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1. Introduction and Reasons of Birth
2. Childhood and Marriage
3. Var to Kaikeyee and Exile to Raam
4. Viraadh Vadh and Meeting With Muni
5. Agastya Muni, Jataayu, Panchvatee, Khar-Dooshan Vadh, Seetaa's Abduction
6. Friendship With Sugreev, Baali's Vadh, Ram-Raavan War.
7. Life in Ayodhyaa
8. Other Stories

Life in Exile-3:

Friendship With Sugreev, Baali's Vadh
After performing the last rites of Jataayu, Raam proceeded further. He met Kabandh Raakshas (a Gandharv who got this Gati by Durvaasaa Muni's Shaap). After Raam had killed him, he told them the way to find Seetaa - that He must make Sugreev His friend, do his work, and trust him. He lived on Rishyamook Parvat.

Raam came to Pampaa Sarovar and then to Rishyamook Parvat. Sugreev saw the two brothers coming to him so he got frightened that maybe Baali (his elder brother) had sent them to kill him. He asked Hanumaan to find out about them. Hanumaan went to them, talked to them, recognized them as his Prabhu, so he brought them to Sugreev.

Hanumaan lit the fire, and both Raam and Sugreev became friends in the witness of it. Now both told their stories. Raam took the initiative and killed Baali, got Sugreev's kingdom and wife back, then asked him to make efforts for search of Seetaa. Sugreev called Vaanar from all over the world and sent them in four directions. Hanumaan and Angad went to south. Raam gave Hanumaan His ring as His identification to show to Seetaa. Hanumaan came to Lankaa, found Seetaa, took her identification for Raam and came back to Raam to give Him the news of Seetaa.

Raam got very happy to hear the good news of Seetaa and made preparations to attack Lankaa. Raam took Sugreev's millions of Vaanar army, and camped at the western shore of the sea. How to cross that vast sea? First Raam prayed Sea, but when he did not come to Him, He got ready to shoot an arrow at him. Sea got frightened and came to Him and asked Him as what could he do for Him. Raam said - "My army and I have to cross you, how to do that?" Sea suggested Raam to employ Nal Neel to build a bridge upon him by writing the name of Raam on each stone and throwing it in the sea. Those stones will float and a bridge will be built this way. Then they can cross him.

Before crossing the bridge, Raam desired to worship Shiv there so He asked Hanumaan to look for some able Braahman and make a Shiv Ling. Hanumaan obeyed Him, he prepared a Shiv Ling of clay and arranged some Braahman. Raam established that Ling there which is known today as Raameshwaram (in Tamilnaadu State).

Raam did the same. He crossed the 100 Yojan wide sea by a bridge built by Nal, and arrived in Lankaa. Many tried to convince Raavan not to break war with Raam and return Seetaa to Him even now, but he didn't listen to anybody. So in this process he banished Vibheeshanalso, so he came in the shelter of Raam. First Raam sent Angad to Raavan as His messenger with the message that if he returned Seetaa even now, they would go back, but Raavan said "No" point blank, so the fight was certain.

Raam-Raavan War
So the war strategies were made, plans were executed and lots of killings occurred.
First day
Raam's army attacked Lankaa. The war should have come to halt after the Sunset but Raakshas fought their Maayaavee war in the late hours of day also.
Second day
Meghnaad came into battlefield. He attacked on Raam, but Raam failed all his arrows and Maayaa. The same day Meghnaad used Veerghaatinee power on Lakshman and made him unconscious. Raam cried a lot for him. Hanumaan brought herbs prescribed by Sushen Vaidya from Drone mountain overnight. On his way to the mountain he met Kaalnemi Raakshas disguised in Muni form, he killed him. Then he was spotted by Bharat while flying back to Lankaa, over Ayodhyaa. He told Bharat everything and came back in time. Lakshman got up well. Raavan heard about this, so he called Kumbhkarn.

