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Naaraayan and Satya Naaraayan

Bhagavaan. Parameshwar. God. 
(1) This word is composed of two words - Nar and Ayan. Nar means man and Ayan means the dwelling place; so Naaraayan means the dwelling place for man. Since all human being have appeared from Him and get absorbed in Him; so He is Naaraayan - normally denotes Vishnu.
(2) This composed word has another meaning also - Nar means man, and Ayan means protector; so Naaraayan means the man who protects. Since Vihsnu is the protector of all, it means Vishnu.
(3) Since water has appeared form Nar, that is why the water is called Naar; and Ayan means dwelling place. So Naaraayan means whose dwelling place is in water. Bhagavaan Vishnu lives in water that is why He is called Naaraayan. 
(4) Since the Truth is the most important aspect of God, the Supreme Being Vishnu is called Satya-Naaraayan also.
Satya Naaraayan  means Truth-loving God, and Truth-loving God is Vishnu. Satya Naaraayan Kathaa and Poojan is very common in Western UP. People do it on special occasions, such as after their son's or daughter's marriage. Some people do it regularly every month on Poornimaa day, or Sankraanti day. It is done in the evening time. In this Vrat and Poojaa, people offer Him special Naivedya - fried wheat flour mixed with sugar, ripe banana and Panchaamrit.

Why Satya Naaraayan Poojaa?
Lord Satya Naaraayan Poojaa was narrated by Lord Vishnu himself as a solution to the multitude of problems the people are facing on the Earth.
Typically Satya Naaaraayan Poojaa is to be performed for the fulfillment of our desires. One can perform the Poojaa for success in education, success in employment and promotion, to buy vehicle, to purchase houses or land, to start a business, and negotiate a deal with others. It is also done for removal of economic hardships, for improvement of health, for well being of the family, to get blessings to have child, and to get a better spouse. It is also done to prevent impending dangers and create positive climate to achieve success in their efforts. It is also done on a regular basis even without having any desires. For peace of mind and happiness it is also done. It can be done either on given auspicious day or any other day. It is also done after the fulfillment of the ones desires.

Lord Satya Naaraayan Poojaa is followed by reciting or reading a story. Usually there are five chapters detailing the procedure to conduct
the Poojaa, the benefits of performing the Poojaa and the people are benefited by doing it. It is interesting the note that this Poojaa was performed by a poor Braahman, a Vaishya, a cowherd and a King. It shows that here is no discrimination as to who can do this Poojaa. Any body irrespective of caste can reap the benefits of performing this Poojaa. It is also timely to remember the meaning and essence of the name of Satya Naaraayan itself. Satya means Truth, Aara mean human being and Ayan means place. It means the truth resides in a place where this Poojaa is performed by any person.

Fruits of Doing Satya Naaraayan Poojaa
It is believed that the Braahman took birth as Sudaamaa and served Lord Krishn and attained Moksh. King Ulkaamukh took birth as King Dasharath, and became the father of Lard Raam and attained eternity. The merchant took birth as King Morad who cut his son in half and offered to the Lord and attained Moksh. King Angadhwaj took birth as Kewat, who took Raam across the river, served him and got Moksh.

Four Swaroop of Naaraayan -
There are four Swaroop (forms of Naaraayan.


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