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Why Raam had to come on Prithvi? Tulasee Daas Jee gives the following reasons of Vishnu's incarnation as Raam in his Maanas.

Reasons of Raam Avataar?-1:
Jaya and Vijaya Incident

Sanakaadi Muni are four saints who look like 5-year children. Although they look like 5-year old children but they are the oldest in our creation. They are the first children of Brahmaa. Brahmaa created them with the intention of expanding his creation, but since they were created out of Tap, they refused to obey their father and said that they would do only Tap. So they are always busy in chanting Hari's name. They wander in all Lok. They have full control on themselves. They are lifelong Brahmchaaree.

Once they went to Vaikunth to see Shree Hari. Hari's  gatekeepers (Paarshad), Jaya and Vijaya, didn't know them, so they asked them as who were they and where were they going? Sanakaadi Muni got very angry at their question and said - "You are not worthy to be the gatekeeper of Shree Hari." and gave them Shaap that they should be born as Raakshas on Prithvi. In the meantime Shree Hari came out and requested them to pardon His gatekeepers.

At this they said - "Hey Hari, You yourself may decide about their Shaap." And Shree Hari reduced their Shaap to (1) they will not forget Brahm Vidyaa in all their lives, (2) and they should be killed only by Shree Hari, (3) they should get Mukti from that Yoni (species) after three lives. So they were born as Hiranyaaksh and Hiranyakashyap in their first life in Sat Yug, as Raavan and Kumbhkarn in Tretaa Yug, and as Shishupaal and Dantvakra in Dwaapar Yug,. So to give Mukti to Jaya and Vijaya Vishnu Himself had to take Avataar in all the three Yug. To give Mukti to Hiranyaaksh, He appeared as Varaah Avataar, To give Mukti to Hiranyakashyap He appeared as Narasinh Bhagvaan. To give Mukti to Raavan and Kumbhkarn He had to come in human being form as he had a Var that he wouldn't be killed by any Devtaa, Gandharv, Asur or Raakshas, so He appeared as Raam. And to give Mukti to Shishupaal and Dantvakra He appeared as Shree Krishn.

Reasons of Raam Avataar?-2:
Var to Kashyap Jee

Once Kashyap Jee and Aditi did a severe Tapasyaa. When Bhagavaan gave them His Darshan and sked them to ask for a Var (boon) they asked for a son like Him. Bhagavaan said - "So be it. I will surely fulfill your wish soon. Till you will be born in Ayodhyaa Puree as Dasharath and Kaushalyaa, you go and live in Swarg happily."

So in one Kalp Kashyap and Aditi were Dasharath and Kaushalyaa and Raam was born to them.

I do not understand that whose Avataar were Dasharath and Kaushalyaa? Kashyap and Aditi? or Manu and Shataroopaa? This incident, including Manu and Shataroopaaof are good enough to prove the parenthood for Raam, but this does not prove  that "He had to kill Raavan and Kumbhkarn" after taking this Avataar.

Reason's of Raam Avataar?-3:
Jalandhar Raakshas

According to Maanas
In one Kalp there was a Raakshas named Jalandhar. His wife Vrindaa was a Pativrataa woman. Now this Raakshas was so powerful that even Shankar Jee was not able to kill him. Its another reason was his Pativrataa wife also. Her Paativrat used to guard him all the time. So Vishnu had to break her Paativrat Dharm first, and then kill him. When his wife came to know about this she gave Shaap to Vishnu. Vishnu obeyed that Shaap. Jalandhar was born as Raavan and then Raam uplifted him by killing him Himself.

This story does not prove that Raavan and Kumbhkarn were born in their second birth, rather it does not show that even killing of Kumbhkarn was also necessary by Raam.

According to Bhaagvat Puraan
Jalandhar and Vrindaa's story's another version goes like this: When Vishnu had broken Vrindaa's Paativrat Dharm, and she came to know about this, she gave Him Shaap - "You be a stone". Vishnu said - "So be it" and He became a black stone called Shaaligraam. Then Vishnu said - "You gave me Shaap and I accepted it, now I give you a Var, you accept it. You will be born as Tulasee plant which will grow in abundance near Mathuraa (at that time Madhu Van), and that Van will be called Vrindaa Van. I will also come there and live there for some time and I will not take anything without you." Vrindaa fell on Vishnu's feet and prayed Him. That place was then filled with Tulasee plants and became famous as Vrindaa Van. Since then Bhagavaan Vishnu doesn't accept His Prasaad without Tulasee leaf.

Reasons of Raam Avataar?-4:
Naarad Jee's Shaap

It seems funny and ridiculous that Naarad Jee gave Shaap to Vishnu but it is true that once Naarad Jee did give Shaap to Vishnu.

