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8-Sukalaa-2 - Wife as Teerth-2
2-Padm Puraan, 2-Bhoomi Khand, p 267-273

This Khand covers the pages 217-331 (115 pages) of the book. It covers the stories of Shiv Sharmaa, Prithu, Vane, Sukalaa, Yayaati and Kunjal bird.

The Story of the She-Pig (Sudevaa)        Story Cont...     Teerth Cont...

The she-pig continued - "There is a beautiful country named Kaling (Udeesaa), and there was a beautiful city named Shreepur in that country, and there lived a Braahman named Vasudatt. He had many sons and grandsons. I was his daughter and my name was Sudevaa. I was very beautiful so I became very proud of my beauty. My mother said to my father - "Why don't you marry her, now she is of marriageable age." My father said - "I will marry her to that boy only who will live in my house only, because she is dearer to me than my life." After that one Kaushik Braahman came to my door for Bhikshaa. He was very learned man, he used to pronounce Ved Mantra very nicely.

My father asked him - "Who are you? What is your Gotra, Kul etc?" Braahman's son said - "I am from Kaushik family. I am learned in Ved and Ved Ang. My name is Shiv Sharmaa and my parents are not in this world now." Seeing this my father married me to him. He started living in my house, but I was very proud of my father's wealth. I never served him well. I got company of some bad women so I used to wander here and there and did not care for my own family, while Shiv Sharmaa's nobility was well-known to everybody. Seeing me involved in bad Karm, Shiv Sharmaa left the house. My father got worried by his going. My mother asked - "Why do you worry so much?" My father said - "My son-in-law has abandoned my daughter because she is bad, and he is so learned. I did not know that my daughter will behave in this way."

My mother said - "You have known her today, but the truth is that your love has spoiled her. Children should be loved only up to five years of age only. After that one should bring them up paying attention to their education. Giving bath, putting good clean clothes on, arranging nutritious food are necessary for their development. Father's duty is that he should always be strict for their education, he should love them only for their bringing up. When a mother scolds her daughter, a mother-in-law scolds her daughter-in-law and a Guru scolds his disciples then only they learn. In the same way, a King should scold his minister and husband should scold to his wife  for their faults." 

Shiv Sharmaa was a good Braahman. In spite of living together with his daughter, he gave her complete freedom, that is why she became like this. Whoever girl sins in her father's house, her parents also have to suffer for her sins' result, that is why one should not keep a grown-up girl in his house. If she sins in her husband's house, her husband suffers for her sins. To whoever she is married to, she should live in that house only. Whatever various qualities she develops there, they make parent happy and spread the family's fame. Therefore a daughter should not be kept at home along with son-in-law. There is a Pauraanik story which is going to happen in 28th Dwaapar Yug in Ugrasen's house in this regard. I tell you that now (in the past tense).

Story of Padmaavatee

There was a Mathuraa Nagaree in Maathur region. There ruled the king named Yadu Vanshee Ugrasen. At the same time, Satyaketu named king was ruling in Vidarbh Desh. He had a daughter Padmaavatee. She was very good in all women-like behaviors. Ugrasen married Padmaavatee and drowned in her love. He did not eat even food without her. After a while Satyaketu remembered her daughter and sent his messengers to Ugrasen. The messengers asked Ugrasen's welfare, told their own king's welfare and requested him to send Padmaavatee for some time as he wanted to see his daughter. Ugrasen sent his dear wife to her father's house. As she reached in her father's house, she became her father's daughter again like before in Vidarbh Desh.

One day Padmaavatee went to a mountain  for entertainment. There was a beautiful forest in its foothills. She saw a pond there named Sarvatobhadra. Padmaavatee got very happy to see the beauty of the forest and the mountain, so she entered the pond and started playing in its water. At the same time, a Daitya servant of Kuber named Gobhil was going somewhere by skyway. When he was flying over the pond he saw Padmaavatee playing in it. He had extraordinary powers, so he knew that she was the daughter of Vidarbh's king and the wife of Mathuraa's king Ugrasen. "But she is Pativrataa, so she is difficult for other men. How can I go to her and have her? Ugrasen is a first class fool who has sent her to her father's house."

Thinking thus he found a way. He disguised himself as Ugrasen, got down on that mountain and started singing sitting under an Ashok tree. Padmaavatee also heard the song, she thought "who is singing this song." Out of curiosity she went around and found a man singing the song sitting under a tree, and he looked like Ugrasen to her. "But how and when my husband has come here, so far, leaving his kingdom alone?" She was thinking thus that Gobhil himself called her - "Come Dear, I cannot live without you. Now I cannot live without you anywhere." Padmaavatee felt embarrassed and went close to him. He took her by hand in a lonely place and had her. Ugrasen had a certain mark on his body part which she did not see, so she got suspicious about his identity.

She put on her clothes carefully and spoke to him angrily - "Tell me O evil soul, Who are you? Your form is like a Daanav. You are cruel." and saying this she started weeping. She got ready to give him Shaap - "you have come to me in disguise of my husband, you have made my body unholy and destroyed my Paativrat, I give you Shaap..." At the same time Gobhil said - "O Pativrataa woman, All Raakshas run away from Pativrataa woman, Vishnu and Braahman's Shaap. I am wandering here and there according to my Daanav nature. First you consider my fault that on which fault of mine you are ready to give me Shaap?"

