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1-Aadi Parv, 143-236

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From "The Coronation of Yudhishthir as a Crown Prince" to "Going for Exile"

1-Aadi Parv   Continues... (143-236 of 236 Chapters)

Jaatu Griha Parv (143-153)

1.  Baaranaavat-1 - Seeing Paandav's bravery, Dhritraashtra gets worried and calls Kanikaa; Kanikaa preaches him politics and advises to take necessary steps lest he repents.

2.  Baaranaavat-2 - Kaurav makes a plan to send Paandav to Baaranaavat; Duryodhan asks Purochan to build such an inflammable palace so that Paandav can be burnt there; Yudhishthir obeys Dhritraashtra to go there; Vidur warns him of the palace in which they will live in Baaranaavat; Paandav come to Baaranaavat and live in Lac palace; After a few days a Vidur sends a miner to dig a tunnel to safely deliver them from that risky house; Paandav escape setting fire to that house.

Hidimb Vadh Parv (154-158)

3. Hidimb Vadh - Meeting with Hidimbaa; Hidimb Vadh; Bheem's marriage to Hidimbaa; Birth of Ghatotkach; Paandav go to Ekchakraa Nagaree.

Bak Vadh Parv (159-166)

4. Bakaasur Vadh - Paandav live in a Braahman's house in disguise; One day the Braahman is sad because he has to take food for a Raakshas; Kuntee overhears their conversation, steps in and offers that one of her sons will take food to him; Bheem carries it and kills the Raakshas Bak.

Chaitrarath Parv (167-185)

5. Birth of Drone, Draupadee and Dhrishtdyumn - A Braahman tells about Draupadee and Dhrishtdyumn; Enmity of Drone and Drupad; Birth of Drone, Dhrishtdyumn and Draupadee; Kuntee instigates Paandav to go there; Vyaas Jee tells them that Draupadee is wife for all of you.

6. Arjun Meets Gandharv - Arjun meets Angaarparn Gandharv; He defeats him; Gandharv gives all Paandav special horses and teaches him the knowledge of creating illusions; He suggests him to get a Braahman as their Priest; He tells the story of Tapatee and Sanvaran in relation to calling him Tapatya.

7. Vashishth and Vishwaamitra - Gandharv tells the story of the quarrel of Vashishth and Vishwaamitra; Vishwaamitra kills Vashishth's 100 sons.

8. Paraashar, Aurv and Dhaumya - Birth of Paraashar; Paraashar vows for world destruction; Vashishth tells him the story of Aurv; Then Paraashar performs Raakshas sacrifice and Pulastya Muni stops it.

Swayamvar Parv (186-194)

9. Draupadee's Swayamvar - Many kings and princes came to Draupadee's Swayamvar with the desire to win Draupadee; Drupad wanted to give his daughter to Arjun so he made a mechanism which only Arjun could shoot; Many kings tried - Karn, Shishupaal, Jaraasandh, Shalya, but failed to shoot the mark; Then Arjun shot the mark and won Draupadee; Kings, including Karn and Shalya, present there fought with Arjun and Bheem, but they defeated all of them and brought Draupadee to their home; Kuntee orders Paandav to enjoy the alms;  Draupadee is wife of all Paandav; Krishn and Balaraam follow them; Dhrishtdyumn also follows them and sees and hears everything.

Vaivaahik Parv (195-201)

10. Draupadee's Marriage - Drupad is reluctant to marry his daughter to five brothers; Vyaas Jee tells him the stories of previous lives of Paandav and Draupadee and convinces him to marry her to them; Drupad then happily marries her to them.

Vidur Gaman Parv (202-209)

11. Vidur Goes to Bring Paandav to Hastinaapur - Dhritraashtra hears about Paandav's marriage to Draupadee; Duryodhan wants to play trick with Paandav again, but Karn stops him doing so; Dhritraashtra consults Bheeshm, Drone, Vidur etc; Bheeshm suggests to divide the kingdom between Kaurav and Paandav; Dhritraashtra and sends Vidur to Drupad to bring Paandav, Kuntee and Draupadee to Hastinaapur; Vidur goes there and brings them to Hastinaapur; Dhritraashtra gives them an uninhabited land Khaandavprasth and they turn it into Indraprasth.

Raajya Laabh Parv (210-214)

12. Paandav Set Rules Regarding Draupadee - Naarad Jee comes to Paandav and advises them to draw some rules about living with common wife; In relation to this he tells them the story of Sund and Upasund; Paandav do that.