Once Naarad Jee (one of the 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa - Angiraa, Atri, Bhrigu, Daksh, Kratu, Mareechi, Naarad, Pulah, Pulastya, Vashishth) did a lots of Tap on the bank of Gangaa River. Indra, as usual scared of his Tapasyaa, so he sent Kaam Dev to disturb his Tapasyaa. Kaam Dev came there and spread his Maayaa but it didn't affect Naarad Jee. Seeing this, Kaam Dev got frightened, held Naarad Jee's feet and prayed for his life. But Naarad Jee didn't get angry at him and sent him back talking to him politely. Now Naarad Jee got very proud of this that he won Kaam Dev.

Now it so happened, that Naarad Jee went to Devtaa's court and told this incident to all Devtaa. All got very impressed and admired him greatly. But Naarad Jee was so happy and proud of this that he then went to Shiv Shankar on Kailaash Parvat and he told this incident to Shiv Jee in great detail. Shiv Jee advised him not to tell this to Shree Hari at any cost. But Naarad Jee was still not satisfied so he went to Brahmaa Jee's Lok and told this incident to him also. Brahmaa Jee also advised him the same as Shiv Jee. Then once he came to Vishnu playing his Veenaa and told this incident to Him too even though Brahmaa and Shiv asked him not to do so.

Vishnu thought "He is my one of the greatest Bhakt (devotee), I should save him from falling down." So He created a Maayaa city in the way from where Naarad Jee was going back.

Destroying the Pride of Naarad Jee
Naarad Jee was going back happily that he saw a beautiful city in the sky. He thought that "I have never seen this city before, from where did it appear here today? Let me go and see this city. It looks beautiful." He arrived at its King Sheelnidhi's palace. The King had a beautiful daughter named Vishwamohinee. At that time he was organizing her Swayamvar. The King welcomed Naarad Jee, called his daughter and asked her to greet him. Then he asked Naarad Jee to tell him about her future.

Naarad Jee saw her hand, but didn't tell anything about her husband that he would be immortal and nobody will be able to win Him in fight etc etc. He just said some general things about her and came back from there. But he was all the time thinking about her only. He was thinking if he could get her in her Swayamvar, it should be very nice. His Jap Tap etc will not help him at this time, only Shree Hari could help him in this matter, because He is his only well-wisher. He should go to Him ask for unsurpassable beauty so that the girl can put her Varmaalaa in his neck.

He was planning thus that he saw Bhagavaan coming  that way. He got very happy to see Him, that now his purpose would be served. He told Him the whole story and asked Him to give him His own Roop (form) to attract the Princess and have her as his wife. Bhagavaan said - "Hey Naarad Jee, I will do the same whatever is useful for you." And He disappeared. Naarad Jee was under the spell of His Maayaa, so he couldn't understand the deep meaning of His words.

Immediately he went to the Swayamvar place and sat there in the impression that Hari had made him very beautiful and now the Princess will put the Varmaalaa in his neck only. But nobody else could know this secret that Hari had made him ugly, (He gave him the face of a monkey) except two Gan of Shiv Jee. They were looking repeatedly at Naarad Jee and smiling. Shree Hari also came there in disguise of a King. When the Princess was given the round of the court, she never looked at Naarad Jee and put her Varmaalaa in Shree Hari's neck. And He took her along with Him.

Now Naarad Jee was very much dissatisfied with this incident, that those two Gan came and said to him - "Go and see your face in mirror." and ran away in fear. Naarad Jee saw his face in water and found it of a monkey. Naarad Jee got very furious. First he gave Shap to those two Gan, "Go and became Asur on Prithvi and bear the results of your Karm (actions)."

Naarad's Shaap to Vishnu
Then he thought to give Shaap to Vishnu also who made his face like this. He was goijng to Vishnu's Lok that he saw Vishnu coming along with Lakshmee Jee and the same Princess. Seeing Naarad Jee, Vishnu asked - "Hey Naarad Jee, "Where are you going so fast?" Naarad Jee was very angry with Him so he said - "You cannot tolerate anybody's wealth, happiness, and comfort. You become jealous of him. At the time of Saagar Manthan, you gave Halaahal poison to Shiv Jee and you yourself took Kaustubh Mani (Ratn or gem) and Ramaa (Lakshmee Jee). Because you are independent, nobody can control you so you do whatever you like and everybody has to tolerate your nuisance. But this time I am not going to spare you. I give you Shaap that you should be born as a human being on Prithvi and as you gave me monkey face so only monkeys will help you. Besides you did not allow me to marry, so you will also have to tolerate the separation from your wife."

