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5-Pancham Ansh

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6-Krishn Goes to Mathuraa

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Krishn Goes to Mathuraa
3-Vishnu Puraan - 5-Pancham Ansh - p 353-362

Akroor Jee Comes to Gokul

Paraashar Jee said - "Hey Maitreya Jee, Akroor Je started for Gokul on a fast running chariot. He was thinking on the way - "There is no other fortunate today as myself because I will see the incarnation of Vishnu today. Today is a good day that I will see Shyaam's face, who is all in all, who is worshipped in all Yagya, who is unknown to even Devtaa. I will have Darshan of the same Hari. Who has taken so many Avataar, today I will talk to Him. Whoever Shesh Naag keeps this Prithvi on his head, the same Shesh Jee will talk to me calling my name "Akroor"."

Thus thinking Akroor Jee arrived in Gokul just before the evening. He saw Krishn sitting amidst calves where calves were milked. He was wearing two yellow color cloths. His arms were long and chest was broad. Behind Him was fair complexioned Balabhadra Jee. He looked like Kailaash mountain. Seeing both children Akroor Jee got very happy. He thought - "My eyes are blessed today seeing this dark complexioned Vaasudev, but will my body also be blessed by His touch? Whose finger's touch can give people Moksh, will He put His hand on my back also? By giving to whoever only one drop of water, Raajaa Bali got Indra's status without any rivalry for one Manvantar, will such Vishnu Bhagavaan ignore me because I am with Kans - although I am faultless? It is not possible that Prabhu does not know all this. Therefore I go to Him with my full devotion."

Krishn Goes to Mathuraa

Paraashar Jee further said - "Hey Maitreya Jee,Thinking thus Akroor Jee greeted krishn saying - "I am Akroor." Krishn immediately embraced him warmly and took him to His house. There Akroor Jee took food and started telling everything as "how Kans has misbehaved with Vasudev and Devakee, how he is misbehaving with his father Ugrasen also, and why he has sent him to Vrindaa Van. Hearing all this Krishn said - "I have heard everything. Now I will do the same whatever I will think proper. You should consider Kans already dead. Brother Balaraam and I will go to Mathuraa with you tomorrow and other elderly Gop will also go with us with many gifts. Be at ease, sleep well tonight, and do not worry at all. Within three nights I will surely kill Kans together with his servants."

Then Akroor, Krishn and Balaraam told the orders of Kans to all Gop and slept at Nand's house. In the morning Gopee found Raam and Krishn getting ready to go to Mathuraa with Akroor Jee. They became very sad and talked among themselves - "Once Krishn has gone to Mathuraa, why should He come back to Gokul, because they will enjoy more there? They will feel happier with urban women, why should He remember us, the rural women? See, He is going to Mathuraa at Akroor's saying. Stop Him and Raam from going there. Make haste, stop them." Some other Gopee said - "Today Mathuraa women are blessed because from now on they will be seeing His face. See, other Gop are also getting ready to go with Him. Nobody is trying to stop Him from going to Mathuraa. Perhaps our love towards Krishn has gone weaker that is why our bangles have also gone loose. Now Krishn has gone so far that we cannot even see the dust of His chariot's wheels." Thus Krishn went to Mathuraa from Brij, leaving Gopee crying for Him.

They arrived on the shores of Yamunaa about mid-day. Akroor Jee said to Raam and Krishn - "Till I finish my mid-day worship at Yamunaa's shores, you just stay here." Krishn said, "All right". Akroor Jee went away and started meditating upon Brahm entering Yamunaa's water. While meditating he saw Balabhadra Jee with thousand snake heads. His whole body was of fair and white complexion. He was surrounded by Vaasuki and Rambh etc snakes. He had put on two black cloths and was sitting coiled in the water. Then he saw Krishn sitting in his lap. Krishn was dark complexioned with four arms and had worn Peetaambar. Sanakaadi, other Muni and Siddh were meditating on Krishn only.

As Akroor Jee recognized them as Raam and Krishn, he got very surprised to see them there. He thought, "How they have come here so soon?" And when he was about to say something, Bhagavaan stopped him from saying anything. He came to shore and found both of them sitting in the chariot itself. He again entered Yamunaa's water and found them there also. Now Akroor Jee understood the whole thing and he started praying Achyut.

Krishn Arrives in Mathuraa

Akroor Jee worshipped Vishnu inside Yamunaa water and came back to his chariot considering himself blessed. He again found both brothers sitting in his chariot. Krishn asked him - "It seems that you have seen some wonder in Yamunaa's water, because your eyes are twinkling." Akroor Jee said - "Hey Achyut, Whatever I saw in Yamunaa's water, I am seeing the same here also. Hey Krishn, Whose form is this whole world, I have seen the same in you. There is no use to say anything more about all this. Let us go to Mathuraa. We have to reach there soon. I am very much afraid of Kans. Fie on the life of those who eat food given by others." And Akroor Jee started driving the chariot. They reached Mathuraa by evening. There he said to Raam and Krishn - "Now I alone will enter Mathuraa, you come on foot. As you enter Mathuraa, do not go to Vasudev's house, because of only because of you Kans has been insulting him." Akroor Jee went in the chariot and Raam and krishn entered Mathuraa on foot on the road leading to king's palace. All people of Mathuraa were looking at them.

On their way, they found a cloth dyer who was dyeing clothes. They asked him to give them some colorful clothes. That cloth dyer belonged to Kans and because of being favorite of Kans he was very proud. Therefore he insulted Raam and Krishn. At this Krishn hit him on his head with His palm, and he immediately died. Then they took some of his clothes, put on blue and clothes respectively and proceeded on their way.

Then they went to gardener's house. Gardener got very happy to see them but thought "Who are they, whose sons are they and where have they come from?" Raam and Krishn asked some flowers from him, he then greeted them by touching the ground by his head and said - "Today I am blessed that I will be able to worship you." Then he gave them beautiful flowers. Krishn got very pleased with him and gave him Var - "Lakshmee who lives with mw, will never leave you. Your strength and wealth will never decrease and till the Sun will exist, your lineage will continue. You will also get my Parampad after enjoying various kinds of pleasures. Your all descendents will have long life and nobody will suffer from sudden disease." Having said thus Krishn left his house."



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