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Arjun Meets Angaarparn Gandharv

[1-172] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Vyaas Jee had gone away, Kuntee and Paandav also took farewell from the Braahman and proceeded towards Paanchaal Desh keeping Kuntee as their lead. To reach their destination they were going towards North. They walked day and night till they came to a temple of Shiv Jee. It was night so Arjun was walking in front of them all carrying a torch to show them the way. At the same time Gandharv Raaj was sporting with his wives in Gangaa. He heard the footsteps of Paandav coming towards him so he got angry. He took his bow, drew it in a circle and said - "It is known that first 40 seconds of grey twilight before the nightfall are appointed for the wandering of Yaksh, Gandharv and Raakshas. The rest of the time is for man to do his work. So if any human being comes here at this time both Raakshas and we will kill him. Not even kings can dare to come to water bodies at this time, so stay away from here. I am Angaarparn Gandharv - friend of Kuber. This is my forest on the banks of Gangaa, named after me - Angaarparn forest. Nobody else, Kaapaalik or Gandharv or Yaksh, can come here. Who are you who is daring to come here?"

Arjun said - "O Blockheaded, Whether it is day or night or twilight, who can stop anybody from ocean, Himaalaya or this river? There is no special time to come to Gangaa. We don't care for you whether you are disturbed. This is Gangaa, dividing herself in seven streams. That who drinks the water of these seven streams - Gangaa, Yamunaa, Saraswatee, Vitastaa, Sarayoo, Gomatee and Gandakee, is free of all sins. This Gangaa when flows through the celestial regions is called Alaknandaa, and when she flows through the Pitri region is called Vaitaranee where it is difficult to cross for sinners. So tell me why we should not touch Gangaa's water?"

[1-173] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Angaarparn started showering arrows at Arjun. Arjun said - "Don't shoot arrows on those who are skilled in weapons. Arjun also shot arrows at him. He said to him - "Since you are higher than the men, I will fight with you with celestial weapons. See this weapon was given by Brihaspati to Bharadwaaj, Bharadwaaj gave it to Agnivesh, and Agnivesh gave it to Drone, and Drone gave it to me." As he hurled that weapon, it burnt Gandharv's chariot. Gandharv fell down from the chariot and Arjun caught him by his hair and dragged him to his brothers. Seeing this his wife Kumbheenasee ran towards Yudhishthir to save her husband and asked for his protection - "I am Kumbheenasee, the wife of this Gandharv who seeks your protection." Seeing this Yudhishthir asked Arjun - "Arjun, Would you slay a foe who is defeated in fight, or protected by a woman, or who has no prowess?" So Arjun freed him.

Angaarparn said - "I have lost the fight, so I drop my name Angaarparn (Angaarparn means who owns a blazing Vimaan). I am fortunate that I have got you, Arjun. In consequence of this defeat I want to teach you the knowledge of producing illusions which only Gandharv know. My Vimaan was burnt by your fiery weapon. Before this, I was known after my blazing Vimaan, now I will be known after my burnt Vimaan. I have got the knowledge of producing illusions after severe penance. Who can be more deserved person than you who gave me life after taking my life? This knowledge is called Chaakshushee. It was given by Manu to Som, by Som to Vishwaavasu, and by Vishwaavasu to me. Now since I am without power this knowledge is becoming fruitless for me. I told you about its origin and transmission, now hear about its power.

By its power, one can see whatever he wishes to see and in whatever way he likes. One can obtain this science only after standing on one leg for 6 months. I will give you this knowledge without going through any rigid vow. Because of this knowledge we are superior to men, and as we can see everything through our spiritual sight, we are equal to the gods. Besides this power, I give to each of you (you 5 brothers) 100 horses born in Gandharv's country. They are of celestial colors, they are thin but they do not get tired, nor their speed suffer because of that. Before The Vajra (thunderbolt) was created to kill Vritraasur, but as it hit him, it broke into 1,000 pieces. Celestials worship those pieces. Whatever is known as "Glory" in the three worlds, is only a part of that Vajra. The hand of Braahman which gives Aahuti, the chariot upon which a Kshatriya fights, the charity a Vaishya gives, the services a Shoodra renders to all others, all are said to be the fragments of that Vajra. Since horses are a part of Kshatriya's chariot they cannot be killed. Besides they are the children of Badavaa. Among them which are born in Gandharv Desh, they can go anywhere, take any color or speed at the will of their owners. The horses given by me to you will satisfy your all wishes."

Arjun said - "If you are giving me these horses and knowledge just for your satisfaction that I have saved your life, I will not accept your gift." Gandharv said - "Meeting with a gracious person is always satisfying. Above that, that you have given me life, I am doing this to show my gratitude to you. This gratification will not be one-sided, in exchange I will take your weapon of Fire." Arjun said - "I would accept your horses in exchange of Fire weapon and let our friendship last forever. Now O Friend, Tell us why we human beings should fear from Gandharv in nighttime?"