Bhagavaan bowed to him and accepted his Shaap. Then He took away His Maayaa, so there was now neither Ramaa nor the Princess. As Hari removed His Maayaa, Naarad Jee got frightened and fell down on Bhagavaan's feet and asked for His forgiveness and said, "Please, forgive me. May my Shaap go lie." Bhagavaan said - "This was all with my wish, so don't be frightened and sorry. Go and do the Jaap of Shankar's hundred names. It will give you mental peace, and my Maayaa will not affect you from now on."

So Naarad Jee headed towards Satya Lok. On the way he met those two Gan. They fell down on his feet and asked for his forgiveness. Naarad Jee said - "You will be very mighty Asur, you will win the world. When Shree Hari will take Avataar, He will kill you Himself."

So in one Kalp Bhagavaan took Avataar because of Naarad's Shaap.

Unfortunately this theory also does not prove the birth of two people born as Daitya for three lives for which Bhagavaan has to incarnate. Otherwise it was only one incarnation. Any help is appreciated.

Reasons of Raam Avataar?-5:
Manu and Shataroopaa

In the beginning of the world there were Manu and Shataroopaa who had two sons - Uttaanpaad and Priyavrat. Uttaanpaad had a son named Dhruv, and Priyavrat's son's name was Uttam. Manu had three daughters also: Aakooti, Devahooti and Prasooti. The same Manu and Shatroopaa did a very hard Tap on the banks of Dhenumatee River for several thousand years. Seeing their Tap all three - Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh, came to give them Var but they did not move from their intentions. Then there was Aakaashvaanee celestial voice) - "Hey Raajan, ask for any Var".

Manu got very happy to hear this voice, he said - "If you are indeed pleased with us then show us the same Roop (form) which Shiv Jee meditate up on. Muni have to do a lot of Tapasyaa to see that Roop; which is in the heart of Kaagbhushundi Jee and Ved admire it describing as Sa-Gun and Nir-Gun. We want to see your same Roop."

Var to Manu and Shataroopaa
Bhagavaan appeared before them along with His Aadi Shakti (initial power) from whom many Umaa, Lakshmee and Brahmaanee have appeared. He said - "I am very pleased with you ask for any Var. There is nothing I cannot give you." Manu said - "I wish for a son like you." Bhagavaan said - "Now where will I go to look for a son like me? So I myself will appear as your son."

Then Bhagavaan glanced at Shataroopaa who was standing folding her hands. Bhagavaan asked her also to ask for a Var. She said - "Whatever my husband has asked for I liked that Var, but give me same Bhakti, same Gati, same knowledge, same love towards your feet which you give to your own Bhakt." Bhagavaan said - "Whatever you asked for, I gave it all to you. You will get motherly pleasure and you will have the knowledge too."

Manu said again - "Hey Bhagavan, I have one more wish that I should have the same love towards my son as much I have towards your feet. My life should depend on you as fish depends on water." Bhagavaan said - "So be it. Now you go to Indra Puree and live there for some time. When you will be the King of Ayodhyaa, then I will appear in your house with my Ansh (part) Avataar and my Aadi Shakti will also appear with me." After saying this Bhagavaan disappeared and Manu and Shataroopaa went to Amaraavatee.

Thus Manu and Shatroopaa were born as King Dasharath and queen Kaushalyaa, and Raam was Vishnu's Avataar along with His part Avataar - Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn appeared in his house.

My Note
I do not understand that whose Avataar were Dasharath and Kaushalyaa? Kashyap and Aditi? or Manu and Shataroopaa? Any help is appreciated. This incident, including of Kashyap and Aditi are good enough to prove the parenthood for Raam, but not that "He had to kill Raavan and Kumbhkarn" after taking this Avaataar.

Reasons of Raam Avataar?-6:
Raajaa Prataapbhaanu

There was a Kaikaya Desh (Kaikeyee was from there) where, at one time, Raajaa Satyaketu used to rule. He had two sons: Prataapbhaanu and Arimardan. When the time came Satyaketu handed over the kingdom to his elder son Prataapbhaanu and went to forest. Prataapbhaanu and his Chief Minister Dharmruchi were very good rulers. He won all the seven Dweep (islands) and did many Yagya and offered them to Vaasudev.

Once he went in a forest for hunting. He saw a wild pig, he followed it, it took him very far. Once he aimed at it, but it disappeared and he lost it. Raajaa got thirsty and got unconscious. After he came to his senses he wandered around in search of water and found an Aashram.

