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2-Padm, 1-Srishti-14 - Ocean
--If the sea was filled with Gangaa water then why its water is salty, and why its water is not as holy as Gangaa water? Or was it some for other sea?

2-Padm, 1-Srishti-1;    2Padm, 1-Srishti-23;   2-Padm, 5-Uttar-36,    5-Bhaagvat, 3/2 - Creation
All these references are to read about Creation. We never get the same description everywhere. Many books and chapters give the description of the start of Creation but no two description are the same - not even in the same book. Why is it so?

Birth of Rudra
Brahmaa started doing tap but he didn't like to be alone, so from his half body he created a woman. She could take any form she liked. Then he created 10 sons who became famous Prajaapati and Yogee. He created five women also - Lakshmee, Saadhyaa, Shubhlakshanaa, Vishweshaa, Devee (Vasu) and Saraswatee,  besides ten Prajaapati. Brahmaa gave these women to Dharm. The woman who appeared from Brahmaa's half body could take any form she liked. She came to his presence in the form of Surabhi. He had physical relationship with her and produced 11 sons. They all ran around weeping. Because of weeping and running, all were called Rudra. Surabhi produced cows, Yagya and Devtaa also. Goats, swan and herbs and grains were also born from Surabhi.
[2-Padm Puraan, p 134] 

Birth of Marut Gan
Maruttwatee gave birth to Maruttwaan named Devtaa - they are 22 in number. Their names are - Agni, Chakshu, Jyoti, Saavitra, Mitra, Amar, Sharvrishti, Suvarsh, Mahaabhuj, Viraaj, Raaj, Vishwaasu, Sumati, Ashwagandh, Chitrarashmi, Nishadh, Aatmvidhi, Chaaritra, Paadmaatrag, Brihat, Brihdroop, Vishnusanaabhig. They all are called Maruttwatee's sons Marut Gan.
--If they are the Marut Gan, then who were those Marud Gan who were born to Kashyap and Diti? Read 5-Bhagvat, 6/7

2-Padm, 1-Srishti-24
It seems so stupid, that Brahmaa Jee didn't say a word to Indra that why did he trouble Vajraang's wife Varaangee, when Taarak complained about him, instead he gave him the son to kill him.
--What do you say? Is it logical?

2-Padm, 4-Paataal-2 - Locaton of Ayodhyaa
This description says that Raam's horse went to East first, and then lists the names of the countries - Paanchaal (present Panjaab), Kuru, Uttarkuru, Dashaarn etc countries.
--Are these places in East of present Ayodhyaa?

2-Padm, 5-Uttar-37 - Hayagreev or Makar?
It says that Diti's son Makar took away Ved deluding Brahmaa Jee. Then Vishnu assumed the form of Fish (Matsya Avataar to bring them back from him. He killed him and brought Ved back from him.
--Is it not that Hayagreev took the Ved from Brahmaa Jee as they came out of the mouth of Brahmaa Jee when he became sleepy. Then Vishnu assumed the form of Hayagreev (horse-faced man) and brought them back, because Hayagreev Daitya had the Var from Brahmaa Jee that he should be killed by the person bearing his name only?

3-Vishnu, 1- Pratham-1 - Lakshmee
We have never heard that Lakshmee was the daughter of Maharshi Bhrigu. We have always been hearing that Lakshmee was the daughter of Samudra and appeared from Ksheer Saagar at the time of "Saagar Manthan" and selected Vishnu as her husband herself.

--Is it possible that she was born as Bhrigu's daughter in some other Kalp?

3-Vishnu, 4-Chaturth-8 - INdra's Name
It says that when "Raji helped Devtaa to win Dev-Asur war, Indra's name was Shatkratu. But we do not see this name Indra here in any of the three lists of Manvantar.
--So about which Manvantar Maitreya Jee is talking about? Varaah Kalp? since this Puraan is about that Kalp. I think all Manvantar are the same and in the same order in all Kalp.

