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1. Introduction and Reasons of Birth
2. Childhood and Marriage
3. Var to Kaikeyee and Exile to Raam
4. Viraadh Vadh and Meeting With Muni
5. Agastya Muni, Jataayu, Panchvatee, Khar-Dooshan Vadh, Seetaa's Abduction
6. Friendship With Sugreev, Baali Vadh, Raam-Raavan War
7. Life in Ayodhyaa
8. Other Stories

Childhood and Marriage:

Raam Kills Taadakaa and Subaahu
After their birth all four princes started growing together. When Raam was only 12 years (some say He was 16 years) old, Vishwaamitra Jee came to  Raaja Dasharath to take Him to save his Yagya from Maareech, Taadakaa and Subaahu like Raakshas. Dasharath loved Raam very much. He didn't want to send Him with Vishwaamitra Jee as He was very very young and was not able to face Raakshas at this tender age, but on Vashishth Jee's advise he got ready to send Raam and Lakshman along with Vishwaamitra Jee. He took them for 12 days only. Vishwaamitra Jee gave Him several weapons to help Him kill Raakshas before arriving at his Aashram. Raam used them to kill Taadakaa and Subaahu and hit Maareech and throw him 100 Yojan far in the sea. Then there was a Dhanush Yagya at Janak Puree, so Vishwaamitra Jee took them to anak Puree to show them that Yagya.

Uplifting Ahalyaa and Marrying Seetaa
On the way to Mithilaa, they saw a dense forest where a huge rock was lying. Vishwaamitra Jee asked Raam to touch that rock with His foot. Raam asked the reason behind it. Vishwaamitra Jee told Him the story of Ahalyaa. He touched it with His foot. Immediately the rock was converted into a beautiful woman. She was Ahalyaa - Gautam Muni's wife. By the Shaap of Gautam Muni she was lying there for many years. She prayed Raam and went to her husband's Lok.

Then they arrived at Mithilaa Puree. In Mithilaa, Raajaa Janak welcomed them and asked Vishwaamitra Jee the introduction of the two boys who were with him. Vishwaamitra Jee told him that they were the sons of Ayodhyaa King Dasharath - Raam and Lakshman.

When in the morning Raam went to royal gardens to pluck some flowers for Guru's Poojaa (worship), He saw Seetaa there who came there for Gauree Poojan with Her friends. Raam showed Seetaa to Lakshman and told him that She was the girl for whom this Swayamvar was organized.

Vishwaamitra Jee took them to the Yagyashaalaa (place where the Yagya was to be done) and requested Janak Jee to show that Dhanush (bow) to Raam. There Janak Jee got that Dhanush carried by 5,000 men. Raam lifted it up like a flower and as He pulled the string, it broke in two. When it broke it made a great sound in whole Tri-Lok.

My Note - About Raam and Parashuraam
Here Maanas has described the coming of Parashuraam after hearing the sound of breaking the Dhanush right in the Yagyashaalaa, Lakshman-Parashuraam dialog, and then Parashuraam's defeat by Raam very nicely, but Raamaayan brings him later - when Raajaa Dashrath was returning to Ayodhyaa and there is no Lakshman-Parashuraam dialog there. Even Parashuraam talks very little with Raam also. In all it is a very brief mention and presented as an unimportant incident. See below.

This incident is mentioned in Mahaabhaarat, G-4-Van/17  also, but in a different context and with a different version. Here Parashuraam goes to Ayodhyaa and tests Raam with his bow. He gives his bow and an arrow to Him to shoot it. Raam shows him His Viraat Roop and shoots the arrow. Parashuraam Jee loses his senses and when he comes back in senses, he bows to Him and goes away to Mahendra Parvat.

Another notable fact is from Padm Puraan, 4/7 - Lomash Muni told that at the time of His marriage, Raam was 15 years old and Seetaa was 6 years old.

This was the condition of Seetaa's marriage that whoever will break this Dhanush, he will be able to marry Seetaa. So according to that their marriage was done but Janak Jee performed the formal ceremonies also according to their family traditions. He invited Raajaa Dasharath from Ayodhyaa and asked his permission if he accepted his another daughter Urmilaa for Lakshman and his brother's two daughters - Maandavee and Shrutkeerti for Bharat and Shatrughn respectively.

Raajaa readily accepted all of them. So all four brothers were married to four princesses. Janak gave a lots of things to Raajaa Dasharath. When he was going back to Ayodhyaa, they met Parashuraam Jee. He was very angry. He wanted to know whoever had broken the Shiv Dhanush. Raam said - "I tried to lift it up and it broke." Parashuraam Jee tried to give his own Dhanush to Him if He could pull its string, but to Parashuraam's surprise it itself went to Raam. Parashuraam Jee was very happy to see this and he went to Mahendra Parvat.

King Dasharath came to Ayodhyaa with his four sons and four daughters-in-law. Palace echoed with people's laughter, music, and celebrations. They all stayed there in Ayodhyaa happily for about 12 years.



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