Raajaa Meets a Muni
There in that Aashram lived a King who was once defeated by Prataapbhaanu before, in the guise of a Muni. When Prataapbhaanu arrived there, that King recognized him but Prataapbhaanu could not recognize him. He took him as a great Muni.

Muni showed him a pond to take bath and drink water. Later Muni asked - "Who are you and why are you wandering in this dense forest like this? You look like a Chakravartee Raajaa, I feel pity on you." Raajaa thought to hide his identity, so he said - "I am the Chief Minister of Raajaa Prataapbhaanu, I forgot the way, so I came out this side. But it is good that I had your Darshan." Muni said - "It is getting late now, your city is 70 Yojan far from here. Now you sleep here. you go tomorrow to your city."

So the King tied his horse under a tree, and took rest there. They talked for a while. Raajaa asked Muni his name etc. Muni said - "I am a beggar and live here in this Kutee for quite a time. Nobody knows me. My name is Ek-tanu as since I am born I have not died. I know your name too. Your name is Prataapbhaanu. You can ask me anything you wish for." Raajaa touched his feet and said - "I am very glad to see you. But I want that I should not get old, I should not die, I should not be defeated by anybody, I rule the whole Prithvi for hundred Kalp."

Muni said - "Do not worry, even Kaal will bow you but Braahman. Braahman have a lot of Tap power, so if you can control Braahman, you can control even Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh too." Raajaa got very happy to hear this. Muni further said - "Nobody should know this conversation between us, because if Braahman give Shaap, you will be destroyed." Now the King asked - "I don't see any other who can tell me the way to control Braahman so you tell me the way to control them."

Muni got very happy to hear this, he said - "I will certainly do good to you. But you have to keep this secret to yourself only. If I cook food in your kitchen, and you yourself feed it to Braahman they will certainly be under your control. And not only those ones to whom you will feed but even those ones too who will eat at their places. In the Yagya too whoever Devtaa will come to take their share, they will also be under your control. Thus with a little trouble your all worries will be over."

Raajaa asked, "But how it will happen?" Muni said - "I will replace your cook and cook the food in your kitchen. It is getting late now, so you sleep. You will see me on the third day from today. I will call you in a lonely place and tell you this story, then you will recognize me. I will send you to your palace through my Yog Power in your sleep."

Raajaa was very tired, so he slept immediately. Muni called Kaalketu Asur and asked him to take him to his palace. So he did promptly and brought the King's cook. Nobody knew this in the palace. In fact Kaalketu was fast friend of Muni and brought Raajaa up to this far in the form of the wild pig. He was very cunning. He had 100 sons and 10 brothers who were all like him. The King also defeated him once so he joined the Muni and planned for this event.

Braahman's Shaap to Raajaa
King waited for the third day. The third day that Muni came in disguise of his cook and expressed his desire to talk to Raajaa in a lonely place. Raajaa immediately understood and recognized him. He got very happy. He had already invited 100,000 good Braahman families. The cook cooked many kinds of meat dishes in which he mixed Braahman's meat also.

Braahman came to eat food, Raajaa himself offered them food. Braahman were just going to start taking food, that Aakaasvaanee (celestial voice) said - "Do not take this food, go to your houses, this food is unholy because it contains Braahman's meat." Hearing this the King got very surprised and sad, and Braahman got up from their seats and gave Shaap to Raajaa - "You have spoiled our Dharm, go and become Asur along with your family. Only Bhagavaan protected us. You will be destroyed in the middle of the year, and nobody will remain alive in your family."

The then another Aakaashvaanee said - "Braahman, you have not given this Shaap to Raajaa after proper consideration. He is not at fault at all." The King went to look for that cook, but the cook was not there. King came back and told the whole story to Braahman. Braahman said - "Our Shaap cannot go lie." And all Braahman went to their homes. Later many kings attacked him and won him. His whole family got destroyed.

So when Vidhaataa goes wrong, everything goes wrong,  a dust particle becomes a mountain, a father becomes like Yam and a rope becomes a snake. The same King became Raavan. His brother was born as Kumbhkarn and his minister Dharmruchi became Vibheeshan. Although all were born in Maharshi Pulastya family still Raavan and Kumbhkarn were a great Raakshas because of Braahman's Shaap.

The three brothers did a hard Tap and got Var. Raavan got the Var not to be won by any Devtaa, Daanav, Asur and Gandharv. Kumbhkarn was confused by Saraswatee Jee so he asked only sleep, and Vibheeshan asked the love towards Bhagavaan's feet. Raavan started troubling everybody, so one day Prithvi went to Naraayan. Naaraayan assured her to relive her from this trouble by taking birth in Dasharath's house.



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