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Quiz on Geetaa-2

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Quiz on Geetaa-2

Here is Quiz on Geetaa - try

Where Geetaa is found originally?
--In Mahaabhaarat, Bheeshm Parv, Sec 25-42.

Do you know that Geetaa was told by Krishn to Arjun second time too? Where?
--In Mahaabhaarat, Ashwamedh Parv as Anu-geetaa, Sec 16-

How many chapters and verses (Shlok) are in Geetaa?
--18 chapters and 700 verses.

Who are the creator and author of Geetaa?
--Krishn is the creator and speaker of Geetaa; and Ved Vyaas Jee is the author of Geetaa. Ganesh Jee was only the scriber.

When and where Geetaa was told?
--It was told in Kurukshetra, in the center of both the armies, Paandav's and Kaurav's; at the time when the MBH war was going to begin. As Arjun saw his near and dear relations ready for war, Arjun lost his courage to fight with them. he got emotional and refused to fight with his kith and kin. Seeing this Krishn preached him his Dharm in the form of Geetaa.

When was Geetaa first heard by Dhritraashtra?
--On the 10th day of the war when Sanjaya reports him about the fall of Bheeshm. The account of war was heard by him only from the 10th day when Bheeshm fell down. Before this he did not hear anything about war.

How many dialogs are spoken by Dhritraashtra while listening to Geetaa?
--Only one Shlok - the opening Shlok.

Who and who heard Geetaa directly from Krishn?
--Only four people heard Geetaa - Arjun - to whom it was told, Sanjaya - who got Divine sight by Vyaas and told it to Dhritraashtra, and Hanumaan who was sitting on the banner of Arjun's chariot, and certainly by Vyaas Jee who wrote it for the mankind.

In which chapter of Geetaa Krishn showed His Viraat Roop?
--In its 11th chapter.

Who and who saw Krishn's Viraat Roop?
--When Krishn showed His Viraat Roop in the battlefield, only three people saw it - Ved Vyaas, Arjun and Sanjaya. Why? Because to see it one needed Divine sight. Ved Vyaas Jee already had it, Arjun got it from Krishn, and Sanjaya got it from Ved Vyaas Jee. Nobody else could see it as nobody else had the Divine sight.

How many names of Krishn and Arjun have appeared in Geetaa and in which Shlok?
--Krishn's names appear 41 times and Arjun's names appear 13 times. See the list on the next page  Geetaa-Special-1.

How many times Krishn's and Arjun's various names appear in Geetaa?
--Krishn's names appear 83 times and Arjun's names appear 143 times. See the list on page Geetaa-Special-2.

Every chapter of Geetaa is named after some kind of Yog. How many times the word Yog has appeared in Geetaa?
--Yog word has appeared in Geetaa at least 150 times, in several meanings.

What is the meaning of Yog?
--Yog means "union with God" or "pathway to union with God".

How the word Yog is defined in Geetaa?
--To perform one's duty to the utmost capacity is called Yog.

How many types of Yog have been described in Geetaa?
--Karm Yog, Saankhya Yog or Gyaan Yog, Bhakti Yog, Raaj Yog, that is work, wisdom, worship, and mind control.

Bhakti Yog is great, how is it defined in Geetaa and how many types of Bhakti are there?
There are four types of Bhakti - Aart, Aartaarthee, Jigyaasu, Gyaanee. An Aart prays to God intensely when he is in dire distress like Draupadee. An Aartaarthee prays for money, power, position and prosperity, like Dhruv, Sudaamaa and Arjun. A Jigyaasu prays to God to enlighten him with self knowledge, his aim is to unravel the mystery of existence - like Uddhav. A Gyaanee is he who sees God in everyone and everything - like Shuk Dev Jee.

Nobody is greater than a Gyaanee. How many types of Gyaan are there?
Gyaan is of two types - secular and spiritual.

King Janak, Sant Naam Dev, Sant Gyaan Dev were realized souls, What kind of Yog they were following?
Raaj Yog, Bhakti Yog and Gyaan Yog.

What are Karm, Vi-Karm and A-Karm?
--Karm are those actions which are prescribed in Ved and Shaastra for a specific Varn and Aashram.
Vi-Karm are those Karm which are not accordance of ones own Varn and Aashram
A-Karm are those Karm which are -- by Ved and Shaastra for a specific Varn and Aashram

Explain : Karmanyeavaa Adhikaarsya maa phaleshu Kadaachanaa | maa Karm phal hetur Bhoo maat sangautwa Karmaani
It does not mean that the doer has no right on the fruit of the Karm he has done, the doer does have a right on it, but he should not selfishly desire the fruit

What is Swa-Dharm and what is Para-Dharm?
--Swa-Dharm is the duties towards his own Aatmaa; and Paraa-Dharm is duties related to one's body.

What is the central message of Geetaa?
--That everybody do his own duties according to his Varn and Aashram - first word of the first chapter "Mama" and the last word of the last chapter "Dharm".

Last but not least, how many Geetaa can you name, There are several.
--Shree Madbhagvad Geetaa
--Yam Geetaa
--Ashtaavakra Geetaa
See the full list of Geetaa here.


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