Padmaavatee said - "I am a Pativrataa woman. I desire only for my husband, I do Tapasyaa only for his progress, but you have destroyed my Dharm by your Maayaa, that is why I will burn you to ashes." Gobhil said - "O Princess, If you think with cool mind then listen to me. I am telling you only Dharm. Whoever woman serves her husband by mind, speech and action (Manasaa, Vaachaa, Karmanaa); feels pleased when her husband is pleased; does not abandon him even he is angry; does not pay attention to his faults; and cooperate her husband in all his endeavors, the same woman is said to be Pativrataa. If any woman wishes to be Pativrataa, she should not abandon even her fallen, sinful, full of diseases, leper, A-Dharmee husband. Who enjoys in the absence of her husband, she is not a Pativrataa woman.

I know Ved and Shaastra. Why did you come here leaving your husband and Grihasth Dharm? And you claim that you are Pativrataa? I can't see you as Pativrataa by your Karm. You are wandering here and there in this forest, you are a sinner. I have brought you on right path by punishing you in this way. Now you cannot behave in this way. Tell me, why have you come here leaving your husband? Why you have worn these ornaments and good clothes? Speak O sinner, why have you done this? You are 400 Kos (900 miles) far from your husband, where is your feeling of Paativrat? Don't You feel shame? Don't you hate your behavior? What can you speak in front of me? Show me your Tej, show me your power."

Padmaavatee said - "O evil Asur, My father has called me with love, where is the sin here? I have not come here abandoning my husband by any reason. I live here thinking about my husband only. You have deceived me by appearing in disguise of my husband." Gobhil again said - "Listen to my justified logic. Blind people do not see anything. You are blind - without Dharm eyes, then how could you recognize me? At whatever time the feeling rose in your heart to come to your father's house, you became free from the feeling of your husband at the same time. Continuous thinking about husband is the mark of Pativrataa's Gyaan. When that Gyaan was lost, how could you recognize me?"

Hearing this Padmaavatee sat down on the ground, she was very sad. Gobhil spoke again - "You will have a son who will trouble three Lok." and that Daanav also went his way. Padmaavatee broke into tears. Hearing her weeping, her friends came there and asked her - "O Princess, Why do you weep? And where the King Ugrasen has gone?" Padmaavatee told them everything and her friends told everything to her mother, and her mother told everything to her father. Satyaketu got very sad hearing all this, he sent her back to her husband's house - Mathuraa. Ugrasen got very happy to see Padmaavatee and repetitively said to her, "I cannot live without you. You are very dear to me." Her child in womb grew gradually. Padmaavatee was worried about the child day and night. She bore him for 10 long years and then Kans was born to her. He was indeed a threat to three Lok and finally he was killed by Krishn. Whatever I have told you, this is written in Puraan. Thus a girl is spoiled by living in her father's house, therefore one should not love his daughter too much. This Sudevaa is a sinner, so you abandon her and be free from worries."

The she-pig said - "Hearing my mother, my father decided to abandon me. He called me and scolded me - "O wicked woman, Because of you only such an intelligent Shiv Sharmaa went from here, now you also go there wherever is your husband, and do whatever you wish you do." Thus my father and my family abandoned me. I had already lost my respect so I left the house. I could not get a resting place anywhere. I came out of the country and came to Gurjar Desh (present Gujaraat) where Bhagavaan Shiv's Somnaath Temple is. There was a city named Vanasthal which was very developed at that time. I entered the city, I was very hungry so I begged for food, but everybody hated me saying "She is a sinner, keep her off." and nobody gave me alms.

Wandering around I saw a beautiful house which was a Vaidik school and was full of Braahman and many were pronouncing Ved Mantra. I entered that auspicious house. It was my husband's house. I said - "Give me alms." My husband heard the word "alms". He had a beautiful wife named Mangalaa. He said to her smilingly - "See, A thin woman has come to beg for food, invite her in and feed her." Mangalaa invited me and fed me sweets. I recognized my husband. I felt very embarrassed. Mangalaa noticed this, so she asked her husband - "Who is she who is feeling embarrassed seeing you? Tell me about her in detail."

Shiv Sharma said - "Dear, She is the daughter of Vasudatt. Poor girl has come here as a beggar. Her name is Sudevaa. She is my wife who has always been dear to me. For some special reason she has come here leaving her country, thinking thus you should felicitate her very well. If you wish to please me, do not leave any stone unturned in her respect." Mangalaa got very happy to hear this. She bathed me with her own hands, gave me good clothes to wear and fed me food cooked by her own hands. When I got so much respect from my husband, I felt very sorry and started repenting for myself. I was so great sinner that I never spoke sweet words with my husband. Thinking thus I left my body and  died.

Yam Raaj's messengers came and took me tied in iron chains. They took me to Yam Raaj through a very difficult path. Yam Raaj threw me in a heap of burning coals. I was thrown in several Narak. Then I was born as Jackal, then as dog, then snake, cock, cat and rat. Now I was born as a she-pig. Hey Devee, Many Teerth live in your hand, that is why when you poured water on me with your own hands, my all sins are washed away and I remembered my previous lives. You are a great Pativrataa in this world. If you wish to do some good to me, please give me the fruit of your one day service to your husband. At this time, only you are my mother, father and Guru. I am a sinner and an evil soul, please uplift me."

Sukalaa said - "Hearing the she-pig, Sudevaa looked at Ikshwaaku and asked him - "What should I do now?" Ikshwaaku said - "This poor she-pig is suffering with her sins, give her your Punya, she will get relieved from her sins." Sudevaa said - "Devee, I give you the fruits of my one day of Punya." As Sudevaa finished her sentence, the she-pig appeared in a Divine body and went to Vaikunth Lok riding in Vimaan. I have heard Paativrat Dharm for women in Puraan like this, so when my husband is not here, how can I enjoy any pleasure here?" Her friends got very happy to hear this.

Story Cont...     Teerth Cont...



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