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2-Bhoomi Khand

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15-Story of Kunjal Bird-2: Guru as Teerth-2
2-Padm Puraan, 2-Bhoomi Khand, p 322-331

This Khand covers the pages 217-331 (115 pages) of the book. It covers the stories of Shiv Sharmaa, Prithu, Vane, Sukalaa, Yayaati and Kunjal bird.

Kunjal Preaches His son Kapinjal       Story Ends      Teerth Ends

Vishnu said - "Then Kunjal called his fourth son Kapinjal and asked him - "Son, You are my very good son, where do you go to get food, and what surprising thing you have seen or heard there, tell me that." Kapinjal said - "I tell you father what I have seen. Kailaash Parvat is the best among all mountains. It is as white as Chandramaa, it has all kinds of metals, it is surrounded by Gangaa River, there is a Shiv temple on its peak. One day I went there, and there I saw which I have never seen before. Gangaa River falls from Meru Parvat at a very fast speed on Kailaash Parvat and scatters all around it making a large pool of 10 Yojan long and wide. It is called Gangaa-hrad. There was sitting a woman on a stone just in front of that Gangaa-hrad. Her hair was lose, she was very beautiful and she was wearing Divine ornaments. I don't know if she was Himaalaya's daughter Paarvatee or Samudra's daughter Lakshmee? But she was very sad and was crying. Nobody else was with her. The tears which fell from her eyes were falling in Gangaa-hrad and were converted into lotus flower as they fell in it. Thus innumerable flowers were floating in Gangaa's water. Father, I saw this surprise there, if you know something about this, please tell me about it."

Kunjal said - "I tell you this. This is written by Devtaa. This is about Vishnu and is a destroyer of all sins. Once King Nahush (Yayaati's father) killed a Hund named Daitya in a war. Hund had a son named Vihund. He was also very mighty and Tapaswee. When he heard that Nahush has killed his father, he got very angry and got ready to destroy Tri-Lok. He started troubling everybody, so Devtaa went to Vishnu and prayed Him to protect them. Vishnu assured them to kill him, and inspired His Maayaa. She assumed the form of a beautiful woman and started doing Tapasyaa in Nandan Van. At the same time Vihund came there to kill Devtaa. As he came to Swarg, he saw a very beautiful woman sitting in Nandan Van. He couldn't know that she was born to kill him only.

He asked her - "Bhadrey, Who are you. I desire for you. I can give you whatever you like." Maayaa said - "If you want to have me, then worship Shiv with 70 million (7 Crore) lotus flowers. They should be produced from Kaamod tree, should be Divine, fragrant and of rare kind. Put a garland of those flowers in my neck also, then only I will become your wife." Vihund said - "I will do so." Thus Vihund started wandering around all forests in search of Kaamod tree but he couldn't find any. Searching that tree he came to Shukraachaarya and asked him with great Bhakti about that tree.

Shukraachaarya said - "There is no tree like Kaamod tree. Kaamodaa is the name of a woman, when she laughs at anything then those beautiful flowers appear from her laugh. They are of yellow color and have Divine fragrance. Whoever worships Shiv with even one flower of them, Shiv fulfills his all desires. When Kaamodaa weeps then also the same kind of flowers appear from her crying, but there is no fragrance in them, that is why one should not even touch them." Vihund asked - "Where does Kaamodaa live?" Shukraachaarya said - "There is Kaamod Pur near Haridwaar Teerth. It was built by Vishwakarmaa. There lives that Divine woman, you go there and worship her and try to make her laugh with some justified and clean reason." After saying this Shukraachaarya got silent and that Daitya went to do his job."

Kapinjal asked - "Father, Why all Devtaa desire for her flowers? Why is Shankar pleased with those flowers? What are the characteristics of that flower? Who is Kaamodaa and whose daughter she is?" Kunjal said - "In earlier times, Devtaa and Daitya churned Ksheer Saagar to obtain Amrit. Four maidens appeared from that sea - Lakshmee, Vaarunee, Kaamodaa and Jyeshthaa. Kaamodaa appeared from the waves of Amrit. She will assume the form of a tree in future to please Vishnu, and she will be famous with the name of Tulasee in this form. Bhagavaan Jagannaath will always enjoy with her. Whoever will offer Him even one leaf of Tulasee, He will be very pleased with him thinking "What can I give to him?"

Thus when one of those four maidens, Kaamodaa, laughs, golden colored fragrant flowers fall from her mouth. These flowers are very beautiful and never wilt. Who worships Brahmaa, Vishnu or Maheshwar with those flowers, they all are pleased with him and give whatever he wishes for. In the same way when Kaamodaa weeps, then also the similar kind of flowers fall from her mouth, but there is no fragrance in them. Whoever worships them with those flowers, he gets only sorrows.

