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Vashishth and Vishwaamitra:

Birth of Paraashar (Shakti's Son)

[1-180] The Gandharv continued - "O Paarth, When the time came Adrishyanti gave birth to an illustrious son like another Shakti - Paraashar (giver of life to the dead). He was like Shakti in all respects. From the day one Paraashar knew Vashishth Jee as his father. One day he addressed Vashishth Jee as father in presence of his mother Adrishyanti. She said to him in tears - "Do not call him father, he is your grandfather. Your father was eaten by a Raakshas. He is the father of your father." Paraashar got very sad hearing this and soon resolved to destroy the whole creation. Knowing his intentions Vashishth Jee (son of Mitravarun) said to him." Gandharv said - "Now, O Arjun, You listen to their conversation.

Story of Aurv

The Gandharv continued - "Vashishth Jee said - "There was a very good king, named Kritveerya. He was the disciple of Bhrigu people. When he died, his children became the King and once they needed some money. They came to know that Bhrigu people were very rich so they went to them as beggars. Some of them hid their money, and some gave away their wealth with the fear of Kshatriya to Braahman, while some gave it to Kshatriya as they wanted it. Now it so happened that some Kshatriya, while digging at a particular house, got a big treasure. Everybody who was around there saw it. Kshatriya got very angry at this with Bhrigu people and started killing them. Their women ran away to other places on Himaalaya. They were killing even the unborn babies. One of them who was with a child, was running away with it. One Brahman woman complained about her to Kshatriya and they followed her to kill her unborn child. The child came out of her thigh. The child was like a dazzling Sun, so seeing him Kshatriya's eyes got blind and they started running away here and there. Then they thought to ask the same woman's protection. They said to her - "Please restore our eyes, we will go back and never be indulged in such sinful practices. Please be merciful to us."

[1-181] Vashishth Jee continued - "That Braahman woman said to them - "I have not taken your eyesight, it is this Bhrigu's son who is angry with you, has taken your eyesight. When you were destroying even embryos, this child was protected by me in my thigh for a 100 years. All Ved had come to him. He is certainly angry with you at slaying his fathers. That is why you pray only this child, he might restore your eyesight." They prayed him and he restored their eyesight. Because of being coming out tearing thigh, that child was known as Aurv. But later Aurv, born in Bhrigu's race, decided to win the whole world and destroy every creature. So he got busy in austere penance to fulfill his goal.

Learning about his intentions all celestials, Pitar etc came to him and said to him - "You have done severe Tap, we have seen this. Be kind to the three worlds. It was not that Bhrigu people could not save themselves from Kshatriya. But when we got tired of our lives we desired our own destruction through Kshatriya's hands. The wealth which is kept in their houses is just to pick a quarrel with them. We desired for Heaven, what would we do that wealth? Kuber has already kept a large treasure for us. When we found that death could not kill us, and committing suicide would not give us blessed regions, then we thought of this way. That is why control yourself, control your anger and save the world."

[1-182] The Gandharv said - "After this Vashishth Jee said - "Hearing his Pitri, Aurv said - "The vow I have taken because of this anger must not go waste. I do not want that people should call me a person whose anger and vow are futile. If I will not fulfill my vow it will finish me. A man who suppress his anger which is roused by appropriate cause cannot attain the three ends of the life (religion, profit and pleasure).  When I was lying in my mother's thigh unborn, and I heard my mother's and other women's cries, it was at that time that I got angry. At that time the women, all pregnant, did not find a single protector. If there were a punisher of crimes, no one could dare commit such a crime in the world. I cannot obey your command. I am burning with anger, if I do not destroy the world, it will destroy me. Therefore tell me what is good for me and the world."

Vashishth Jee continued - "The Pitar said - "Throw this fire born by your anger in water, it will be good for you. Every substance in the world depends on water, the whole universe is made up of water, that is why throw your anger in water. If you desire trow this anger in the ocean, it will consume the ocean itself. In this way your words will also be true and the world of gods will also be not destroyed."

