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3-Pratisarg Parv (4)

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22-Rise of Aachaarya-2
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (4), p 336-339.       Contd from...   Previous Page

The fourth Part of Pratisarg Parv of Bhavishya Puraan is very important with the viewpoint of history. In this part history of all the four legs of Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug, Dwaapar Yug and Kali Yug is given. Besides, the history of the previous births of many Aachaarya, saints, Bhakt poets, is also given. They are said to be the Avataar of 12 Aaditya, 11 Rudra, 8 Vasu, or 2 Ashwinee Kumaar. Special treatment is given to Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu and that he got absorbed in Jagannaath Jee. But there are some incoherencies also which create doubts in their originality.

Aachaarya and Importance of Soorya Worship

(Chap 8) Brihaspati said - "Hey Indra, There lived a Braahman named Shakra Sharmaa in Ayodhyaa city in Tretaa Yug. He used to worship Rudra, Vasu, Soorya, Ashwinee Kumaar etc with separate Mantra methodically. Pleased with his worship all Devtaa fulfilled his wishes. Thus he worshipped them for 10,000 years. After his death he got Soorya's nearness (Saayujya). Seeing his this auspicious Gati you also worshipped Soorya Bhagavaan. On Aashaadh Poornimaa, Soorya Dev came on Prithvi in person and he said to Devtaa - "I will incarnate as a Braahman in Vrindaa Van and he will please Devtaa by doing their work. He will be born in Maadhav Braahman's house and will be famous as Madhu." So Soorya sent his Tej to Vrindaa Van and he, Maadhav's son, got famous as Madhwaachaarya. He spread Ved path.

In Dwaapar Yug, there was a Braahman named Megh Sharmaa who used to make his living by farming. Megh Sharmaa was very intelligent and religious. He used to worship all Devtaa everyday by one tenth of his wealth. Once there was no rain in Shaantanu's kingdom for five years. It rained only up to 1 Kos only. At that time one Drone grain used to be for one gold coin. The sad king called Megh Sharmaa and asked the way so that there should be rain. At this Megh Sharmaa said - "You worship Soorya by 12 Braahman by Jaap of Soorya Mantra, Havan, Tarpan, feeding Braahman etc in Shraavan Maas." he did that and after that he had lots of rains in his kingdom. He became so powerful after that to whoever he touched with his hand he became young and healthy. By the grace of Soorya Dev Megh Sharmaa also became young. He lived for 500 years healthy and without being old.

Some opthers give this story differently. It says that once Shaantanu did not have rains for 12 years. He asked his Ministers and Braahman etc the reason for this. They told him that since he had taken the kingdom avoiding his elder brother Baalheek. If he goes to him and take his permission to rule the kingdom then he would have rains in his kingdom. He got ready to go in the forest to see him. But the Ministers were scared if Baalheek didn't give his kingdom to Shaantanu, then? So they went there before Shaantanu went there and misguided him from his Dharm. Since a misguided man could not be a king, Minsters and Braahman did not accept him as their king, and the rain started in his kingdom.

Soorya Dev came again in Prayaag in the form of Parjanya and said to Devtaa - "When there will be rule of Mlechchh in Kali Yug, I will come to Vrindaa Van and do your work." Then he was born as Shreedhar as the son of Ved Sharmaa. He wrote commentary on Geetaa and told the grace of Bhaagvat."

Brihaspati Jee further said - "There was a Braahman named Praanshu Sharmaa in Kali Yug. He subsisted his wife and a son on alms. One day when he was going for alms, he saw Maayaavee Kali in the way. Kali created a beautiful garden and came to Praanshu Sharmaa in disguise of a Braahman and said to him - "This is my beautiful garden, go and live here comfortably." Hearing this Praanshu entered the garden. Evil Kali offered him some sweet fruits and requested him to eat Kalind fruit with him. Praanshu said smiling - "Learned people say that Kali lives on the tree of Bahedaa and in the fruit of Kalind, therefore I will not eat it. If you are offering it to me with great Shraddhaa then I can eat it only after offering to Shaaligraam, because Shaaligraam is Bhagavaan in person and whoever Bhagavaan looks at, even that uneatable thing also becomes eatable." Hearing this Kali got ashamed. Praanshu came back with the fruits.

Kali again came to him in the disguise of a king and asked him- "Hey Braahman, Have you eaten that fruit? Show it to me." Praanshu showed that fruit to him. At this king beat him a lot and imprisoned him. In the morning Praanshu satisfied Soorya Dev with Rig Ved Sookt. Soorya said to him in his ears - "Bhagavaan Himself has created these four Yug to manage the world. He Himself created Kali to kill the world too. That is why when Kali Yug comes to you, you go to Kalinjar created by Vishnu Maayaa and pass your time there." Thus Soorya sent him to Kalinjar for his safety. There he lived for 125 years. The same Praanshu Sharmaa was born as Vishnuswaamee as the son of Shivdatt in Kalinjar on Bhaadrapad Maas Poornimaa, in 28th Kali Yug. He was great devotee of Devtaa and Vishnu.

