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Chapter 7

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7-Gyaan Vigyaan Yog

1. Krishn said - "Hey Paarth, how will you, whose heart loves me so much and who is practicing Yog to attain me, know me undoubtedly who is the soul of all, total Vibhooti, power, and prosperity etc qualities, listen to that now.

2. I will tell you the complete Tattwa Gyaan with Vigyaan, after knowing that nothing remains to know in the world.

3. One in thousand attempts to attain me; and among those Yogee (who have attempted) only a few know me with Tattwa (truly).

4-5. Prithvi (earth), Jal (water), Agni (fire), Vaayu (air), Aaakaash (space), Man (mind), Buddhi (intellect), and Ahankaar; thus is divided my Prakriti in eight parts. This is my A-Paraa, means Jad or unconscious, Prakriti. Hey Mahaabaaho, The other one by which this whole Universe is held, that is my Paraa Prakriti, means Chetan or conscious Prakriti.

6. You should know like this that all beings are born from these two Prakriti; and I am the cause and Pralaya (deluge) of this whole Universe.

7. Hey Dhananjaya, There is no other ultimate cause, other than me. This whole Universe is knitted in me as beads are knitted in thread.

8. Hey Kaunteya, I am the Ras (taste) in water; light in Soorya and Chandramaa; Pranav (Omkaar) in all Ved; sound in sky and manhood in men.

9. I am holy* smell in earth; Tej in fire; and the life in all beings; and Tap in Tapaswee.

* Sound, smell, Tej, Ras, and touch are the causal Tanmaatraa of the five elements - space, earth, fire, water and air; that is why "holy: word is used here.

10. Hey Paarth, Know me as the initial seed of all beings. I am the intellect of intellectuals and Tej of Tejaswee.

11. Hey Bhaarat, I am the strength without desires of powerful people, that is their capacity; and Kaam in all beings according to Dharm and Shaastra.

12. All emotions born from Sato, Rajo and Tamo Gun have in fact born from me; still they are not in me, nor I am in them.

13. The whole world is deluded by the emotions resulting fom Sato, Rajo and Tamo Gun; that is why it does not know immortal me that is beyond them.

14. My this Tri Gunee Maayaa is very complex; still who worship me only continuously, they go beyond this Maayaa and never come back to this world.

15. Whose Gyaan has been destroyed by Maayaa, such bad-natured, sordid, doers of low level Karm, fools do not worship me.

16. Hey Bhaarat, Four types of people worship me - for Arth (worldly materials), Aart (to solve problems), Jigyaasu (for knowing me) and Gyaanee (who know me already).

17. Among them the Gyaanee Bhakt is the best who worships me daily with concentrated mind, because that Gyaanee loves me, and I love that Gyaanee.

18. All of them are good-natured, but Gyaanee is my own personification, thus I think; because that intellectual minded Gyaanee Bhakt is already established in me.

19. In the last birth of many births, that man attains Tattwa Gyaan and worships me thinking "everything belongs to Vaasudev"; such Mahaatmaa is very rare.

20. Whose Gyaan has been destroyed by whichever pleasures; those people inspired by their nature, worship the same Devtaa [who will fulfill their those desires].

21. With whichever desire Bhakt wishes to worship whichever Devtaa; I establish his Shraddhaa in the same Devtaa.

22. That man worships the same Devtaa with Shraddhaa; and attains the same wish fulfilled guided only by me.

23. But the fruit of [those desires] of those less intelligent people is short lived and those people attain those Devtaa only from whichever they wish their desires fulfilled; while my Bhakt, in whatever way they worship me, attain only me in the end.

24. [In spite of knowing this people do not worship me, the reason for this is that -] Unintelligent people not knowing me properly consider me, who is immortal and the highest, as a human being.

25. Since, because of my Yog Maayaa I am not seen at every place, that is why A-Gyaanee man doesn't know me properly and considers me mortal like an ordinary human being.

26. Hey Arjun, I know all the living beings born in past, present and future; but nobody knows me.

27. Because, Hey Arjun, All the living beings born from desires and jealousy are A-Gyaanee because of the Moh of dual of happiness and sorrows. 

28. But whose sins are destroyed because of doing Karm with Nish-kaam feeling, and who are free from attachment and jealousy etc duals, they all worship me.

29. Who come to me to try to be free from old age and death, they know the Brahm, the complete Adhyaatm, and the complete Karm.

30. And the people who know me by Adhi-Daiv, Adhi-Bhoot and Adhi-Yagya, attain me only at the end. [Such as steam, clouds, water, ice - all are various forms of water, in the same way Adhi-Bhoot, Adhi-Daiv and Adhi-Yagya are also my form.]

End of Chapter 7 - Gyaan Vigyaan Yog

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