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1. Introduction and Reasons of Birth
2. Childhood and Marriage
3. Var to Kaikeyee and Exile to Raam
4. Viraadh Vadh and Meeting With Muni
5. Agastya Muni, Jataayu, Panchvatee, Khar-Dooshan Vadh, Seetaa's Abduction
6. Friendship With Sugreev, Baali Vadh, Raam-Raavan War
7. Life in Ayodhyaa
8. Other Stories

Life in Exile-2:

Meeting Agastya Muni and Jataayu and Coming to Panchvatee
After blessing Suteekshn Jee, Raam went to Agastya Muni for his Darshan. Muni welcomed them and gave them two bows, two swords, two inexhaustible quivers. Then he guided them to live in Panchvatee in Dandak Van for some time to clear Gautam Rishi's Shaap.

Raam headed towards Panchvatee. On the way He met Jataayu. First He thought him a Raakshas but later when he introduced himself as a friend of Dasharath, Raam showed him his due respect. He offered that if Raam was going to stay in Panchvatee, he will guard their Kutee in their absence. So all came to Panchvatee. Lakshman built a beautiful hut. He went to Godaavaree to bring water and flowers for Griha Pravesh and they started living in it.

Shoorpankhaa's Insult and Khar-Dooshan Vadh
Now there was the King of Lankaa - Raavan who had a sister whose name was Shoorpankhaa. She lived in Dandak Van along with her brothers Khar and Dooshan. One day, wandering in the Van, she happened to come to Panchvatee and saw both princes along with a very beautiful woman. She got attracted to them and came there and proposed to Raam.

Raam said - "I am already married, and she is my wife. You may try my younger brother who is still unmarried." When she proposed to Lakshman, Lakshman said - "I am His servant. You will not be happy with a servant, because you yourself look like a Princess, so better try your luck with my elder brother. He will keep you happier." On approaching Raam again, Raam again said - "I am already married." At this thinking Seetaa as the hurdle in their marriage she ran towards Her to eat Her. The then Lakshman cut her nose and ears. Shoorpankhaa ran away from there to where she came from.

Crying she went to Khar and Dooshan and told the whole story. Khar didn't believe Shoorpankhaa as she herself was very powerful, but then he had to believe her seeing her without nose and ears. So he sent 14 Raakshas to kill Raam but they were all killed. Then he came with his 14,000 Raakshas army to kill both brothers. When Raam heard the sound of the army, He asked Lakshman to take Seetaa in a cave where She could be safe. Raam killed everybody - Khar, Dooshan, Trishiraa and their 14,000 army in about an hour.

Abduction of Seetaa
Now Shoorpankhaa was very angry. She went to Raavan and said to him many bad words. Raavan thought whole night as who was this, who had come here and killed my brothers who were more or less like me. He had never heard about any human being who would be like this, then? Maybe Bhagavaan Himself has taken Avataar to kill me. And if it is so there cannot be any other better opportunity to fight with Him and get Mukti; and if He is not Bhagavaan then I will kill him soon.

My Note
This version is of Maanas that Shoorpankhaa went to Raavan and abuse him for his bad system. Raamaayan says that Raavan had a secret agent there to get its news. So as this happened, that Raakshas immediately went to Lankaa and told everything to Raavan. Thus Raavan came to know about this through his secret agent, not through Shoorpankhaa.

Shoorpankhaa had already told him that they had a very beautiful woman also, so he thought to abduct Her. He went to Maareech (his life was spared at Vishwaamitra's Yagya), and asked his help in this. Maareech tried his best to convince Raavan not to take this path as Raam was not an ordinary human being. But Raavan had already made up his mind so he did not move from his intentions. He said - "If you obey me, you might live, but if you don't, your death is certain." Maareech thought, "It is better to die with Raam's arrow than Raavan's.", so he got ready to do what he wanted him to do.

Raavan brought him to Panchvatee and dropped him there. According to the plan, he changed himself into a beautiful golden deer and start wandering around Seetaa's Kutee. Seetaa saw this strange deer who was so enchanting that She could not resist Herself and requested Raam to bring him alive or dead. Lakshman recognized him as Maareech and tried to stop Raam to go after him, but Raam followed him to catch him alive or dead.

My Note
In Raamaayan the deer is not all golden but Lakshman recognizes it as Maareech Raakshas. And in Maanas the the deer is all golden and Lakshman does not recognize the golden Mrig as Maareech Raakshas.

The deer took Raam very far from the Kutee, and when Raam shot His arrow at the deer, the deer cried in a very pathetic voice of Raam - "Haa Seetey, Haa Lakshman". As he cried this, Raam thought that everything is going to be upset now. Seetaa and Lakshman will worry for me.

And it was true. When Seetaa heard these words, She asked Lakshman to go to help His elder brother as He was in danger. Lakshman told Her many times that He was the Swaamee of the Tri-Lok, so there can never be any danger for Him but She didn't listen to him, rather She told some heart-pinching words to him, so Lakshman had to leave Seetaa alone under the protection of directions, forest, trees etc and go in search of Raam.

My Note
In V-Raamaayan when Lakshman comes back, he does ask all trees, rivers, mountains, creepers, sky etc "Where is Seetaa? I left Her here under your care." But nobody answers anything. Why? Because all were afraid of Raavan. In Maanas there is only a brief (half Chaupaaee) mention about Lakshman's line when Mandodaree teases Raavan that he could not do anything of Raam even if he had been boasting for all these times. (see Maanas, Lankaa Kaand, Dohaa 35, Chaupaaee 2)

As Seetaa was left alone, Raavan came in disguise of a Muni and abducted Her forcefully from the Kutee. He took Her in his chariot. While he was on the way to Lankaa, Jataayu saw him taking Seetaa along, so he fought bravely to him to release Seetaa. He broke his chariot, but Raavan cut his wings and he fell down. He could not fight any more. Raavan took Seetaa away to Lankaa Puree through skyway.

Raam came back to His Kutee very quickly expecting that He wouldn't find Seetaa there. He met Lakshman on His way coming to Him. Meeting Lakshman confirmed Him that He wouldn't find Seetaa in Her Kutee. Now both returned to their Kutee only not to find Seetaa in the Kutee. When they started looking around for Her, they found Jataayu lying wounded and near death. Jataayu told them about Seetaa and that Raavan has abducted Her. He fought with him but he cut his wings and left in this condition and died. Raam did his last rites with His own hands and wept for him.



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