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There are four Krishn as there are three Raam - Vaasudev Krishn, Ved Vyaas Krishn, Arjun Krishn and Draupadee Krishnaa. Here we are talking about Vaasudev Krishn.

Stories of Krishn's birth and childhood are not at all related to Mahaabhaarat, that is why they are not given in main Mahaabhaarat section. Still without understanding Krishn's activities, it is difficult to understand Mahaabhaarat, because he is the Super Hero of Mahaabhaarat. And if He is the Super Hero of Mahaabhaarat, no part of His life can be separate from Mahaabhaarat.

Although Krishn is known by hundreds of names, but some of His well-known names are given here.

Here His activities, prior coming to main Mahaabhaarat story stream, are given in short, in fact Bhaagvat Puraan's 10th Skandh is the main source of Krishn's life's events, so if somebody wants to read them in detail, he should read them there.

About Krishn's Life

1. Devakee - Mathuraa's king Ugrasen had a son named Kans whose atrocities were unbearable for public. Kans had a cousin sister Devakee whom he married to his friend Vasudev. But when he was taking her to her in-law's house, Aakaashvaanee said that "Devakee's eighth child will kill Kans". Kans was about to kill Devakee but Vasudev stopped him, still he could not stop him to put them in prison. There Kans killed Devakee's six sons, but lost the track of the seventh one. Krishn's birth and Vasudev transfers Him to Gokul in Nand Raaya and Yashodaa's house and brings their daughter back to prison. Kans tries to kill that daughter but she escapes saying that his killer has already been born.

 2. Pootanaa Uddhaar - Kans sends his childhood nurse Pootanaa to kill Krishn, but unfortunately she herself is killed by Krishn.

 3. Childhood Events (1) - Showing Universe to Yashodaa in His mouth, Showing His omnipotence to a Gopee. Kaaliya Naag Mardan - Yashodaa's tying Him with pestle, Yamalaarjun Uddhaar, Kaaliya Naag Mardan, Gopee's Vastra Haran (taking away Gopee's clothes) and Mahaa Raas.

 4. Childhood Events (2) - Govardhan Dhaaran - Krishn stops Indra worship, Indra gets angry and rains heavily for seven days and seven nights continuously, Krishn saves Gokul by lifting Govardhan Parvat on His little finger of His left hand. Kans Vadh - After hearing the news of lifting Govardhan Parvat Kans calls Krishn to Mathuraa to kill Him, so He comes to Mathuraa, but Kans himself gets killed. Kubadee (Kubjaa) Uddhaar.

 5. Krish Frees His Parents - After killing Kans, Krishn goes to prison and frees His parents and Raajaa Ugrasen; He and Balaraam then go to Saandeepan Muni's Aashram for education. Sudaamaa was the best friend of Krishn in Gurukul; Once Sudaamaa ate all rice puffs of Krishn's share and thus became poor for his whole life.

 6.  Krishn Pays Guru Dakshinaa - Krishn brings His Guru's dead son back to Guru in Guru Dakshinaa. He brings Paanchjanya conch too; He takes His Chakra back from Parashuraam Jee and comes back to Mathuraa; There he fights with Jaraasandh but doesn't kill him; He and other Vrishni Vansh people move to Dwaarakaa.

 7. Krishn's Family - Gives the details of Krishn's wives and children

 8. Krishn's Death - How Krishn died?

Miscellaneous Information About Krishn

Facts About Krishn's Life - Some odd facts about Krishn's life

Main Incidents of Krishn's Childhood - List of all the Raakshas killed by Krishn in His childhood

Special Incidents of Krishn's Adult Life - Other incidents of Krishn's Adult Life

Krishn's Character - Krishn's character, many incidents of Krishn's life showing His character

Krishn's Character - A comparison of Raam and Krishn's Characters

Krishn in Buddha's Jaatak

Popular Names of Krishn

Why Krishn is Poorn Avataar

Krishn - Parables - Stories about Krishn's life

Krishn and Uddhav - It is also like a parable

Miscellaneous - Here are some miscellaneous information about Krishn - Danknaath Temple

Other Information About Krishn

Durvaasaa and Krishn - Durvaasaa puts on Kavach (armor) on Krishn
Durvaasaa and Raadhaa - Raaadhaa is blessed by Durvaasaa for cooking tasty food
Rukminee and Raadhaa-Parable of Hot Milk - Hot milk given to Raadhaa creates blisters on Krishn's soles
Rukminee and Raadhaa-Parable of Charanaamrit - Who can give her Charanaamrit to Krishn to cure Him?
A Parable About Satyabhaamaa-Tulaa Bhaaram - Krishn is so heavy that even all the gold cannot outweigh Him
Krishn Brings Kritavarmaa's Son Alive - Have not read this incident anywhere, found on Internet

Krishn and Indra -

Miscellaneous Sources on Krishn's Life

Glories of Krishna -
This source lists many details not found anywhere else.


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