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Shree Sookt

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Shree Yantra
See also     Shree Sookt

In very ancient time, Mahaa Lakshmee, got upset and she stopped her blessing from earth and went to her Vaikunth Dhaam. Without, the blessing of wealth, people on Earth got upset and disturbed. They did a lot of prayers. Without money, it was impossible to survive.

So Rishi Vyaas Jee, went to Vaikunth Dhaam and requested her to bless people with wealth, but Lakshmee Jee did not accept his request. Lastly the Dev Guru Brihaspati advised him to make a Shree Yantra, and told him the process. Vyaas Jee made the Shree Yantra, and did the process or procedure of worship of Shree Yantra. Lakshmee Jee got happy and gave her blessing to Earth. She said, "It is my favorite Yantra. Where ever, it will be presented in house, my blessings will be there." That is why, some Aashram and other religious Kendra give Shree Yantra free or for money. We have 1000s of Yantra, In all Yantra, we say Mahaa Yantra or King of Yantra or Yantra Raaj is Shree Yantra.

Shree Yantra - for money and happiness
Mahaa Mritunjaya Yantra - for health issues and other Dosh in life
Nava Graha Shaanti Yantra - for Graha Shaanti

are the famous Yantra. Those who do not want to keep Shiv Ling in their house, can take a Mahaa Mritunjaya Yantra. Whenever one has to do any religious activities in his house, put your Yantra there, do some worship, one will get happiness.

Shree Chakra

Om has 96 elementary Tattwa. Shree Chakram is drawn 96 X 96 X 96 CM ..with Marm and Sandhi with 100 percent accurate.
Any one of you know the names of these 96 elementary Tattwa.
Nearly 40 names of these elementary Tattwa is known. But to know the rest we need supreme knowledge.
Can anybody tell all the names of these elementary Tattwa?
Why Shree Chakra is drawn with 96 X 96 X 96 Marm and Sandhi with so perfect accuracy... CM.

Marm means secret, mystery;
Sandhi means intersection, joint, connection, reconciliation depends on context
Tatwa means nature


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