So when Vihund was going to Kaamodaa after visiting Shukraachaarya, Vishnu sent Naarad Jee to him. Naarad Jee asked him - "O Daitya Raaj, Where are you going? You seem to be in hurry." Vihund first greeted Naarad Jee then said - "I am going to bring Kaamod flowers." Naarad Jee said - "Never go to Kaamod Pur, because there lives Vishnu, who favors all Devtaa, in that city. I tell you the way by which you can get Kaamod flowers. Those Kaamod flowers will fall in Gangaa waters, they will come to you floating in that water, you may then collect them."

After saying this to Vihund, Naarad Jee went to Kaamod Pur and met Kaamodaa. He asked her - "Are you living happily here?" Kaamoda said - "By your grace, O Muni, I am just fine. Seeing you here, I wish to ask you something, please answer my question. I have seen a terrible dream in which as if somebody has said to me, "Bhagavaan Hrisheekaesh will go to Prithvi and will appear there." Why did I see this dream, please tell me." Naarad Jee said - "Dreams are of three kinds - Vaatik, Paittik and Kaphaj.* Devtaa neither sleep nor dream, while human being sees many kinds of auspicious or inauspicious dreams. They all are inspired by their Karm. Wandering over high and low mountains and going through difficult paths is Vaatik dream. Seeing water places are all Kaphaj dreams. Seeing fire and gold in dreams is Paittik dream. Now I tell you about dreams which give instant fruits in near future. A Dream seen in the morning gives good or bad results according to its nature. Whatever you have seen in dream, it is going to be true."

* Note - These, Vaatik, Paittik and Kaphaj, are according to Indian Aayur Ved. A living being's body is of three types - Vaat, Pitt and Kaph; and the traditional doctors treat a person on this basis only. The same three types of dreams are mentioned here according to one's body's nature.

Kaamodaa said - "Even all Devtaa do not know His end, why is He taking birth in the world?" Naarad Jee said - "He is going to take Avataar because of Maharshi Bhrigu's Shaap." And Naarad Jee went to Brahm Lok. At that Kaamodaa got sad because of Bhagavaan's sorrow so she went to Gangaa's banks and started weeping. [The woman you saw was Kaamodaa and she was weeping because of Bhagavaan's incarnation.] Vihund was blind in Maayaa's love, so he could not know that the flowers which were appearing from Kaamodaa's tears were of sorrow or happiness. So as he saw those flowers, he got very happy. Even after telling by Shukraachaarya, he could not know that those flowers appeared from Kaamodaa's sorrowful tears. He took all of those flowers and started worshipping Shiv with 70 million flowers.

Seeing this Paarvatee Jee got very angry and said to Shiv Jee - "Just see his bad Karm, that he is worshipping you with the flowers appearing from sorrow, that is why he is not a candidate to get pleasure but sorrows." Shiv said - "Bhadrey, You are right, You yourself kill him with your Tej." Paarvatee Jee assumed the form of a Braahman and started worshipping Shiv Jee with lotus flowers. Vihund came there and destroyed Paarvatee's worship, and started worshipping Shiv with those Kaamod flowers. He was weeping so his tears were falling down on Shiv Ling. Devee asked - "Who are you who is worshipping with so much sorrow? Your unclean tears are falling on Shiv Ling, tell me the reason for this."

Vihund said - "Hey Braahman, I saw a beautiful woman a few days ago. When I requested to be my wife, she told me that I should worship Shiv Jee with 70 million Kaamod flowers and put a garland of the same flowers in her neck also. So I am worshipping Shiv to get that woman, because Shiv fulfills all desires." Devee said - "O sinner, Where is your Gyaan and where are your feelings? Tell me, what do you know about Kaamodaa? Tell me how does she look like? And where did you get these flowers produced from her laugh?" Vihund said - "I don't know anything about feelings and Dhyaan, I have never seen Kaamodaa. Whatever flowers are floating in Gangaa's water, I collect them all daily and worship Shiv Jee from the same flowers. Shukraachaarya Jee told me about these flowers, and I worship Shiv according to his instructions."

Devee said - "O sinner, These flowers have appeared from her weeping. They are produced from her sorrow, and you are worshipping with the same flowers? This is a great crime towards Shiv Jee, that is why I will punish you today." Hearing this Vihund ran towards that Braahman taking his sword but Devee killed him with her one sound. All became healthy and happy in the world as he died. The woman you saw on the banks of Gangaa River, she was Kaamodaa only."

