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(1) Smriti means memory

(2) Another name of Dharm Shaastra. The part of scripture which is "remembered" as against "Shruti" which is heard or revealed. The term is applied to the works that deal with law and code of ethics. There are about 20 Smriti in existence written between 300 BC and 1200 AD. The most famous of them are "Manu Smriti" and "Yaagyavalkya Smriti". They contain instructions on character, conduct, charity, inheritance, business, Government, and religion.

Bhavishya Puraan, 1/21 says that Smriti are of five kinds - (1) Drisht Smriti,  (2) A-Drisht Smriti,  (3) Drishtaa-drisht Smriti,  (4) Anuvaad Smriti, and  (5) A-Drishtaa-drisht Smriti. -----All Smriti's root is Ved.

Names of Smriti

Smriti Upa-Smriti
(1) Manu Smriti
(2) Paraashar Smriti
(3) Vishnu Smriti
(4) Yaagyavalkya Smriti
(5) Aangiras Smriti
(6) Apastambh Smriti
(7) Atri Smriti
(8) Daksh Smriti
(9) Shatatap Smriti
(10) Brihaspati Smirti
(11) Aushanas Smirti
(12) Vyaas Smirti
(13) Vashishth Smriti
(14) Gautam Smriti
(15) Kaatyaayan Smriti
(16) Harit Smriti
(17) Shankh Smriti
(18) Prachetaas Smriti
(1) Yam Smriti
(2) Samvartta Smriti
(3) Likhit Smriti
(4) Kashyap Smriti
(5) Pulastya Smriti
(6) Vishwaamitra Smriti
(7) Deval Smriti
(8) Maarkandeya Smriti
(9) Baudhaayan Smriti
(10) Ashwalaayan Smriti
(11) Naaraayan Smriti
(12) Bharadwaaj Smriti
(13) Lohit Smriti
(14) Vyaaghrapaad Smriti
(15) Dalbhya Smriti
(16) Rishyashring Smriti

I found the following names of Smriti in "US Brahmins Group", by Shivashankara Rao on Feb 13, 2011. They are subject to be verified.

Smriti Upa-Smriti
(1) Atri Smriti
(2) Aangiras Smriti
(3) Apastambh Smriti
(4) Ashwalaayan Smriti and  Dharm Shaastra
(5) Bharadwaaj Smriti
(6) Bodhaayaan Smriti
(7) Brihadyaam Smriti
(8) Brihaspati Smriti
(9) Brihat Paraashar Smriti
(10) Chatur-vinshati Math Smriti
(11) Daksh Smriti
(12) Deval Smriti
(13) Gautam Smriti
(14) Gobhil Smriti
(15) Kapil Smriti
(16) Manu Smriti
(17) Mareechi Smrit
(18) Naarad Smriti
(19) Paraashar Smriti
(20) Pitaamaha Smriti
(21) Prachetaa Smriti
(22) Prajapati Smriti
(23) Pulastya Smriti
(24) Pytenasee Smriti
(25) Rishyashring Smriti
(26) Yam Smriti
(27) Yaagyavalkya Smriti
(28) Laghu Paraashar Smriti
(29) Laghu Vashishth Smriti
(30) Laghu Vishnu Smriti
(31) Laghu Vyaas Smriti
(32) Laghu Saankhya Smriti.
(33) Laghu Shaataatap Smriti
(34) Laghu Shaunak Smriti
(35) Laghu Haareet Smriti
(36) Laghvatri Smriti
(37) Likhit Smriti
(38) Lohit Smriti
(39) Laukaakshee Smriti
(40) Vashishth Smriti
(41) Vishwaamitra Smiti
(42) Vishweshwar Smriti
(43) Vishnu Smriti
(44) Vriddh Haareeta smriti
(45) Vriddha shataatapa
(46) Vriddhaatri
(47) Vriddha Gautam
(48) Vyaas smriti
(49) Saankhya Likhit Smriti
(50) Shaandilya Smriti
(51) Samvartt Smriti
(52) Varaah Smriti
(53) Muktaaphalam Smriti
(54) Chandrikaa Smriti

The Manu Smriti was the Smriti for the Sat Yug, the Gautam Smriti was for the Tretaa Yug. Of course the Smriti like Yaagyavalkya were there to supplement in the areas not covered by the main Smriti - Manu Smriti and Gautam Smriti. In the same way there is a different Smriti for the Dwaapar Yug and the Kali Yug. Thus it is not at all proper to criticize why a certain custom was not followed in the Satya Yug if that particular custom came into vogue in one of the later Yug. The different revelations came at different times in keeping with the evolution.


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