3-Vishnu, 4-Chaturth-11 - Wives of Krishn
It says that Krishn had 16,101 queens, but we have heard that He had 16,108 queens - 16,100 princess were those who were freed from prison of Narakaasur; and the eight princess were those whom He married with His own consent - Rukminee (daughter of Bheeshmak), Satyabhaamaa (daughter of Satraajit), Jaambvatee (daughter of Jaambvaan), Satyaa (daughter of Nagnjit), Mitravrindaa, Kaalindee, 

5-Bhaagvat, 3/6 (1) Creation of Ved
(1) It has always been said that in the beginning there was only one Ved and since people could not read it properly, that is why in every Yug Vishnu appears as Ved Vyaas and divides it in four parts. But this chapter of Bhaagvat Puraan says that the four Ved appeared from Brahmaa's four mouths - Rig Ved from his eastern mouth, Yajur Ved from his southern mouth, Saam Ved from his western mouth and Atharv Ved from his northern mouth. 3-Vishnu, 3-Triteeya-2   also says that in every Chatur-Yug Bhagavaan incarnates as Ved Vyaas and divides the Ved in four parts for the ease of people. In support of this statement it gives the list of Ved Vyaas also. See also 9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1/1 below also.
--What is the truth?

5-Bhaagvat, 3/6 (2)  -  Birth of Ruchi Prajaapati
This chapter documents the birth of Brahmaa's 4 Sanakaadi Muni, 10 Maanas Putra, Dharm, A-Dharm, Saraswatee Devee, Samudra, Kardam Rishi, Paap places, Krodh, Lobh, Kaam; but does not mention the birth of Ruchi Prajaapati anywhere.
--Anybody has any idea from where he was born?

5-Bhaagvat, 3/6  (3) - Who created Itihaas?
This chapter says that "Then Brahmaa Jee wrote the fifth Ved - Itihaas (Raamaayan, Mahaabhaarat and Puraan)"; but the legends say that Raamaayan was first written by Vaalmeeki Jee, Mahaabhaarat was written by Ved Vyaas Jee and scribed by Ganesh Jee; and Puraan were also written by Ved Vyaas Jee.
--What is the truth?

6-Naarad, 2/15;  -  Who were killed by Hayagreev?
(1) This Puraan says that Vishnu killed Hayagreev Raakshas by assuming the form of a fish, while it is written in Devee Bhaagvat that Hayagreev Asur got the Var that he would be killed by his own name person. We have heard only this that by taking fish Avataar Vishnu guided Satyavrat to new Manvantar.
(2) This Puraan says that Madhu and Kaitabh stole Ved and Vishnu killed them taking Avataar as Hayagreev.
--Both these statements are confusing.

9-Bhavishya, 1/1 - Creation of Ved etc
Brahmaa Jee produced Braahman from his mouth, Kshatriya from his arms, Vaishya from his thighs, and Shoodra from his feet. The four Ved appeared from his mouth - Rig Ved appeared from his eastern mouth, and Vashishth Muni took it. Yajur Ved appeared from his southern mouth, and Muni Yaagyavalkya took it. Saam Ved appeared from his western mouth and Gautam Rishi took it. Atharv Ved appeared from his northern mouth, and Maharshi Shaunak Jee took it. The 18 Puraan, Itihaas and Yam etc Smriti Shaastra appeared from his 5th (upper) mouth.
--Brahmaa Jee has always been four-headed, then where from his 5th head came?
--Everywhere it is known that in the earliest time, Ved was only one; and Hari takes Avataar as Vyaas Jee in every Dwaapar Yug of every Chatur-Yug only to divide Ved. A list of such Vyaas can be found at ----.
--Besides, Itihaas and Puraan have also been written by Vyaas Jee. Then how Itihaas was written by Brahmaa Jee - see above 5-Bhaagvat, 3/6 (3) above also



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