Kunjal Tells Chyavan Rishi About His Previous Birth

Vishnu said - "Thus Kunjal bird became silent after saying this to his children. Chyavan Rishi asked the bird - "Who are you who is preaching in the form of a bird? Are you not a Gandharv, or Vidyaadhar or Devtaa? By which Shaap you got this parrot species? And how did you get this Gyaan?" Kunjal said - "O Siddh Purush, I know you, I welcome you. Shukraachaarya Jee was born from Bhrigu, and you are also born in the same family. You are known as Chyavan Rishi. I am neither Devtaa, nor Gandharv, nor a Vidyaadhar. In earlier times there was a Braahman in Kashyap Jee's family. His name was Vidyaadhar. He had three sons - Vasu Sharmaa, Naam Sharmaa, and Dharm Sharmaa. I was Dharm Sharmaa among them. My elder brother Vasu Sharmaa knew Ved very well. Naam Sharmaa was also very learned like Vasu Sharmaa. Only I was a great fool, I never went to Guru's house.

Seeing this my father got worried about me that "this Dharm Sharmaa doesn't try to learn anything." So one day he said to me - "Son, You go to Guru's house and learn something." I said - "It is painful to go to Guru's house. One is beaten there, one cannot sleep properly, I do not want to go Guru's house because of all these inconveniences. I will live here only." My father got very sad considering me a great fool. He again tried to convince me. I knew that there was no other alternative so I got ready to go there. But to whom to go to get education? Thinking this way I got old. One day I was sitting in a temple, that a Siddh person came there. He had no fixed place to live. He did not eat anything and used to live in a lonely place.

I went to see him, he asked me why was I so much sad. I told him about my foolishness and asked him - How can I get knowledge, thinking this I am so sad. I am in your shelter now." Siddh Purush said - "I tell you about Gyaan. Gyaan has no shape, because Gyaan is the form of Paramaatmaa. He always knows everybody. Who are indulged in Maayaa, they cannot know its form. Gyaan arises by thinking about Bhagavaan. It has no comparison with anything. It cannot be seen in any kind of light (of Sun or Moon etc). Gyaan has no hands or feet, still it can move anywhere, can do anything. It is spread in all the Tri-Lok - Swarg, Prithvi and Paataal. Whose mind is not pure, they do not know it. Gyaan always destroys all kinds of ill-wills residing with its logic. That is why one should always try to detach oneself from all kinds of subjects of all Indriyaan. This produces Gyaan. Gyaan calms the mind, treats friend and enemy alike, wins your Indriyaan, teaches you to live in a lonely place. When you reach in this stage, you will be able to know everything happening in Tri-Lok. There is no doubt about it."

Kunjal further said - "As he guided me, I started doing the same. By his grace I could know all the things happening in Tri-Lok." Chyavan Rishi asked - "When you were so Gyaanee, how did you get this parrot species?" Kunjal said - "Company is a great source. As one earns Punya from it, one earns Paap also from it. That is why one should leave any bad company because it creates sins in one's life. One day a hunter came to sell a baby parrot. That baby parrot was very beautiful and spoke very sweetly. One Braahman bought it and gave it to me to make me happy. That baby parrot used to sit on my arm and said - "Come to me and sit with me, go to take bath, now you worship Devtaa." I lost myself in its talks and forgot my Gyaan.

One day I went to a forest to bring fruits and flowers, that an animal took away that baby parrot and ate it. I got broke with this incident and started weeping for it daily. I died in the same grief. Because of this I got this parrot species, because whatever I was thinking at the time of my death, I got the same life after my death. But when I was in the womb, I remembered my old Gyaan and now in this form also I remember my old Gyaan. I can see past, present and future clearly. There is nobody to guide greater than a Guru."

Vishnu said - "That bird got silent after talking thus to Chyavan Rishi. Hey Raajan, Now you may ask any Var whatever you wish for." Vane said - "I have no desire to get kingdom, I do not want to take any other thing also, I just wish to be absorbed in your body." Vishnu said - "You do Ashwamedh and Raajsooya Yagya, donate gold, cows, land, Anna, water etc, this will destroy your all sins. Donation fulfills all the four Purushaarth also, that is why donation is all necessary. In the end you will surely meet me." Shree Hari disappeared after saying this to Vane. Vane came home and did Ashwamedh and Raajsooya Yagya and then he went to Vishnu Dhaam."

Soot Jee said - "Thus I narrated this Bhoomi Khand to you after Srishti Khand. Who ever reads its even one Shlok, his one day sins are destroyed. There are many sinners in Kali Yug, that is why one should read or listen to this Puraan daily. It is very rare opportunity to hear the whole Puraan, but when somebody hears it, it gives Moksh, there is no doubt about it."

Story Ends      Teerth Ends

Padm Puraan-Bhoomi Khand Ends Here



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