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1. Introduction and Reasons of Birth
2. Childhood and Marriage
3. Var to Kaikeyee and Exile to Raam
4. Viraadh Vadh and Meeting With Muni
5. Agastya Muni, Jataayu, Panchvatee, Khar-Dooshan Vadh, Seetaa's Abduction
6. Friendship With Sugreev, Baali Vadh, Raam-Raavan War
7. Life in Ayodhyaa
8. Other Stories

Life in Exile-1:

Crossing Gangaa River
Many people followed Raam saying that they couldn't live without Raam. Their first stop was near Sarayoo River. They left those people sleeping there and proceeded towards Gangaa River. Their second stop was on Gangaa's banks. There they met Guh Nishaad - Raam's very good friend. Next day Guh arranged a boat for Raam to cross Gangaa, and guided further to Bharadwaaj Muni's Aashram.

My Note
In Maanas, here there is a beautiful narration of washing feet of Raam by Guh, as Guh asks Raam His permission to wash His feet saying "Your feet are full of dust. when that dust can convert a stone in a woman then this is only a wooden boat, and if she becomes the woman, then how will I feed my family, how will I make my living, that is why I want to wash your feet before I take you across Gangaa." Raam says smilingly, "You do the same by which your boat doesn't disappear." Thus with a good solid logical reason Guh grabbed the opportunity to wash the feet of Bhagavaan Raam.

Then Raam wants to pay something to him as the fees for taking Him across the river, but He Himself doesn't have anything, so Seetaa guesses this and gives her ring to Raam to give it to Guh. But Guh politely refuses to take it saying - "What is there in this world which I have not got today? I don't want anything else now, yes, when you will come back from this side, whatever you will give to me, I will take it happily." Raamaayan doesn't have its reference. It just mentions it as an ordinary incident.

After crossing Gangaa River Raam arrived in Bharadwaaj Muni's Aashram. From there, He sent Guh back to his place and came to Vaalmeeki Jee's Aashram. Vaalmeeki Jee directed them to live in Chitrakoot, so they went to Chitrakoot. There they lived for some time.

In the meantime Raajaa Dasharath died in separation of Raam, so Bharat was called immediately to perform his last rites and coronation. Bharat and Shatrughn came and found Raajaa dead and all things disturbed in Ayodhyaa because of Kaikeyee. He said many bad words to Kaikeyee and tried to prove his innocence to Kaushalyaa about the whole affair. Later he came to know that Mantharaa was the main player of this game. Shatrughn wanted to beat her but Bharat held his hand saying that Raam wouldn't like beating a woman. After the last rites of Dasharath, Bharat declared that he would go to Van to bring Raam back to Ayodhyaa. He did go there with all materials of Raam's Tilak but he couldn't bring Him back except His Paadukaa (footwear).

Raam and Jayant and Atri Muni
After Bharat had left Raam got very sad. One day Raam made some flower jewelry and put them on Seetaa. Indra's son Jayant was looking at Seetaa in the form of a crow. He wanted to test Raam's power, so he hit Seetaa's foot with his beak. It bled. When Raam saw Seetaa's foot bleeding He aimed an arrow of a thin stick at the crow. Now the crow flew forward and arrow followed him wherever he went. He flew in three Lok but nobody could help him. He went to his father Indra, but he said - "Who can give you shelter, my son, if you are an enemy of Raam?" He went to Brahmaa Jee but he also showed his helplessness. On his way back Naarad Jee told him to go to Raam only and ask His forgiveness. Then he came back to Raam and asked His forgiveness. Raam forgave him but pierced his left eye from that arrow as a punishment. (Since then crows can see only with one eye.)

When Raam knew that He was being known there, He went to Atri Muni's Aashram to see him. There they met Atri Muni and Anasooyaa.

Viraadh Vadh, Sharabhang Muni, An Aashram, Suteekshn Muni
On the way to Atri Muni's Aashram, Raam killed Viraadh Raakshas, and headed towards Sharbhang Muni's Aashram. He was about to go to Brahm Lok that he heard about coming of Raam, so he waited a while. He welcomed them and wanted to give them all his earned powers etc, but Raam politely refused to take them. Then Sharabhang Muni made a pyre, lit it and immolated himself in it. After meeting him Raam proceeded forward.

They came to another Aashram. There they saw piles of bones. On asking other Muni, they told Raam that those bones were of other Muni. Raam got very sad. There lived Agastya Muni's disciple Suteekshn Jee. When he heard about Raam's coming he closed his eyes in pleasure to see Him. When Raam came there, he didn't know that Raam was standing in front of him. Then Raam removed His Roop from his heart. Seeing his master disappearing from his heart his eyes got opened and he saw Raam Himself standing there. He fell on His feet. Raam said - "Ask for any Var." Muni said - "I don't know anything, whatever you like give it to me." Then Raam gave him His limitless Bhakti. Then he said - "You gave me whatever you liked, now you give me whatever I like. Live in my heart along with Seetaa and Lakshman carrying bow and arrow." "So be it."



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