The third day Kumbhkarn came into battlefield. Vibheeshan greeted him and Kumbhkarn blessed him. Raam Himself went to fight with Kumbhkarn and killed him. A light came out of his body and entered Raam's mouth.
The fourth day, Meghnaad came again into battlefield and made Vaanar army tired. Then he came to Raam and Lakshman and showered arrows at them. Each arrow became a snake touching Raam and Lakshman's bodies. Both got tied in his Naag Paash. Seeing Raam and Lakshman tied in Naag Paash, Naarad Jee sent Garud Jee to cut that Paash. He came and ate all Maayaa Naag and made Raam free.

Raamaayan says that seeing Raam and Lakshman in so much trouble Hanumaan went to Garud and asked his help to save Raam and Lakshman's lives. Garud came and all snakes ran away seeing him.

Jaambvaan had thrown Meghnaad in Lankaa Puree. When he gained consciousness he found himself in front of Raavan and got very ashamed. Then he went to do that Yagya by which he could get immortal. But Vibheeshan informed Raam about this and Lakshman killed him before he completed his Yagya.

The fifth day Raavan came into battlefield. He sent his army to fight with Raam's army and he told them that he himself will see those two boys. Raam also came to face him. Vibheeshan said to Raam - "Naath, You are without Kavach, without chariot, how will you fight with Raavan?" He said - "I have my own Kavach and chariot, nobody can defeat me."

Lakshman came to fight with Raavan, but Raavan used the power given by Brahmaa Jee on Lakshman. It made him unconscious. Raavan tried to lift Him but he couldn't even move him. Then Hanumaan came, lifted Lakshman Jee like a flower and took him to Raam. On that day Raavan's chariot was broken, Saarathee was killed, so another Saarathee took him to Lankaa where he started a Yagya. Raam sent His people to Lankaa to destroy his Yagya which they did. After getting his Yagya destroyed Raavan had left hope for his life and came into battlefield in anger.

My Note
Using the power on Lakshman, making him unconscious and lifting him to carry to Lankaa, then not being able to even move Him, are given by Meghnaad in Maanas, but Raamaayan gives all this by Raavan. It seems illogical that Raavan should lift him to carry to Lankaa, why should he carry him to Lankaa? While Meghnaad's act seems logical that he wanted to show Lakshman's body to his father that he had killed Lakshman. In Raamayan, why should Raavan take Him to Lankaa?

So the sixth day fight started again. Raavan came to fight. Devtaa saw Raam fighting on foot so Indra sent his own Rath along with his own Saarathee - Maatali for Raam. A fierce fight occurred between Raam and Raavan. in the end Raavan again got unconscious and was taken to Lankaa Puree.

The seventh day, Raavan again came to fight, but still he was not killed, because as Raam cut his 10 heads and 20 arms with His 30 arrows they grew again. Raam looked at Vibheeshan, Vibheeshan said - "He has Amrit in his navel which keeps him alive." So Raam, this time, shot 31 arrows instead of 30, one extra in his navel besides His normal 30 arrows - 20 at his hands and 10 at his heads. This time Raavan got killed and a light came out from Raavan's body and entered Raam's mouth.

My Note
This information, about Amrit in Raavan's navel, is not mentioned in Raamaayan, nor it is mentioned there that Raam got tired of shooting 30 arrows at his 10 heads and 20 arms but just that he was not being killed. This information is from Maanas only. In Raamaayan Raam killed Raavan in a normal way.

Otherwise also, there is no mention of this Amrit Kalash in Raavan's navel any where else too. When did he get it, where did he get it, from whom he got it etc etc. Any information about it?

When Seetaa asks Trijataa (an elderly Raakshasee who loved Raam and seetaa very much and was taking care of Seetaa in Ashok Vaatikaa), Her well wisher at Ashok Vaatikaa, the news of war, and hears that "Raam is trying to kill him but he is not being killed." She asks her - "How he will be killed? Why he is not being killed?" Then, in Maanas, Tulasee Daas has written very well. Trijataa says - "Hey Seetaa, Because you live in Raavan's heart (he always thinks about you), and in your heart lives Raam, and in Raam live all Lok (worlds); so if Raam will shoot the arrow in his heart, all Lok will be destroyed. So when after being hurt by continuous arrows, Raavan will get so much hurt that he will not think about you then only Raam will shoot the arrow in his heart and kill him."



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