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Chapter 8

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8 - A-Kshar Brahm Yog

1. Arjun said - "Hey Purushottam, What is that Brahm? What is Adhyaatm? What is Karm? What is it which is called Adhibhoot? And what is called Adhidaiv?

2. Hey Madhusoodan, Who is Adhi-Yagya? How is he in this body? And how those people know you in their last moments?"

3. Krishn said - "Hey Arjun, That highest A-Kshar which is never destroyed, is only Brahm; and the form of Self is known by either Jeevaatmaa or Adhyaatm; and -------

4. And Hey Arjun, All materials which are used to create, to destroy and to do Dharm, are called Adhi-Bhoot; and Hiranyamaya Purush is Adhi-Daiv; and Hey the best human being, I Vaasudev exist as Adhi-Yagya in this body.

5. Whoever leaves his body remembering me in his last moments, he attains my Roop (form) only, there is no doubt about it.

6. Hey Kaunteya, The reason for this is, that whoever leaves his body remembering whatsoever in his last moments, he attains the same thing only after his death, [because he is always affected by that thought].

7. That is why, Hey Arjun, you should always remember Me and fight. [If you do like this] you will attain Me only because your mind and intellect will be in Me. There is no doubt about it.

8. Hey Paarth, This is the law that who practices meditation upon Parameshwar with concentrated mind, his attention is never distracted. And he attains that Divine Param Purush Parameshwar only.

9. That is why, whoever remembers that Parameshwar, who knows everything, is without beginning, is the Niyantaa (ruler of everybody according to their good and bad Karm), is the subtlest of the subtle, holds and nurtures everybody, always shines like Soorya, and is beyond A-Vidyaa, darkness or ignorance);

10. ...that Bhakt attains Paramaatmaa only remembering Him in his last moments with concentrated mind establishing his Praan in the center of his eyebrows through Yog power.

11. And Hey Arjun, Ved knower learned people call whatever A-Kshar and Aum-kaar; detached Sanyaasee get absorbed in whatever; the desirers of Parampad practice Brahmcharya, I tell you about that Parampad in brief, you listen to it.

12. Hey Arjun, Closing the doors of all Indriyaan (means drawing all Indriyaan from all kinds of pleasures), stabilizing one's mind in his heart, establishing one's Praan in his forehead, sitting in Yog position...

13. ...whoever leaves his Praan pronouncing the Mantra like "Aum", meditating on Me, he attains Param Gati (the highest status).

14. And Hey Arjun, Whoever always worships Me with concentrated mind, I am very easy for that Yogee (means I am easily available to him),

15. and then those saints attain me and get freed from the cause of sorrows - the bondage of rebirth.

16. Because Hey Arjun, All Lok, from Brahm Lok [to the lowest planet], are for those who take rebirth, but Hey Kaunteya, who comes to My Lok, he never takes rebirth. [because this Lok is beyond the reach of Kaal (Time), means there is no time period there.]

17. Hey Arjun, Only those people know the Kaal by Tattwa who know Brahmaa's one day and night as 2,000 Chatur-Yug, one should know like this.

18. And for the same reason, they also know that all visible Bhoot (beings) appear from Avyakt's (Brahmaa's) Sookshm (subtle) body at the beginning of his day and disappear in his same subtle body only at the beginning of his night.

19. And the same Bhoot appear repeatedly under the control of other (Prakriti) at the beginning of Brahmaa's day and disappear at the beginning of his night, and appear again at the beginning of his day. (In the same way Brahmaa also disappear in me after his 100 years of age is over.)

20. But there is another Sanaatan (eternal) A-Vyakt, beyond this A-Vyakt (Brahma), who the learned people know as Paramaatmaa. He Himself is never destroyed even after everything is destroyed.

21. Thus this A-Vyakt is A-Kshar (eternal), the same is known as Param Gati. When people come to this eternal A-Vyakt, they do not come back (means do not take rebirth). The same is My Param Dhaam (highest dwelling place).

22. And Hey Paarth, Under whoever Paramaatmaa all these Bhoot are, and with whoever Paramaatmaa this whole Universe is filled (see also Geetaa 9/4), that Sanaatan (eternal) highest Purush is attained through great devotion (see also Geetaa 11/55).

23. And Hey Arjun, Now I will tell you that path by which Yogee attain that Param Gati (not taking rebirth), and that Gati by which they take rebirth.

24. Between these two paths, in whichever path shiny Agni etc is proud Devtaa, the day is proud Devtaa, Shukla Paksh is proud Devta, the Uttaraayan's six months is proud Devtaa. Yogee, who go from this path after dying, attain Brahm through those Devtaa.

25. And in whichever path Dhoom (smoke or darkness) is the proud Devtaa, the night is proud Devtaa, Krishn Paksh is proud Devtaa, Dakshinaayan's six months is Devtaa, a Yogee went on that path with those Devtaa attain Moon's light, enjoy the fruits of their good Karm, and take rebirth.

26. Because these two types paths - Shukla Paksh and Krishn Paksh, means Dev Yaan and Pitra Yaan, have been regarded Sanaatan in this world. Between these two paths, one path takes a Yogee to the Gati from where one doesn't come back, while the other path brings the Yogee back to rebirth repetitively.

27. And Hey Paarth, No Yogee, who knows these Paths with Tattwa, gets deluded, (means he does not get involved in worldly pleasures and attempts to attain me with Nish-Kaam feelings). Therefore you always try to attain me with your Samatwa Buddhi.

28. Because after knowing this secret, Yogee do not wish even for the fruits from Ved reading, Yagya, Tap, and Daan etc, rather they attain the same Sanaatan Parampad.

End of Chapter 8 - A-Kshar Brahm Yog

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