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Food in Geetaa

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Food in Geetaa?

Which food we should eat and which one we should not. Regarding this, in fact attitude is very important in any action. That is what has ben indicated in Geetaa about food. Even if we eat a dry leaf which fell on its own accord (as Paarvatee avoided even he leaves while she was doing Tapas to get Shiv as her husband and earned the name Aparnaa) without Prasaad Bhaav and only arrogance (that what a great person I am that I am eating only a fry leaf), we eat only Sin. This is the mesaage we draw from the BG 3:13, it says --

Wise ones eat the food that remains after being offered to Yagya thus, they are released from all evils.
Wicked ones prepare food for their own sake and indeed live on sin alone.  |BG 3:13|

In the process of procuring our food, to some extent, we cause trouble to nature and also to other beings.
So we purify the food by offering it to the Supreme and then eating it with a sense of gratitude. Even if we eat a dry leaf that fell on its own accord, we must not do so with a sense of entitlement, but with a gratitude.

Interestingly Geetaa talks about the type of food also preferred by Saattwik, Raajasik and Taamasik people. It never mentions meat as Taamasik food. Read the reproduced verses from Chap 17 here :--

Foods that promote longevity, vitality, stamina, health, happiness, and contentment and foods that are tasty, mild, nourishing, and pleasant are dear to those of the nature of Sattwa. |BG 17:8|

Foods that cause pain, sorrow, and sickness, and foods that are bitter, sour, salty, excessively hot, spicy, dry, and pungent are dear to those of the nature of Raajas.  |BG 17:9|

Foods which are insipid, stale, rotten, left-over, filthy, and unhygienic are dear to those of the nature of Taamas.  |BG 17:10|

In verses 8-10 describing the kinds of food that people like, "...dear to those of the nature of Sattwa (or Raajas or Taamas)" is perhaps just an indication of what they don't mind eating. It is likely that a person who relishes stale food will also relish fresh food, but not the other way round!). Thus attitude is more important than any taboo.


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