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Shiv Worship

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How to worship Shiv Ling? Of course, one can purchase a Shiv Ling from any Divya Kshetra or from specific shop where Poojaa materials are sold. As Shaalgraam is the Swaroop of Lord Vishnu, Baan Lingam is the Swaroop of Lord Shiv. These Baan Lingam are available in the depth of Narmadaa River. Even a round shape ordinary stone may also serve the purpose of Shiv Ling Poojaa. One can do Shiv Poojaa by just placing a Rudraaksh bead also. Sphatik Lingam is also available. But my suggestion is that do not purchase Ling/Baaa and keep it in your Poojaa. There is a proper method and step by step procedure which will help you to achieve the goal.

(1) First and foremost is that you devote at least half-an-hour daily in reciting the Shiv Stotra of Shree Aadi Shankaraachaarya or even in your mother tongue composed by realized persons.
(2) This you continue for three months. Then through a proper person get initiation of Shree Panchaakshar Mantra and start doing intensive and regular Jap as per the advice of the Guru.
(3) If you continue this for Six months then Shiv Ling will come to you. Shiv Deekshaa or Poojaa has to be received from family elders like father, grand-father,  uncle who used to have regular Poojaa or from Aachaarya. Once started doing Poojaa you should not stop it or discontinue it on any reason except on the prescribed occasions. Panchopachaar or Shodasopachaar has to be done accordingly.

Reciting Stotra, doing Mantra Jaap and observing Poojaa system regularly will elevate a person to higher plane and bring Divine Grace. Your intensive prayer will fulfill your desire. I say all this without knowing your background. But these are general principles to be followed by a devotee.
[From Om Namah Shivaya Group, Nov 23, 2008]

Prayers to propitiate Shiv are mentioned in Rig Ved (7.46.2  and  1.114.8). Shambhoo is the beneficent one.
Atharv Ved and the Shwetaashwatar Upanishad indicate Shiv as the Supreme God form - see  1.10,   3.2,   3.14,   4.10,  4.12,   4.21,   4.22 etc. Shwetaashwatar Upanishad 4.18 says "Yadaa Tamah Tann Divaa na Raatrih na Sannachaasan Shive aiv Kevalah."

Why Prasaad of Shiv Jee is Not Taken?
Remember the in Teerth places the Prasad we have after the Darshan of the Deities, given to us and we reverentially accept it? That Teerth water, mixed with milk, honey, buttermilk, ghee, is the same that freely flows in all directions, all around the Deities. But be warned, you are forbidden to have the Teerth of Bhagavaan Mahaadev. Why? Because that Prasaad water which is dripping down from the top of the Pindee (the Reactor), and, that is why that water is 'Radio Active' - contaminated (again, symbolic), which is not to be scattered in any way! It must be discharged out safely through the Gau Mukh. Ever noticed which way the Gow Mukh points in any Shiv Mandir? It must point towards North. As regards Nuclear Energy, North Pole has a Negative Polarity. So the Nuclear Waste must be stored in an area in that direction.

And now, the final restriction. You go to a temple and after having the Darshan of the Deity, you go round the Mandir or Garbh Griha for a Pradakhsina / Parikramaa. But, no sir, not in case of Maha Dev. He is an exception. You never complete the Pradakshinaa fully, in this case. You may go round from one side of the Gau Mukh to the other and return, but should never, ever cross over the Gau Mukh break and the Area, as it is contaminated by stored 'Radio Active' waste. Yes, but there are some people authorized to cross over that. (Symbolically, the priests chant Mantra, while passing through that area, when they circumambulate, to do Pradakshinaa) . Maybe, in the old days they had some kind of 'protection' for the maintenance crew, who could safely enter that area. Some kind of apparels or overall-like protections in or effective Mantras?

