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Quiz on Geetaa-1

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Quiz on Geetaa-1

Here is Quiz on Geetaa's Chapters 1 and 2 - try how many can you answer? See the answers on NEXT PAGE

Question 1/20 - Bhagvad Geetaa is found in which Parv of the Mahaabhaarat?
A. Viraat Parv
B. Udyog Prav
C. Bheeshm Parv, Chapters 23-40*
D. Drone Parv

Question 2/20 - Arjun asked Shree Krishn to take his chariot
A. Out of the battlefield - Kuru Kshetra
B. Place it in front of Bheeshm's Chariot
C. Place it in between the two armies in Kuru Kshetra*
D. Place it in front of Duryodhan's Chariot

Question 3/20 - Arjun puts down his bow and sits on chariot because
A. He is not capable of defeating Kaurav
B. He does not want to kill his teachers and relatives as it is of no good*
C. He thinks Paandav army is inferior to Kaurav and wants Krishn to fight in war
D. He did not see Karn among the Kaurav

Question 4/20 - What is Real as per Bhagvad Geetaa?
A. Gods who grants wishes and fulfill desires
B. Goddesses who nourishes and protects
C. Earth which supports animate and inanimate
D. Brahm That which defies all changes and remains same in all periods*

Question 5/20 - That which is beyond five sense organs is
A. Manifest
B. Unmanifest*
C. Anger
D. Desire

Question 6/20 - Man of steady wisdom is referred to in Chapter 2 of Geetaa as:
A. Sthitapragya*
B. Brahm Sthitih
C. Mahaabaahu
D. Kuru-nandan

Question 7/20 - Which of the following verse is not found in Chapter 2 of Geetaa
A. Just as man cast off his worn out clothes and puts on new ones, so self casts off its worn out bodies and enters others which are new.
B. Perform Action by abandoning attachment. Be balanced in success and failure
C. Whenever there is a decay of righteousness, and a rise of unrighteousness, then I manifest myself.
D. Like the tortoise which withdraws its limbs from all sides, he withdraws his senses from the sense objects, then his wisdom becomes steady.

Question 8/20 - Paarth is
A. Yudhishthir
B. Bheem
C. Shree Krishn
D. Arjun*

Question 9/20 - Symbolically who represents blind to truth in the Geetaa
A. Duryodhan
B. Dhritaraashtra
C. Sanjaya
D. Bheeshm

Question 10/20 - The wise grieve
A. For the living and the dead
B. Neither for the living nor for the dead*
C. Only for the dead
D. Only for the living

Question 11/20 - Who attains immortality on Earth?
A. One who performs Tapas in Caves
B. One who chants Mantras and abstains from Sex
C. One for whom pain and pleasure are same*
D. One who fasts and performs complex rituals

Question 12/20 - Which of the following statement is not true?
A. He is not born, nor does He ever die
B. Self casts off worn out bodies and wander around after death*
C. He slays not, nor is He slain.
D. He is not killed when the body is killed.

Question 13/20 - Who attains peace?
A. One who chases desires and attempts to fulfill them*
B. One who performs 108 fasting
C. One who does pilgrimage by foot for 18 years
D. One who abandon all desires and moves about without sense of I-ness

Question 14/20 - As per Chapter 2 of Geetaa what is born from unfulfilled desire?
A. Self pity
B. Anger*
C. Sympathy
D. Sadness

Question 15/20 - As per Chapter 2 of Geetaa, Anger gives rise to
A. Delusion, or loss of memory, or destruction of discrimination*
B. Self pity, or remorse seeks empathy
C. Ambition, or hard work, or success
D. Sympathy, or serenity, solitude

Question 16/20 - As per Chapter 2 when does wisdom becomes steady?
A. When Poojaa are performed
B. Fulfills sensual desires
C. Withdraws sense from the sense objects*
D. Works hard to fulfill desires

Question 17/20 - Yog is described in Chapter 2 of Geetaa as
A. Meditating to get rid of evil thoughts*
B. Evenness of mind
C. Performing action to fulfill desires
D. Protecting one's family

Question 18/20 - Thy right is to work only, but never on its fruits; let not the fruit of action be thy motive. This famous verse is found in
A. Chapter 1 of Geetaa
B. Chapter 3 of Geetaa
C. Chapter 2 of Geetaa
D. Not in any of the above chapters

Question 19/20 - Which one of the following is not a quality of steady wisdom?
A. Mind is not shaken by adversity
B. Desires to see God*
C. Free from attachment, fear and anger
D. In prosperity does not yearn for pleasure

Question 20/20 - Chapter of 2 of Bhagavad Geetaa is known as
A. Saankhya Yog*
B. Arjun Vishaad Yog
C. Karm Yog
D. Dhyaan Yog


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