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(1) Beneficent Dev-Yoni of great purity possessing the eight magical powers (Siddhi), inhabiting the Bhuvar Lok. To them (according to the Gaayatree Tantra, Chap x) Ganesh first preached the Tantra after he himself had received them from the mouth of Shiv Jee.

(2) A Siddh is he who has earned some Siddhi - enlightenment, or paranormal power etc. Those who possess this, are called Siddh. They are aware of Tri-Kaal - past, present and future. They are Gyaanee. A lot many people whose prayers to God are not heard, they pray to these Siddh and get their work done.

(3) A person is Siddh also who has perfected his spiritual development. Siddh men are higher than ordinary people and can do some extraordinary things which an ordinary man cannot do because of the powers earned through their worship or Tap etc.

(4) To make something Siddh, means to attain the power of that thing. It may be any Mantra, or any Devtaa. When that Mantra or Devtaa is Siddh to somebody, he can do something extraordinary by using that Mantra or Devtaa. This is also done by special worship, or Jaap of any Mantra etc.

18 Siddh
Taken from

There are 18 Siddh --

Name Place of Samaadhi Duration of Life Guru Disciples Contribution
1. Agastya Aananad Shayan 4 Yug and 48 days Shiv Bhogar Baabaa, Thiruvalluvar, Machchh Muni Medicine, Kaayaa Kalp,
Tamil Grammar, Yog
2. Nandee Devar Kaashee 700 years and 32 days Shiv Thirumoolar, Patanjali, Dakshinamoorti, Romarishi, Sattamuni Medicine, Kaayaa Kalp,
Yog, Alchemy, Philosophy
Natural sciences
3. Thirumoolar Chidaambaram, 3,000 yeras and 13 days Nandee   Yog, Philosophy
4. Bhogar Palaanee 300 years and 18 days Agastya,
Kalangee Naath
Baabaa Jee Konkanavar,
Karuvoorar Pulippani
Yog, Kaayaa Kalp, Alchemy Medicine,
Natural Sciences
He is the one who has created and installed the idol of Lord Murugan in Palaanee Malai Temple. Till now, even after ages, the composition of the idol has been a mystery to all scientists around the world.
5. Konkanavar Tirupati 800 years and 16 days Bhogar 557 Disciples 25 Known works in Yog, Medicine, Philosophy & Religion
6. Machchh Muni or
Matsyendra Naath
Thirupparankundram 300 years and 62 days Agastya,
Gorakkar 10 Knows works on Hath Yog, Taantrik Yog Practices
7. Gorakh Naath  or
Goraksh Naath
Poyoor (Girnaar)880 years and 32 days 880 years and 32 days Dattaatreya, Machchh Muni Naagaarjun "Avadhoot Geetaa" and 13 works, Order of ascetics, Medicine, Alchemy, Hath Yog, Pradeepikaa classic.
8. Sattai Muni Shree Rangam 880 years and 14 days Nandee, Dakshinamoorti Sundaranandar, Paambattee 46 known works, Medicine, Alchemy
9. Sundarnandar Madurai 880 years and 28 days Sattai Muni, Konkanavar   24 known works, Medicine, Philosophy
10. Raamdevar (Yaakop) Alagar Malai ------- Pulastya, Karuvoorar Sattai Muni, Konkanavar 24 known works, Medicine, Mantra Shaastra
11. Kudambai Mayavaram ------- Alukkani Siddha (Disciple of Idaikadar) ------- Siddh Philosophy
12. Karuvoorar Karuvai (Karoor) 300 years and 42 days Bhogar Idaikadar Construction of Tanjore Temple, Medicine
13. Idaikadar Thiruvannamalai 600 years and 18 days Bhogar, Karuvoorar Kudambai, Alukkani 2 known works,
Kaayaa Kalp
14. Kamala Muni Aaroor (Tiruvarum) 4000 years 48 days ------ ------- 2 known works, Medicine and Philosophy
15. Vaalmeeki Ettikudi 700 years and 32 days Naarad ------- Wrote Raamaayan
16. Patanjali Raameshwaram 5 Yug and 7 days Nandee ------- Yog Sootra Classic
17. Dhanvantari Vaideeshwaran 800 years and 32 days ------ ------- 22 known works, Medicine, Alchemy, Kaayaa Kalp,
18. Paambattee Hari Shankar Koil 123 years and 32 Days Sattai Muni ------ Siddh Philosophy

The above descriptive text regarding the 18 Siddh has been reproduced from the book "Babaji and the Eighteen Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition" by Marshall Govindan, published by Babaji's Kriya Yoga Trust.

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