Gandharv said - "At this time you are without any particular Aashram (neither you are a Brahmchaaree because you have finished your studies, nor you are in Grihasth Aashram because you are not married yet) and you do not have any Braahman walking before you, that is why you were stopped by me. Yaksh, Raakshas, Gandharv, Pishaach, Urag, and Daanav, all are possessed with great wisdom and intelligence and know about Kuru race. I know your Guru personally. I also know Dharm, Vaayu, Sakra, Ashwins and Paandu - these six to grow Kuru race. I know that all of you are very brave, and knowledgeable in science of arms. I also know about you still I stopped you, because no mighty man can tolerate any insult in front of his wife. Besides our might increases by night, so I filled with wrath. I tell you the reason of my defeat. Brahmacharya is the most superior mode of life, and you are in that mode now, that is why you could defeat me now. If any married Kshatriya fought with us in the night, he could never defeat us. But a married man who is sanctified by Brahm and who has given his kingdom to a Braahman can defeat us. O Son of Tapatee, That is why men should always employ some Braahman for his good luck. A king who is without Braahman can never acquire any land by his bravery or birth alone. The same kingdom lasts forever in which Braahman have the power."

Story of Tapatee

[1-174] Arjun asked - "You called me "Tapatya (or Son of Tapatee), so I wish to know the significance of this word. Being sons of Kuntee, I know that we are Kaunteya; but who is Tapatee so we should be called Tapatya?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then the Gandharv told him this world-known story. The Gandharv said - "I tell you this charming history which will explain why I have addressed you as Tapatya. Soorya Dev had a daughter named Tapatee. Tapatee was the younger sister of Saavitree. She was very beautiful, so when she became of marriageable age, Soorya Dev got worried about her marriage. There was no woman among Gandharv, Raakshas, Asur, Yaksh or Apsaraa as beautiful as she was. Soorya Dev could ot find a groom for his such a beautiful daughter so he was getting worried day by day. He always thought to whom to select. At that time Riksh's son Samvaran of Kuru Vansh was duly worshipping Soorya Dev. Seeing his devotion and beauty, Soorya Dev considered him fit husband worthy for his daughter, so he decided to marry her to him. Samvaran was greater then Som to cool down the heart of friends and Sun to burn his foes. Samvaran was worshipped by all men except Braahman.

Note :
We have never heard of Saavitree as the daughter of Soorya Dev. Saavitree is considered to be the consort or daughter of Brahmaa Jee - any idea?

Once that handsome and powerful Samvaran went for hunting and there his horse died with hunger and thirst. He left him there and started wandering around on the mountain on foot. At the same time he saw a pretty woman standing alone. He immediately got attracted to her and asked her - "Who are you and whose daughter are you? Why are you here? Why are you wandering here alone?" She did  not reply him and disappeared like lightning. The King tried hard to find her but could not find her so he just stood in grief."

[1-174] The Gandharv continued - "Seeing the woman disappeared, love-stricken king fell down. The then that girl appeared again and spoke - "Rise, You need not to grieve so much. You are such a celebrated king." As the King heard her voice he opened his eyes and saw the same girl again standing in front of him. He said - "I am attracted to you, please accept me. I am your slave. Have mercy on me. I have been bitten by Kaam Dev. You should be kind enough to give me your love." Hearing this Tapatee said - "I have no control on myself, my father controls me. If you really want me, then ask me from my father. You say that you are attracted to me, I am attracted to you too. Ask my hand from my father Aaditya. If my father will bestow me upon you, I will be your obedient wife. My name is Tapatee and I am the younger sister of Saavitree, and the daughter of Soorya Dev."

[1-175] The Gandharv continued - "After saying this Tapatee ascended the sky and Samvaran again fell down. In the meantime his ministers etc also came there searching for him. His Minister who was older in age, and thoughts, thought that the King had fallen because of hunger and thirst, so he sprinkled some fragrant water over his face. The King gained the consciousness and sent others except his Minister. He purified himself and started worshipping Soorya again. He thought of Rishi Vashishth also. He continued to worship him day and night. The 12th day Sage Vashishth Jee came there. He soon knew that the King had seen Tapatee and was longing for her.

He went to Soorya Dev to talk to him - "I am Vashishth." Soorya Dev welcomed him and said - "Ask what do you want. I will give you whatever you wish for, however difficult it is." Vashishth Jee said - "Dev, I ask your younger daughter Tapatee, the younger sister of Saavitree, for Samvaran. He will prove a worthy husband for your daughter." Hearing the Rishi Vibhaakar (this name has been used for Vashishth Jee) Soorya Dev said - "O Braahman, Samvaran is the best of the kings, you are the best of the Rishi, and Tapatee is the best of the women. What should we do except to bestow her to Samvaran." And he handed over his daughter to Vashishth Jee to bestow upon Samvaran. Vashishth Jee accepted the girl and came to Samvaran when his 12 nights vow was over. That is how Samvaran got his wife."

When Arjun heard Vashishth's high ascetic powers, he asked the Gandharv - "I wish to hear about this illustrative Rishi who was the Priest of our forefathers." The Gandharv replied - "Vashishth Jee is Brahmaa's spiritual (mind-born) son and Arundhatee's husband. Although Vishwaamitra made him angry still he did not kill Kushik people. Although Vishwaamitra killed Vashishth's sons but still he did not do any harm to Vishwaamitra. As sea does not swell upon the continents even with so much water, he also did not get angry with him. Although Vashishth Jee was capable to bring back his sons from Yam Puree, still he did not break Yam's rules. He helped many Kuru kings to perform sacrifices as Brihaspati performs sacrifices for Devtaa. Kshatriya who want to conquer the world first appoint a Priest. So to get your work done also choose some good Braahman who could assist you in your priestly works."


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