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see also    Pravritti

(1) Nature.
(2) Means of living - any economic activity which brings money to live upon.

Padm Puraan, 1/12, says - "A Grihasth has three kinds of means of living -
(1) Kumbh Dhaanya Vritti - in this one, a Grihasth does not collect more than a pitcher full grains;
(2) Unchhshil Vritti - in this one, one collects the grains from a farm after the harvest is over; and
(3) Kaapotee Vritti - in this one, one brings the grains scattered on the ground in markets and warehouses."

Agni Puraan, 13 mentions the following types of Vritti -
(1) Rit Vritti - When the produce has been harvested, then to pick up the remaining pods or individual grains and subsist upon them is called Rit Vritti.
(2) Amrit Vritti - Whatever one gets without asking is called Amrit (nectar or life giver).
(3) Mrit Vritti - To live upon asked or begged food is called Mrit (dead).
(4) Pramrit Vritti - To do farming for food is Pramrit.
(5) Satyaanrit Vritti - To earn living by trading is called Satyaanrit.
(6) Shwaan Vritti - To serve others for food is called Shwaan Vritti.

Bhaagvat Puraan, 11/14 mentions Vritti based on Varn -
(1) Braahman Vritti - Taking alms, teaching and doing Yagya for somebody else is the right of only Braahamn. Subsisting upon such means is called Braahman Vritti. But a Braahman should understand that taking alms diminishes Tap, Tej (grace) and fame, so he should live upon only teaching and doing Yagya for others. And if he thinks to live upon these means insufficient, means that even these two ways are not enough for living, thinking himself depending upon others or feeling poverty etc faults, then he can live upon remaining grains in farms after harvesting. If a Braahman cannot subsist upon Yagya etc then he can adopt Vaishya Vritti till he is relieved from his bad times. If he has to face a serious emergency, he can even take up the sword, but must not do the service to lower Varn, which is called Shwaan Vritti.
(2) Kshatriya Vritti - If a Kshatriya cannot subsist upon his own Karm, he can take up any trade or Vaishya Vritti. If there is any serious emergency, he can pass his time in hunting, teaching children, but should not take up to serve the lower Varn.
(3) Vaishya Vritti - Vaishya can also live upon Shoodra Vritti and
(4) Shoodra Vritti - Shoodra can do "making mats" etc.

All these things are only for emergency periods. After the emergency period is over, one should not be greedy to accept other Varn's professions.


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