Vashishth Jee continued - "So Aurv threw his anger in the sea. And that fire which the people conversant with the Ved call - Badavaa Mukh, became a large head of a horse. Emitting itself (fire) from that mouth it consumed all the water of the sea. So O Paraashar, Do not be so angry, you are a wise man."

[1-183] The Gandharv continued - "Hearing his grandfather, Paraashar controlled himself, but remembering his father's killing by a Raakshas, he performed a great Raakshas sacrifice. And Vashishth Jee did not stop him performing it because he did not want to restrain him from his second vow. In this sacrifice Muni Paraashar sat in front of three blazing fires. Seeing that many Raakshas had already been slain, the great Rishi Atri, Pulastya, Pulah and Kratu came there to put the end to that sacrifice. Pulastya Jee said - "There is no obstruction to your sacrifice. Take whatever pleasure in killing those innocent Raakshas who do not even know your father, but it is not good. It is not the Karm of a Braahman who is devoted to asceticism. Peace is the highest virtue. How have you engaged yourself in such a sinful practice? It was your father's own fault that took his life. No Raakshas was capable of eating Shakti, he himself was the reason for his own death. Vishwaamitra was only a blind instrument in that matter. Both Shakti and Kalmaashpaad have ascended to Heaven and are enjoying there. Even Vashishth's other sons are also enjoying with celestials. You were also an instrument to kill these Raakshas, but now stop it and let it be over." Paraashar stopped the sacrifice and cast the fire which he had ignited for Raakshas sacrifice, into the woods of northern Himaalaya. That fire can be seen even today consuming Raakshas, trees and stones etc in all seasons."

Paandav Appoint Dhaumya as Their Priest

[1-184] Arjun asked - "Why did Kalmaashpaad send his wife to Vashishth Jee? Why Muni Vashishth who is such a great Rishi and conversant with all the rules of morality knew a woman he should not know? Was it not a sin on the part of Vashishth?" Gandharv said - "I tell you all about it, listen to it attentively. I told you about the curse of Shakti on Kalmaashpaad. So under its influence he went into woods along with his wife, and when he was wandering there, suddenly he felt very hungry. He saw a lonely place in the woods where a Braahman and his wife were enjoying with each other. Noticing that the King was watching them they ran away, their desire ungratified. The King caught the Braahman. At this his wife said - "You are born in Soorya Vansh, it is not appropriate for you to commit such a sin. I am connected to him but not yet gratified. Please leave him." But the king ate him. Then the wife cursed him - "O Wretch, Since you have eaten my husband before my eyes without gratifying me, you will also die when you will go to your wife. Your wife produce a son only from that Rishi Vashishth whose sons you have eaten, and only he will carry your race." And that woman entered the blazing fire.

Vashishth Jee knew this all. But long after this incident when the King became free from the Shaap, he forgot all about this Shaap so he approached his wife Madayantee, but she softly sent him away. Under the influence of the passion, the King did not remember this curse, the Queen had to remind him about it. He repented bitterly for what he had done, but there was no use, so he had to invite Vashishth Jee to have a son."

[1-185] Arjun asked - "You know everything, tell us which Braahman we should appoint as our Priest?" Gandharv said - "Here, in this forest lives Rishi Dhaumya. He is the younger brother of Deval Rishi. You may appoint him as your Priest." Then Arjun gave him his weapon and said to him - "Let your horses remain with you for the time being. When the time will come we will take them from you." Both left the banks of Bhaageerathee and went their ways. Paandav then installed Rishi Dhaumya as their Priest. By appointing him as their Priest Paandav thought as if they have gained their kingdom and got Draupadee also. Thus Dhaumya became the spiritual leader of Paandav. Then they all, including Rishi Dhaumya, set off to Draupadee's Swayamvar.

1-Aadi Parv - Chaitrarath Parv Ends Here


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