishn, Seeing all these my own people standing here for war, my body parts become weak, my mouth dries and I tremble.

30. My Gaandeev bow falls down, my skin burns, I am deluded that is why I am unable to stand up straight.

31. Hey Keshav, I see unfavorable omens too and after killing my own family in war I don't see my own good too.

32. Hey Krishn, Neither I long for victory, nor I long for kingdom and pleasures. Hey Govind, What we will do of such kingdom, pleasures and life?

33. Because for whoever we long for kingdom and pleasures, all those are standing here, leaving the desire for wealth and life, ready for war.

34. My Guru, uncles, sons, grandfathers, Maamaa, fathers-in-law, grandsons, brothers-in-law and other relatives...

35. ...Hey Madhusoodan, Even if they kill me or even for the kingdom of three Lok, I do not want to kill them, leave alone [the kingdom of] Prithvi. 

36. Hey Janaardan, What happiness we will get after killing Dhritraashtra's sons? Rather we will be sinner after killing these Aat-Taayee.

37. Therefore Hey Maadhav, We are not for killing Dhritraashtra's sons, our own brothers because how can we be happy after killing our own family?

38. Although these people do not see any sin in opposing their friends, and killing their own family, because they are under the influence of greed.

39. ... still Hey Janaardan, Why shouldn't we, who know about the sin of killing one's own family, consider to get away from this sin?

40. Because when family is destroyed, its Sanaatan (eternal) Dharm gets destroyed. When Dharm gets destroyed the whole family becomes sinner.

41. Hey Krishn, When sins are increased, family's women lose their character and Hey Vaarshneya, because of women's bad character they give birth to Varnsankar...

42. ...and Varnsankar takes the family and the killer of the family to Narak (Hell), even their ancestors, who do not get offerings, fall from their places.

43. Because of these Varnsankar, both Sanaatan family Dharm and Cast Dharm get destroyed...

44. Hey Janaardan, Whose family Dharm has been destroyed, such people live in Narak for long long period, so we have heard.

45. Oh, It is so unfortunate that we, in spite of being intelligent, are ready to commit this sin that we are ready to kill our own family members because of the greed of kingdom and pleasures.

46. Even if Dhritraashtra's sons kill me in battlefield, when I have no weapon, that also will be very good for me."

47. Sanjaya said - "After saying this, sad Arjun dropped his bow and sat in the back side of his chariot."

End of Chapter 1 - Arjun Vishaad Yog

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