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Modak. A kind of Indian sweets, sweet ball. There may be many sweets of round shape but all kinds of Laddoo are made by pressing various kinds of material in fist.

(1) Auspicious moment, may be related to birth or marriage. 
(2) A day and night has been divided in 6 parts each for ease of measuring Time minutely, that part is called Lagna, thus there are 12 Lagna in one day and night.

Vaidoorya Mani - a kind of Ratn (gem). Some other Ratn are (1) Heeraa - Diamond; (2) Pannaa - Emerald; (3) Laal - Ruby, Chunnee, (4) Motee - Pearl; (5) Moongaa - Coral; (6) Neelam - Sapphire or Indraneel or Neelmani; (7) Vaidoorya Mani (Lahasuniyaa); (8) Pukharaaj - Yellow Sapphire or Pushp-raag; - all are called Mani or Ratn.



(1) Beautiful woman.  (2) Another name of Durgaa.

Lalitaa Sahastra Naam

It is drinkable semi-liquid material made of wheat flour or barley lour or sometimes semolina. Fry some 3 tablespoons flour in 2 tablespoon Ghee, when it is golden brown, add about 1/2 quart milk and cook it for 7-10 minutes. If it is not drinkable, mix some more milk and cook for a minute or two. Mix some sugar and drink it in a soup bowl. It is mostly prepared in Shraaddh times for Braahman.

(1) Creeper.  (2) Vallaree

(1) Drama. Leelaa are playful activities or a drama which is not true. Normally this word is used in Bhagavaan's Avataar's activities, that this world is  His Leelaa because it is His play and it is not true. (2) Acting.

Ling or Lingam

Ling - Baan

Ling Puraan    see also   Puraan
One of the main 18 Puraan.

Ling Shareer    see also   Body
Astral body, or Subtle Body.

Ling Types   read here which Devtaa worshipped which type of Shiv Ling

Living Beings
There are two kinds of living beings - immovable (Sthaavar) and movable Jangam) - movable again are divided in three kinds of creations - Swedaj, Andaj and Jaraayuj -
(1) Udbhij - Born by breaking earth. Udbhij are Sthaavar, means immovable, such as straws, trees, bush, creepers, herbs etc;
(2) Swedaj - Born from the heat of the sweat such as worms, insects, small flies, pests, mosquitoes, lice, etc;
(3) Andaj - Born from eggs, such as birds, crocodile, fishes, tortoise snakes, etc
(4) Jaraayuj - Born from womb. are human beings and four lagged animals such as cows, buffaloes, goat, elephants, jackal, Pishaach etc



Lord of the Lok (world). There are four Lokpaal, one for each direction - [According to Bhaagvat, 5/8] To the east of Meru Parvat is Indra's Devadhaanee Puree, to the south is Yam Raaj's Sanyamanee Puree, to the west is Varun's Nimlochanee Puree, and to the north is Chandramaa's Vibhaavaree Puree.

Lomash Sanhitaa


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