A little bit of side tracking - additional 'side knowledge' - in olden days, our ancestors had 'Shaastra' - conventional and 'Astra' un-conventional weapons, in their armories. They were used in Mahaabhaarat War. And there are references in Raamaayan too. Un-conventional were Nuclear, Chemical/Biological - germ warfare, etc.For testing the Nuclear, they must have had their own territory as testing ground. Where was this suitable area for Indians? A far away land, remote from Bhaarat and unoccupied? A vast expanse of barren land, uninhabited! They found one. Far away, in the Southern Hemisphere! In a desert - Australia! They stored their Nuclear Arsenal there. And had Research Laboratories there, too. And, that, they called - ASTRAALAY! Like Devaalaya, Himaalaya? (And Jerusalem- Yadu Ish Alayam, named after Shree Krishn, Yadu Eesh, King of the Yadu Dynasty / of Yaadavs?) Far fetched? Looks so, only because of our defeatist mentality of a thousand years of 'Slavery'. 'A King can do no wrong', they say. In our case, "A Hindu can do no right". Did we have Australia as part of our Empire, any time in the past? Worth researching! [The testing of sand samples for radio active particles may give some clues.]

Back to the Subject matter - May be the Bilva (Bel) tree, its leaves and fruits have anything to do with it. Bhagavaan Shankar is pleased when offered the tri-dal (small twigs of 3 leaves) Bel Patra, it is said. May be the extracts of the leaves and the fruits were antidote to fatal Radio Active effects. Or, even, planting of the trees in and around the Nuclear Power source. (Research need be carried out by world Scientists. This, in case of Nuclear war). Any one out there to bring this to the attention of our Scientists, in the field? He will be doing a great service to Humanity, in general and to Bharat Mata, in particular.

And, where is the Lord's abode? Far, far away in the Himalayas, a remote and cold place, in 'Shamashaan'!. His Army is of Bhoot, Pret, Pishaachh Gan. No wonder, He is also known as 'Bhoot Naath'. He smears himself with ash of the cremated bodies, in the Cremation ground. That is his identity. Well, does this, somewhat, change your perception towards our Gods and Goddesses? Now, henceforth, when you bow down before the Shiv Ling, bring the concept of Nuclear Energy in front of your 'Manah Chakshu'. Any additional comments as to enhance the article for future reference are welcome.

The above was part of the following: Full Original Article. All things in Bhaarateeya Culture are based on Symbolism, be they 'This Worldly or Other Worldly' - Spiritual. We try to explain the Unknown - the Abstract, the 'Absolute', by everyday visual manifestations, in the form of Moorti, for the benefit of a common Hindu to comprehend and concentrate upon, who does not have the privilege of attaining so high a Spiritual level (!) as that of Christians and Muslims, as to have direct communion with the 'Impersonal' 'Almighty' Supreme Being!  There is this Hindu concept of "Freedom of Thought and Action" for everyone according to his own Spiritual level.

Christianity has a concept of 'Holy Trinity'- The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. (Going through the religious literature of the Church, this concept is very vague and confusing, as if they themselves don't know what it means). Islaam also has its own Holy Trinity - Allaah, Quraan and Mohammad! We, Hindu, have our own concept of 'Holy Trinity', which has a more realistic and logical base. Brahmaa, Vishnu, Mahesh (Mahaadev), remembering all the while, 'Ekam Sat, Vipraha bahuda vadanti'. 'Truth is One; Sages call It by various Names'. Brahmaa - the Creator or Generator of the Universes, Vishnu - the Sustainer or Operator of the Universes and Mahesh - the Annihilator or Destroyer of the Universes. The word - GOD stands to reason, now. Doesn't it? So, truly, our 'Tri-Moorti' is Christian God, too, whose name they repeat day in and day out!! And amusingly, they don't realize it, or, if at all, they try to deny it! On the sly: Bible says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and THE WORD WAS GOD. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And THE WORD WAS MADE FLESH, AND DWELT AMONG US, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. "Bible - John 1:1-4, 14 Please, mark- 'The Word was made Flesh', i.e., the Word came in the form of Jesus Christ.


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