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Chapters 27-29

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27-Shree Krishn Abhishek

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, When Shree Krishn saved Brij from heavy long rains by lifting Govardhan Parvat, then Kaamdhenu (to congratulate Him) and Indra (to ask for His forgiveness) came to Him from Gau-Lok and Swarg respectively. By insulting Bhagavaan, Indra was very ashamed of himself, so he kept his Soorya-like crown on the feet of Bhagavaan and prayed. Then Krishn said - "Indra, You were mad about your wealth and glory, therefore I disturbed your Yagya, so that you can always remember me. Now you may return to your capital Amaraavatee and obey me." Then Kaamdhenu also prayed and performed Abhishek with her milk and the Aakaash Gangaa's water brought by Indra's Airaavat elephant and addressed Him as Govind, Naarad, Tumburu etc names. Gandharv, Vidyaadhar, Siddh were also there. Later they all went to their Lok.

28-Freeing Nand Jee from Varun Lok

Shuk Dev Jee further said - "Nand Jee fasted on Kaartik Shukla Ekaadashee and in the beginning of Dwaadashee he entered Yamunaa Jee to take bath. He did not know it was Asur's time, therefore when he entered in the night, one of Varun's Asur, Sudarshan, caught him and took him to Varun Jee. When Brij people came to know about this, they started crying and asked Krishn to help them. So He went to Varun Jee. Varun Jee worshipped Him in a great way and said - "Today my life is blessed, Bhagavaan, that I got the opportunity to serve you. I greet you. My servant is a fool, he does not know his duties, he has brought your father. Kindly forgive him. He is your father, you take him but please, do some favor to me too."

Krishn brought Nand Jee back to Brij. Everybody got very happy. Nand Jee noticed that in Varun's Lok everybody was greeting and serving his son. He told everything to Gop community. Hearing this everybody thought that Krishn was Bhagavaan Himself. Then they thought whether He will show us His Dhaam or not? Krishn knew their wish so first He showed them Brahm. Then He took them to that pond in which He showed His Swaroop to Nand Jee. There they had a dip in that water. Then He showed them His Param Dhaam. There they saw all four Ved praying Him in person."

29-Raas Leelaa With Gopee

Now there was Sharad Ritu again. Sweet-smelling flowers were on bloom. About whichever nights Bhagavaan mentioned of to Gopee, they all narrowed down to one night (read Gopee's Cheer Haran story).  Bhagavaan changed it into a Divine night. Full Moon rose in East. Moonlight spread all over and Krishn started playing His flute (Vanshee). As the Gopee heard the flute, they started running towards the flute sound, hiding themselves from one another. Who were milking cows left the cows un-milked; who were boiling milk left the milk boiling on stove; who were offering food (to their people) left the plates half-filled there only; who were feeding their infants left them unsatisfied; who were eating their food left their food on the plate; some were applying makeup, they left their makeup incomplete on their face; and all rushed towards the flute sound.

Father, brother, husband and neighbors tried to stop them but they would not stop. They could not be stopped. How could they be? They had their soul, heart everything with Krishn. At that time some Gopee were inside their houses, they could not get time to go out so they just closed their eyes and meditated on Krishn Leelaa. Bhagavaan appeared in their meditation and they embraced Him.

Pareekshit asked - "Bhagvan, Gopee considered Him as their beloved. They did not have any Brahm feeling towards Him, then how could they leave this world?" Shuk Dev Jee said - "I have already said to you that in spite of the feeling of jealousy, Chediraaj Shishupaal became His Paarshad through his minute body, of course not by his physical body. But in this situation if Gopee got Him, its no wonder. In fact what matters is the relationship with Bhagavaan. If it is there, whether it is of love, or anger, or fear, or affection, or friendship, or any other specific relationship, all kinds feelings rest in Him and therefore [with the help of that feeling] the person joins Him. These feelings become all Bhagavaan and that Jeev attains Bhagavaan. You are a great devotee of Bhagavaan, you should not doubt about Shree Krishn.

So when Gopee arrived near Him, He said - "Welcome, Gopee, Come and tell me what can I do for you? Is all well in Brij? Then why did you need to come here? It is night time, you should not come here at this time. Go back to Brij. Your parents, husband, sons, brothers etc must be looking for you. You have seen here everything, now don't be late and go back. If you have come because of me, then it is all right, because everybody loves me. But women's main Dharm is to serve their husband, brothers etc and to bring up their children. Women who wish for best Lok must never leave their husband except when he is a sinner. He might be ill-natured, ill-fated, old, fool, sick, poor [but still they should not leave him]. Of course, noble ladies must not serve a sinner. This destroys their Par-Lok, so you better go home."

Hey Pareekshit, Hearing this Gopee got sad. Their eyes were filled with tears and they just became silent. They had offered everything - their desires, their enjoyments etc to Shree Krishn. And now He was talking like this, so they became extremely sad. They said - "Dear Krishn, You are Omnipresent, you know everything of our heart. We love only your feet. Although we do not have any control over you, but please accept us as Naaraayan accepts His great devotees. You know all the secrets of Dharm. Your saying that our duty is to serve our husband, sons and brothers is correct, but according to this advice we should serve you also, because you are at the highest of all these advices. You are soul of every living being and the most lovable person to everybody. Learned in the Aatm Gyaan (spiritual knowledge) love only you, because only you are immortal (Nitya). Why should we worry about our mortal (A-Nitya) husband, sons and brothers etc. Therefore be pleased with us and accept us. Before we were busy in our house chores but since we have seen you, you have stolen our heart and now we are not ready to go back to Brij. What we will do there? Therefore, give us life and accept us."

Hearing Gopee's words, Krishn smiled and started playing with them, came to the bank of Yamunaa River and again played with them. He touched them everywhere on their bodies giving them pleasure. Gopee thought that they were the luckiest women on the earth. Krishn knew this, so to teach them a lesson He disappeared from among them.


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