Arjun Vanvaas Parv (215-219)

13. Arjun Vanvaas-1 - Arjun breaks the rules set by Paandav, so he goes to Vanvaas for 12 years. Meets Uloopee, Chitraangadaa and uplifts five Apsaraa.

Subhadraa Haran and Haranaaharan Parv (220-223)

14. Arjun Vanvaas-2 - Arjun marries Subhadraa, birth of Abhimanyu and sons of Draupadee.

Khaandav Daha Parv (224-236)

15. Khaandav Dahan-1 - Agni Dev comes and asks the burning of Khaandav Van, also explains why it should be burnt.

16. Khaandav Dahan-2 - Arjun shows his weaknesses to burn the Van, so Agni dev gives him celestial weapons, chariot etc. Takshak's son Ashwasen escapes, Arjun saves Maya Daanav, and Maya builds a Divine court for Yudhishthir

17. Khaandav Dahan-3 - Arjun burns the Khaandav Van and Agni Dev spares Shaarngakaah birds.

2-Sabhaa Parv  (1-80 of 80 Chapters)

Sabhaa Kriyaa Parv (1-4)

18. Royal Court - Yudhishthir enters his court, and many Rishi, Muni Devtaa etc come to attend the ceremony.

Lokpaal Sabhaa Aakhyaan Parv (5-13)

19. Celestial Courts - Naarad suggests for Raajsooya Yagya, so Yudhishthir decides to do Raajsooya Yagya. Krishn tells Yudhishthir an event of Jaraasandh and suggests to kill Jaraasandh before Yudhishthir starts his Yagya.

Raajsooya Aarambh Parv (14-19)

20. Raajsooya Yagya  -  Yudhishthir makes preparations for Yagya. Krishn suggests him to kill Jaraasandh first, and tells him the story of his birth.

Jaraasandh Vadh Parv (20-24)

21. Jaraasandh Vadh  -  Krishn suggests that without killing Jaraasandh Yudhishthir cannot do Raajsooya Yagya, so He takes Arjun and Bheem to Magadh and invites Jaraasandh to fight. He fights with Bheem and gets killed by him.

Digvijaya Parv (25-31)

22. Paandav's Digvijaya - Arjun goes to North and Bheem goes to eat, Nakul goes to west and Sahadev goes to South,. All come back after conquering many kings and bring lot of wealth with them.

Raajsooya Parv (32-34)

23. Raajsooya Yagya-2 - Yudhishthir prepares for the Raajsooya Yagya and starts it.

Arghyaharan Parv (35-38)

24-Arghya  -  The first Arghya is offered to Krishn. Shishupaal opposes it and asks other kings to join him in fighting with Vrishni and Paandav. All get ready.

Shishupaal Vadh Parv (39-44)

25-Shishupaal Abuses  -  Bheeshm tells story of Shishupaal's birth, Shishupaal abuses again and Bheshm calls Krishn to appear as God.

26-Shishupaal Vadh  -  Krishn cut he neck of Shishupaal with His Chakra, kings go back to their countries.

Dyoot Parv (45-80)

27-Duryodhan  -  Durydhan is insulted in the celestial court. He is jealous with Paandav, Shakuni suggests him to win Paandav by playing Dice game.

28-Duryodhan and Dhritraashtra  -  Duryodhan explains to Dhritraashtra why he is depressed.

29-Duryodhan and Dhritraashtra-2  - Duryodhan further explains to Dhritraashtra why he is depressed and somehow convinces him to invite Paandav to play dice game at Hastinaapur.

30-First Game-1  -  Vidur goes to Indraprasth and brings Paandav and Draupadee to Hastinaapur. The game starts and Yudhishthir starts losing.

31-First Game-2  -  Vidur tries to stop the game but is unsuccessful. Yudhishthir loses everything including Draupadee.

32-Draupadee-1 -  Duryodhan asked Dushaasan to bring Draupadee in the game hall, Draupadee refuses and Dushaasan brings her there dragging by her hair. Paandav are angry, Vikarn is angry, but nobody dares to speak anything

33-Draupadee-2  -  Draupadee in the gambling court, Draupadee's disrobing,

34-Second Game  -  Second Dice Game, Paandav lose again

35-Exile  - Paandav go in exile

Sabhaa Parv Ends Here - Van Parv G-4/1


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