In earlier times, Medhaavee Muni had a son named Bhag Sharmaa from Manjughoshaa Apsaraa. They both abandoned him and he started worshipping Soorya He did Tap for 100 years, in the end Saavitree got pleased with him and she appointed him the king of Mandal in Aashwin Maas and he lighted like Soorya and the whole world started worshipping him. Therefore Hey Indra, You also worship Soorya Bhagavaan." Indra did that and Soorya said to Indra - "I will incarnate as Vaaneebhooshan as the son of Satyadev Braahman in Kaanyakubj." He was born as Vaaneebhooshan and wrote a huge book "Chhand Shaastra". He worshipped Vishnu Bhagavaan.

Brihaspati Jee again said - "At one time a Braahman named Devayaajee lived on the banks of Sarayoo River. He worshipped all Devtaa and read Ved daily. He had a son but died as he was born. Sad as he was, he worshipped Soorya Bhagavaan. The child got alive by his grace and he was named as Vivaswaan. He became learned of all Shaastra at the age of 16 years. He got married. One day it was Shiv Raatri and Vivaswaan was observing fast on that day. He had physical contact with his wife on that day and he was caught by leprosy. Then he observed fast (without food) for 12 Sundays and he became completely healthy. By this incident he developed Shraddhaa in Soorya Bhagavaan, so he started doing Paath of "Aaditya Hridaya Stotra" which made him as handsome as Kaamdev. He lived for 100 years as a learned and perfectly healthy. In the end he became like Soorya and has been giving light from the center of Soorya Mandal for 100,000 years. So Hey Indra, You also worship Soorya Bhagavaan."

Soot Jee said - "As advised by Brihaspati Jee, Indra worshipped Soorya the whole Kaarttik Maas. Soorya appeared on Kaartik Poornimaa and said , "Indra, I will incarnate on Prithvi and spread lost Dharm." He was born in the house of Ved Sharmaa in Deekshit Vansh. He learned all Shaastra in the age of 12 years only. Then he worshipped Soorya Dev and got Divine knowledge from him after three years of Saadhanaa. He wrote a book titled "Siddhaant Kaumudee" on Vyaakaran (grammar). He defeated Bhatt people in arguments that is why he became famous as  Bhattojee Deekshit.

Brihaspati Jee said - "Hey Indra, in ancient times there use to live an astrologer Braahman. He was the Purohit of king Satyadatt. Once Jyotishee (astrologer) said to the king - "At this time there is Pushya Nakshtra and Abhijit Muhoort, so organize for a market and by that you will gain a lot. Then the king made an announcement that whose goods will not be sold in market, the king will buy them. Hearing this lots of goods had appeared in the market, but all of them were sold. At the same time an iron seller brought a "poor man" statue of iron, but nobody bought it in the market. But in spite of knowing it the statue of a poor man, king bought it for 100 Rupees and kept it in his treasury.

Because of that statue king's all Dharm, Karm, wealth etc started disappearing. Satya (Truth) in human form said to the king - "Hey Raajan, Where there is poverty, nobody follows his Karm, and without Karm Dharm cannot stay on Prithvi, without Dharm Lakshmee (wealth) is useless, and without Lakshmee I cannot exist." Saying this Satya was about to leave, that the king caught hold him and said - "Hey Prabhu, I have not abandoned you, I have only followed Satya, then why are you leaving my house?" Hearing this Satya Dev entered his house again. Lakshmee followed him. King said to Lakshmee - "Devee, You are Chanchalaa (shaky or movable), if you can stay in my house permanently then you come in my house." Hearing this Lakshmee gave him Var that she would stay in his house for ever and entered his house.

King Satyadatt called his Purohit astrologer and gave him 100,000 gold coins and told him everything. At the same time he had got a son so he spent all that money on his son and named him as Pooshaa. Pooshaa worshipped Soorya in Maargsheersh Maas and by the grace of him he became skilled in astrology and got absorbed in Soorya. Therefore Hey Devendra, You also worship Soorya in Maargsheersh Maas."

Soot Jee said - "Indra did worship Soorya in Maargsheersh Maas. Soorya gave him Darshan in Pooshaa form and said - "I will incarnate as Mihiraachaarya (Varaahmiri) in the house of Rudrapashu. I will propagate astrology." Thus a child was born in Rudrapashu's house. Rudrapashu flowed him in the river in a wooden box in the night. The box flowed towards sea. Raakshas women saved him, he came to Lankaa and studied astrology. After being skilled in astrology, he came to Vibheeshan and said - "Raakshas women have brought me here, now I am in your refuge." Considering him a good Vaishnav, Vibheeshan sent him to his birth place."



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