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4-Uttar Parv

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19-Anaghaashtamee Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-58, p 439-

Anaghaashtamee Vrat
(Chap 58) Krishn said - "In olden times, Brahmaa Jee had a son named Atri. His wife's name was Anasooyaa. They had a son named Datt. He was the incarnation of Vishnu and he was great Yogee. His another name was Anagh. His wife's name was Nadee, she was the incarnation of Lakshmee. They had eight sons. Once Datt was doing Tapasyaa with his wife Nadee, that Devtaa came to his Vindhya Parvat Aashram and took shelter there to save themselves from Jambhaasur. Datt kept all of them with the power of his Tapasyaa. They started living there.

After a while Daitya also arrived there searching for Devtaa. They said angrily - "Arrest this Muni's wife and destroy his Aashram." So they lifted Muni's wife, kept her on their head and moved from there. As they lifted Lakshmee on their head they became poor and graceless and as Datt looked at them they started running and getting destroyed. All Daitya got very troubled and started crying. Indra etc Devtaa defeated all Daitya and went away to their respective Lok. Devtaa considered this victory as their own victory because of Datt's power.

Datt started doing Tapasyaa keeping his arms upward for the welfare of the world. Thus he passed 3,000 years doing like this. One day Haihaya king Kaartveerya Arjun of Maahishmatee Nagaree came to him and started serving him day and night. Datt got very pleased with his services. He granted him four Var at his request - (1) he should have 1,000 arms, (2) he should rule Prithvi with Dharm and there should be no A-Dharm in his kingdom, (3) he should not be defeated by anybody in battlefield, and (4) he should be killed only by Vishnu.

Thus Hey Kaunteya, He gave him kingdom with eight Siddhi and Arjun also started ruling seven Dweep (island) Prithvi with Dharm. All this was the effect of his 1,000 arms. He could produce chariot with flag through his Maayaa. Ten thousand Yagya were always being performed in his kingdom. Their Vedee, Mandap and pots etc were always of gold. Braahman used to get lots of Dakshinaa in those Yagya. Devtaa, Gandharv and Apsaraa etc used to come to attend those Yagya.

There was a Gandharv, named Naarad. He sang the stories of his Yagya like this - "Hearing the stories of Kaartveerya's bravery this is come to know that there is no king who can do Yagya, Daan, and Tap like him. He is the only one with sword, shield and bow and arrow in all the seven Dweep. All kings fear him. His wealth never decreases, nobody is grieved in his kingdom. He maintains his kingdom with Dharm."

Raajan, Kaartveerya Arjun ruled this Prithvi for 85,000 years. He has so much power that he used to protect his animals and farms, and used to make rains when needed. He had churned the sea with his 1,000 arms. He won Karkotak etc Naag in Naag Lok and inhibited a city of his own there also. Because of his power he had kept Raavan as a prisoner in Maahishmatee, then Pulastya Rishi had to come to free him. Once he gave whole Prithvi in donation to hungry and thirsty Chitrabhaanu (Agni Dev).

So after getting Var from Dattaatreya (Anagh) Kaartveerya started this Vrat on Prithvi. "Agh" means Paap (sin). Paap is of three types - Kaayik (relatd to body), Vaachik (related to speech), and Maanasik (related to mind). This Anaghaashtamee destroys all the three kinds of Paap that is why it is called Anaghaa. To attain all the eight Siddhi is very easy by the power of this Vrat."

Yudhishthir asked - "Tell me then how, when, and by which Mantra this Vrat is done?" Krishn said - "In Maargsheersh Maas, on the 8th day of Krishn Paksh, one should make a statue of a man and a woman. One should imagine Dhataa in man and Lakshmee in woman's statue and worship them with Rig Ved's Vishnu Sookt. ( Rig Ved 1/22/16-21. or see p 440 of Bhavishya Puraan for this Sookt )

In Poojaa one should use fruits, materials for adorning, Ber (Indian berries), various grains and various flowers. Light the lamp and feed the Braahman and friends. Who worships thus, he gets freed from all kinds of sins, attains wealth and Vishnu gets pleased with him.



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