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Medhaa Sookt

Medhaa means intellect or intelligence, or wisdom. Devee od wisdom is Saraswatee Jee. Thus this prayer is for Saraswatee Jee. This is a prayer found in Mahaa Naaraayan Upanishad, Taittireeya Aaranyak and partially in a slightly modified form in Rig Vedakhila. This is also chanted as part of Medhaa Sooktham, prayer to the Universal Mother for kindling our intellect :--

"May the leader of Gods Indra bestow on me the greatest Intellect. May the Goddess Saraswatee grant us intellect. May the divine twin master physicians Ashwinee wearing beautiful garlands, enhance our intellect. I hail the sacred divinities. May the intellect that is present in the dancers of heaven the Apsaraa, visit me. May the intellect that is present as discretion and stability of mind in the divine singers called Gandharv, visit me. May the Goddess Saraswatee who is fragrant and pure, be with me in the form of the sacred scriptures.

May that goddess of muses Saraswatee come me with her most pleasant demeanor and bless me with success. That Goddess of intelligence pervades the entire universe like fragrance. She is the one who is possessing the letters (scripts) resplendent in golden colors, Her vision covers the entire realm of knowledge. She is the dispenser of all that a man can desire... Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh and she is waited upon always by the seekers. She is the origin of all positive energy. She nourishes me with all elixirs like milk. and makes my life eminently pleasant for me with wealth and prosperity."

All that is great in our lives ultimately comes to us through Divine favor alone. The greatest faculty that contributes to our wholesome existence is our intellect which is kindled in us by the mother of Muses Devee Saraswatee, who is also addressed as Devee Medhaa or intellect personified. The faculty of fine arts are manifested in the Apsaraa and Gandharv and in the divine manifestation of intelligence in golden scripts (through which we communicate) . That beloved mother's blessings are sought through these Vaidik Mantra. We are praising the mother only with the faculty of intellect that is bestowed upon us by her through her most benign will. Without her motherly nourishment neither our individual intellect or the collective intellect of the universe can function.

Let us pray the most benign mother to be with all of us for ever.


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Created by Sushma Gupta on 3/15/06
Updated on 06/11/11